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  1. Great....more large ships with boost. I thought we were trying to get away from that? I'm already dreading Fenn + Falcon, why did we need more boost large base that are able to be coordinated?
  2. You don't have to do anything. You can keep playing 1.0 just fine, no one's holding a gun to your head- especially if you play at home mostly.
  3. Welp. Looks like I'm in for an account name change. Gotta say FFG, you're really turning this game around! This is EXACTLY what the game needs! Jesus we'll be able to get real time updates for balance via the app! HYPE!
  4. AH NM, you can't use it to clear even with Mk.2 because it specifically says you can't do it when stressed. Sounds liek the system officer might work though.
  5. Can we Aileron 1 bank with TIE Mk.2, clear stress, and then perform a red manuver? Cause that would be friggin' METAL with a 1 sloop.
  6. You better be working HARD on a 'Carolina Reapers' list! Just sayin'! Just think of all the spicy memes! Also, google image search turned up this gem:
  7. You can't apply the Optimized Prototype condition to any 'First Order' Ships. IE FOs, S/Fs, Silencer, etc. Just FYI. But yeah man, I'm all with you, I say cap PS at a max of 9 and call it good!
  8. LWF is amazing on a 1 Agility Ship. 2 green dice pretty much all the time.
  9. Wanted to break this out of the preview thread. So, with ISB Slicer, if you use Jam on an enemy ship that already took a focus/evade/TL action that round, you strip the token, immediately discard the jam... Now, can you choose the same ship (which is not jammed because it stripped a token) and assign a jam to it? Is that what the timing here implies? If so that's some bonkers action economy. One action of mine for two of my opponents.
  10. Whisper + VI + Adv. Sensors + Director Krennic + Adv. Cloaking Device.....assign the prototype to Whisper..... .....think about that one for a second.
  11. QD is easily, by a HUGE margin, the best balanced 'S-Tier' ship in the game. Is she powerful? Absolutely! Can she be managed and counterplayed against? YES! AT MOST she gets 3 activations of her ability. If you play well against her and stack a high burst attack on her shields, she only gets one. Other than that, she's a solid ship but will absolutely melt to focused fire. She's not the best points fortress, she can't regen, abuse TLTs, or abuse infinite bombs. If QD was top of the pile, this game would be in a MUCH better state. Ships like QD have counterplay.
  12. I really love new previews, it's a great reading comprehension test.
  13. Rebels totally needed more solid, Rebel Only crew options! Maybe this will be the power spike that makes Rebels competitive!
  14. I just love flying Wookie Gunships and doing like 15 white 2 turns in a row. I really like Wookies because they showcase my skill at maneuvering. I'm so good at X-Wing!
  15. Autothrusters came out in Wave 6 with the StarViper expansion. Fat turrets were a big thing quite a bit before that. As for why Turret Wing (tm) is top dog? Because turrets take 0 skill. Ability to not care about arcs is HUGE in this game, and while turrets are so potent (looking at you TLT), Aces will take a back seat.
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