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  1. Here you go: http://www.dmborque.eu/swm/ It should have a download link to the app somewhere
  2. Are you an imperial? Because Rebellions are Built On Hope(TM)
  3. Asmodee UK releases PDF has the Starhawk in it for next week!
  4. I'm going to go with "Starkiller base HAD to destroy the Republic fleet so the really fragile not-ISDs could actually destroy stuff before being blown up by actual battleships".
  5. For those who might be interested: We're translating the CGSYO blog into Spanish! (John and Eric gave us permission) No puedes sacar la nave Palpatine is up, as some other articles.
  6. I can picture a future objective were at the beginning of the setup phase a player is forced to place one or several ships before obstacles, or place ships as if they were obstacles. Then the rule makes much more sense.
  7. After slicing into Imperial probe droids deployed to France, Spanish Bothans report the Nadiri Starhawk is on its way to confront the new Imperial vessel.
  8. These videos are great. I love both the commentary and the editing, it makes watching the matches easy by skipping to the important bits and allows for a better understanding of the general strategy behind every match. Awesome work guys!
  9. I called them on Monday, they said they had trouble with their international shipping due to the size of the boxes. Hours later I got my dispatch notice. It has already left UK. Its shadow looms over France no, I guess...
  10. Well, Zatu went out of stock with the SSD and I got no dispatch notification for our order. Either this means I'm now on the waiting game, or it means no SSD for us.
  11. Are you UK based or somewhere else? I also bought from Zatu with two more friends but nothing so far... I wonder if they'll send the UK orders first and then the rest.
  12. You turn with navigation commands with that extra notch.
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