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  1. Larry Ho-Teep

    Player count card question

    On the player count card, there is a big number (white in a black circle) on the lower half. Does it have any use for the game? I only played The Goblin Problem scenario... Thanks in advance
  2. Larry Ho-Teep

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Listening to this, I want to play/run a cyberpunk game soo baddd!
  3. Larry Ho-Teep

    Jim Culver, any information?

    I was wondering if anyone has information on Jim Culver, character for MoM's next expansion? Stats, power, etc...?
  4. Larry Ho-Teep

    A competitor appears: CMON's Cthulhu Death May Die

    I don't think Death May Die will do anything things better then MoM. I won't mind playing it, but I won't back it. But the miniatures a far far better then the droopy crap ffg is using...
  5. Larry Ho-Teep

    Intro Adventure: How close to maybe death do you like to get?

    Just a suggesition here: Could this « Special Power » be treated as a Abilities (Core Book p.203) that could be activated with a certain number of Advantage, like 2 or 3?
  6. Larry Ho-Teep

    Mace needs to be a bit more special

    Ok, great comments. Based on the feedback, I think I’ll have those weapons for my Genesys campaigns: Name Skill Dam Cit Range Encum Hp Price Rarity Special Club Melee (Light) +3 4 Engaged 2 1 75 1 Mace Melee (Light) +3 4 Engaged 2 1 150 1 Disorient 2 Thoughts?
  7. Larry Ho-Teep

    Mace needs to be a bit more special

    Is the basic Club in the Genesys Core Book? Could not find it...
  8. Larry Ho-Teep

    Mace needs to be a bit more special

    Yes, adding a quality to it would also make the weapon priced go up, around the same as a axe.
  9. Larry Ho-Teep

    Mace needs to be a bit more special

    Mace needs to be a bit more special As I ran thru the melee weapons list from RoT and I see Mace doesn’t have a special quality. They are the only one with out anything. And their stats do not jump out any better then the others. To encourage characters using it, I thought of adding the Disorient quality to it. Concussive makes sense, but War Hammer has it. Plus only Cestus has the Disorient quality. Do you think this could overpower this weapon? Should I just make one up called Club or Morgenstern ? Thanks
  10. Larry Ho-Teep

    When Android book?

    So, Andoid Book is next, but when???
  11. Larry Ho-Teep

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    I flipped thru the book and it is beautiful. I will read more the mechanic stuff then the setting since I never played board games in Terrinoth. I find it too close to other medieval fantasy settings to peak my interest for now. I am more excited for future books, like Android. I don’t think I’ll run games in it, but it will give tools to use in other futuristic setting. I am sad to not have heard any plans from FFG to do a Arkham Horror Files setting book. I guess I’ll buy some Call of Cthulhu and Achtung Cthulhu and convert. Still Realms of Terrinoth is a good buy.
  12. Larry Ho-Teep

    My own take on GM sheets

    Nice design!
  13. Larry Ho-Teep

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    Great podcast! Keep up the good work. I like the way you explain the rules with example. I am looking forward into more liveplay, but, maybe, in other setting then medieval fantasy (maybe the Necromunda?).
  14. Larry Ho-Teep

    Muskets and Lock guns for a Fantasy Musketeers setting

    True, but there must be a reason people stopped using bow and crossbow. And a musket must be awful compared with modern technology. Still thinking about the sweet right balance.
  15. Larry Ho-Teep

    Muskets and Lock guns for a Fantasy Musketeers setting

    It should take 2 maneuver, I agree. Is there such a thing as Prepare 2?