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  1. Are the droid charging ports incompatible? Do mine use USB-C while yours use Mini USB?
  2. TI-83 Report: Orders submitted. Awaiting enemy contact.
  3. Calculations complete. Fleet orders processed and distributed.
  4. Hey @GhostofNobodyInParticular, it appears that Mon Cala has 4 GF in the map but is not listed as such in your planet directory on page 1. Is this an oversight?
  5. Calculations based on previous observations suggest that Republic bureaucratic procedures are causing a delay in assembling the fleet.
  6. Greetings! I'm more of an X-Wing player these days, so you won't see me much 'round these parts.
  7. Those clone troopers are about to get absolutely roger rogered
  8. I should be able to make it work as long as I'm not Grand Admiral, so I'm in on EDIT:SEPARATISTS. When do we begin?
  9. I might be able to, and I would certainly like to. No travel plans, but I'm a student so my schedule gets a bit more crowded soon, but I've been involved in something similar to this before. Would we have a unified forums thread/email/discord/etc. to communicate?
  10. Potentially. What kind of commitment are we looking at here?
  11. I've been playing around with some form of Biggs, Wedge w/Swarm Tactics, and two beefy selfless carriers. Tanky as all get-out and great at jousting.
  12. Did swarm tactics really need its nerf? It's pretty decent value, but is there something that was really too good with it? I'm waaaaay out of the loop with system open results recently.
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