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  1. Rogue Squadron

    Note: Doesn't have to by Tycho/Wedge/Corran, there were other members.
  2. Rogue Squadron

    This thread is for posting thematic lists using the members of Rogue Squadron. With the X-Wing fix coming up, some of these lists could be decent. I'll start: Corran Horn with Push The Limit, Fire-Control Systems and R2 Astromech Tycho Celchu with A-Wing Test Pilot, Chardaan Refit, Snap Shot, and Juke Wedge Antilles with Veteran Instincts and Flight-Assist Astromech Might not be too good, but sure would be fun to fly.
  3. TIE Swarms

    You're our only hope!
  4. TIE Swarms

    @DagobahDave, the people need you.
  5. What do you put in the Profundity?

    I put a relentless barrage of turbolasers and missiles into it. Then it explodes. Glory to the Empire!
  6. Fenn and Hotcop

    Maybe? Fenn specifies "modify dice" so the token should be spent, but does not convert results? It's kinda ambiguous, actually.
  7. What wing is your wing?

    I like Ace-Wing best, but I have played Turret-Wing sometimes.
  8. No new articles? Well, two can play that game, FFG...

    We do, but that would make it worth it. Also, people hate harpoons, and you can reload those.
  9. The big Clone Wars thread.

    I'd have to say Barrel Roll instead of Evade; the Delta-7 feels less like an E-Wing and more like a TIE Silencer-ish interceptor to me. Also, did they carry torpedoes? The Lego sets had them but I doubt those are canon.
  10. Might as well have a list of things that got nerfed but didn't need it. I'll start: IF! Cymoon +7 Assault Gozantis
  11. What would you run if there was no errata/faq.

    Biggs/Jess/Braylen/Rex (with BMST's and Tactician!) I've played against it, and it was terrifying. No Lowrisk, and a little bit of stress jank, so I'm more ok with that one.
  12. What would you run if there was no errata/faq.

    Probably the same stuff I run now. Anything broken enough to require an FAQ is no fun to fly and doesn't take much skill. Also, it's no fun for whoever you're playing. Why would I want to fly that instead of a wholesome, balanced list? I pride myself on not flying the meta lists.
  13. All Ships Dimensions

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure that will be exact, as I think some liberties are taken with scale, especially epic ships.
  14. Sniff Sniff, sure smells in here FFG

    *Looks at FFG's recent articles* If it isn't in my records, it must not exist. Therefore, Armada does not exist and cannot die. Game, set, match, checkmate, QED.
  15. The resistance attacks Montana regionals

    Our local gaming group is the 147th squadron. We have a shirt, so it's official!