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  1. I would be happy with a flotilla-like rule, like "no more than 2 unique squadrons per fleet". Then, on Sector Fleet translate that to "Max. 1 unique squadron per 200p fleet cap value" or something.
  2. I can't wait to see how this World's turns out! Does anyone know if it will be streamed, for us, the unfortunate souls that can't attend?
  3. BillHimclaw

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    So, when they say they tested an SSD fleet "against a Rebel force of equal size"... Am I wishthinking a bit too much, or do I read between lines some epic news for our rebels?
  4. Side note: This forum has 351 pages of topics. This topic has 351 pages of comments. Feels like the planets just aligned or something.
  5. BillHimclaw

    Odd numbers on game night?

    The odd one serves you drinks.
  6. BillHimclaw

    Star Wars Armada: Vassal module version 3.10.0

    GK's outube tutorials are down!
  7. I'd like to sign up, but will be away the first 2 weeks of January. Would it still be possible to join in?
  8. BillHimclaw

    Armada fleet builder app

    And Imperial Assault! The guy is super helpful and updates as soon as he gets his hands on spoilers or releases. Very much recommended.
  9. BillHimclaw

    Reminder: you can ignore other users

    People, please. We are allowed to have opinions on everything. That's fine, and as much as I may think you're simply wrong or just are flat out stupid for your opinion, that doesn't change the fact that it is your opinion, you have a conviction and until you start threatening someone's life, you can have it, I'll respect it, and everything will be well in the world. But this is a Star Wars: Armada forum. It is not a Trump support/opposition forum, not a pro-feminism or anti-feminism, pro-SJW or anti-SWJ, nor any of those things. I come here to talk about plastic spaceships, rolling dice and admiral shaming, not discuss abortion, thank you very much. And to a certain extent, we're not here to discuss TLJ or any of its actual or perceived political implications. So, please, everyone: STAY ON TARGET. STAY ON TOPIC. I don't want to keep fearing that a topic is going to be locked every single time someone mentions TLJ. We are better than this. Today I learned I can ignore users. That's nice and new for me, although not Armada-related. Now, if you don't mind, I'll leave this topic forever. I don't care who is right-er or wrong-er. I just want to shoot at spaceships, for Snoke's sake!
  10. BillHimclaw

    SSD Spoilers, from reddit

    True. After the video takedown I thought I would soon get a polite, yet firm, request to delete the intel on this post, but, alas, I did not.
  11. BillHimclaw

    SSD Spoilers, from reddit

    As for now, only Jerry.
  12. BillHimclaw

    SSD Spoilers, from reddit

    I tried this a couple times, works great on paper, but it's difficult to keep the Instigator-Rudor bubble for too long. When it works, it sings, tho.
  13. BillHimclaw

    SSD Spoilers, from reddit

    @Green Knight, if you could tell me what's guesswork and what isn't, I'd like to clarity that on the first post. Same for @BrobaFett, since you two have a disagreement on the obstacle deployment thing... Thanks guys.
  14. BillHimclaw

    SSD Spoilers, from reddit

    Looks like this was FFGs doing, they sent this to people who pre purchased the SSD
  15. BillHimclaw

    SSD details on reddit

    Okay, so that is what's going on! Couldn't be more excited.