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  1. to the far right of the Pic is the back end of a Venator
  2. yes it does In the Tarkin book Rebel cells used old Confederacy ships or parts of them. FFg could even use that as a basis to make their own designs
  3. What Il be most annoyed with is if they count this expansion as the first expansion of 2018 rather than pulling out all the stops admitting it’s the 2017 and making 2018 a 3 expansion year
  4. Yes, excited that I am that they are coming out I am most annoyed that we are still no where near the Chimera or MC75 making an appearance. We haven’t even seen what the MC75 has.
  5. Cool just making sure thank you
  6. So you can just jump over your opponents fighters then
  7. Hi guys just a little rule clarifying for me please. Can you make a squadron jump over opponents squadrons? I suppose the real question I should be asking is when do your fighters count as being engaged is it while moving or after you have moved them. Tge reason I ask is because I use 2 Tie advance to guard high priority targets Ike howlrunner. If I set them up in front of her can my opponent just move over them and attac her from the back, in effect making my escort pointless? thanks
  8. Don’t we all, I’d like something set around the Rebels tv series or maybe Rogue One
  9. Anywhere between now and the rise of the Galactic Empire
  10. We still have the 7th fleet star destroyer and the Sovereign to see yet
  11. Speaking of delay do we have an ETA yet
  12. There is a clear 7th fleet star destroyer upgrade card with Thrawn so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same none unique name with the Profundity
  13. Ahhh but do we have a release date yet??
  14. They would make it work, even if it meant an epic play style like xwing. Besides we will be seeing larger and larger ships what with the new films
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