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  1. Npmartian

    Article (never mind don't respond)

    Darn. Wasn't on the front page so I thought someone missed it.
  2. Npmartian

    Article (never mind don't respond)

    Saw's pack! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/5/extreme-action/
  3. Npmartian

    What is the one ship you hate playing against?

    No, I was referring to some of my lists, since I often run light on squads. They're extra scary then. Whether you bring many squads or not, all the things you listed can still be dangerous.
  4. Npmartian

    What is the one ship you hate playing against?

    So is the thing you say when you see max squads across the table but only brought four TIEs.
  5. Npmartian

    Thematic Falcon 2.0

    I don't know about the Flacon, but I sure do know about the Falcon. Check your title. On topic, that would be cool! I'd like to try that.
  6. Npmartian

    What IS "Rebel Bias"?

    No, it should not. Regen has always been part of the Rebel's identity. You literally just made a point about Imperial faction identity, why can't Rebels have theirs? I think that a fast arc-dodger already exists in every faction, and that swarms are the new Imperial faction identity. Not all factions should share the same mechanics in the same capacity. Could the imperials get a crew for regen, or a pilot for the Punisher? Sure! But it should not be completely equal to what the Rebels have, and the Rebels should not ever be able to swarm as well as the Imperials can. Arc-Dodgers are now a feature of all 3 factions, with the A-Wing, TIE/In, and Fang Fighter all capable of arc-dodging.
  7. Npmartian

    The Rebels in 2.0

    Generic E-Wings could also be strong. Maybe 3 E-Wings will be comparable to 1.0 Triple Defenders or 1.0 3-ship alpha lists.
  8. Npmartian

    The Rebels in 2.0

    Now that we have some spoiled cards, what are everyone's plans for 2.0? What will be your: Staple ship: Build lists around it every time, love the ship to death. Not sure: Like it, but you want to know more before you fly it. Wild card: Could be awesome, could not be. Not often talked about. Credit to @Ronu for the idea. Mine would be: Staple: VCX-100. Hera with Informant and some other shenanigans looks like it will be a blast, and maybe less OP than before. Not sure: A-Wing. Could be good as a cheap missile carrier or pocket ace. Could be really useful. Wild card: HWK-290. It will live and die by its crew options.
  9. Npmartian

    Armada Art - Which one is your favorite?

    Raider-1 full-art.
  10. Npmartian

    Happy Friday

    Imperials: The almighty Executor class, or another SSD variant or dreadnought. Rebels: Honestly not sure they have anything big enough.
  11. Npmartian

    Happy Friday - Quack Quack

    Turn the Firespray sideways like in landing mode. There's a resemblance. Duckerspray-31?
  12. "I'll need every range ruler we can find."
  13. I have a friend that puts it on a Victory-1 with ACMs. Spam navigate, and if a thing gets close, change to concentrate fire. Edit: No, this friend is not @Ginkapo.
  14. Npmartian

    Cards you thought were good

    When you started playing X-Wing, was there any card that you thought was really, really good until you played more and realized that it was actually pretty bad? For me, it was Zeb Orellios, specifically as crew on the Ghost. It seemed great! I could bump, and then throw a R1 Primary+R1 Dorsal Turret! Then I realized that 1. 0 agility does not like taking R1 shots back and 2. I couldn't actually run the cheaper shuttle, so Zeb essentially cost 3 points instead of 1 because Ezra in the shuttle was 2 points more expensive than Zeb in the shuttle. Anyone else have experiences like this?
  15. Npmartian

    Scum got nerfed hard

    Hold the phone, man. WE DON'T KNOW POINT COSTS. THINGS THAT GOT NERFED ARE PROBABLY CHEAPER. WHY DOES NOBODY REALIZE THIS. <calms down> Asajj can use force for other things too. Most of the dials you say got worse actually got a little better, especially G1-A. The JM5K and Scurgg can take a long walk off a short pier for all I care.