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  1. has anyone found a floor plan for the jedi training cruisier crucible?
  2. Thank you everyone for your input and I apologize again for the bringing up old questions I appreciate your patience and knowledgeable answers. As I said I'm super new to this whole system thanks again guys.
  3. I appreciate the feedback I've looked and hadn't seen any addressing it probably just didn't go far enough back. I was just thinking as another way for the PC's to use credits. I wasn't going to use xp for but more like have them buy a gym membership or take a course at the local academy depending on where they were stuff like that. I also was thinking about making it limited like you could only add a point to the respective skill and make it cost more each time you advance in each of the say 5 sessions it would take to complete it.
  4. I'm wondering what you all as GM's think about allowing your Players to up their characteristics. My thoughts on it where the PCs would have to spend credits on it and train or study or something of that sort to up it by one point each time. And they would have to do it a few times like boosting a skill in videogame rpgs. I'm super new to this whole process and just wanted a GMs point of view on the idea.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a setup for the merciless or any agressor Class destroyers?
  6. I want to add in some Zann Consortium ships but am not sure what to use as base line. I want to add in the type 15 shuttle and the interceptor IV frigate.
  7. are there any major differences as far as rules are concerned between the three games? Or can I just get one rule book and go with just adventures for the other 2?
  8. She is wearing Mando armor that she crafted herself actually.
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