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  1. Ideas from Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader

    Reload. Infinite bombs exist and didn't help the Punisher much, probably won't help the bomber. Maybe a title that adds reload, a 2nd mod, and lets you get an evade token after you reload? Or... something like that?
  2. Control also eats MiraNym alive, and QD/Gunboats probably wouldn't be too fond of it either. Braylen, Ezra, Ion Y-Wings maybe? I'm trying to find anything I can.
  3. It was good while it lasted I guess

    Hope... Counter-meta lists are built on hope. I know that I'll be trying R3-A2/Gunner on Braylen or Ezra. Maybe Braylen/Fenn/Jess?
  4. Thoughts on Imperial Anti-Bomb Modification?

    Mine Detector: This is my favorite of the set, maybe add "barrel roll or boost if it's on your action bar" clause similar to Threat Tracker, along with "before that bomb would detonate," so that the timing works out. Gives a very ace-y, elusive feel to the bomb-dodging. Also, easy to slap on an ace if you have the points! Heavy Plating: No. Damage and a stress? That's like ignoring a Bomblet to eat a Thermal Detonator. Just... no. Aces HATE stress. Maybe if there was no stress, it would be better. Reactive Sensors: Good, but the "2 points or less" clause hurts Whisper.
  5. Dark Empire Starships

    I drafted up a custom Cloakshape ship for Scum. It had 2 attack, 2 agi, 4 hull, no shields, with missile, tech, Focus/TL/BR, and the T-65 dial with red 5 straight. However, it had a free title that let it equip 3 mods, but only ones that said Cloakshape only (gimmick because it was so easy to refit). The mods were: add a cannon slot, must be less than 6 pts, +1 Agi, +2 Hull, +2 Shields, add reload to action bar, better dial (all 3 pts or less, cheaper if it added a slot but more expensive for base stat upgrades). The plan was to make it a crappy base chassis, but adaptable to whatever role you needed it to fill. Could make it Scum/Rebel...
  6. Urgent Problem

    I'm already insane.
  7. Urgent Problem

    Yes. Also, legislation written in explosive ink is ordnance ordinance.
  8. Urgent Problem

    Ordnance! O-R-D-N-A-N-C-E!! Explosives, not legal documents!
  9. Ban Nym?

    Tanky turrets melt him. I can deal with it.
  10. 1 ship, pure dogfight

    Just a few ideas: Storm Squadron Pilot w/title, ATC, Harpoon Missiles, Engine Upgrade Omega Specialist w/title, FCS, Harpoon Missiles, Expertise, Pattern Analyzer, TIE Mk. II
  11. Derp. Didn't see the "during an attack." Sorry!
  12. Squadron cards rough concept

    Maybe the Onyx Squadron would let the Aggressors protect the Defenders (they're called Onyx Squadron Escorts), maybe add a tech slot and a tech upgrade on the squadron card? and... I have no idea for the rebels. Token sharing at range 1-2?
  13. Nym + Genius + Trajectory Bombs

    I sure am glad this hasn't popped up in the local meta yet...