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  1. Hi good folks While I'm not sure if I'm a 100% in or out on Legion... It stayed in my head since the first time I saw the Gencon demo video. This could be my first real miniatures game. So, after a few click on the web I eventually came across Maelstrom's Edge. Another sci-fi miniature game that is more skirmish level. While I don't know much about this game I can see there seems to be some ressemblance... like it's objective based, it uses stats cards... the movement seems to have a similar cohesion system. It seems to have a suppression system. I don't know much about maelstrom's edge story but I kinda like the theme I'm seing. My questions now... One of the thing I really liked about legion is... I understood the game very quickly during the short demo! Sure the rules are not out and the demo didn,t cover everything... but I have the feeling I kinda can treat this wargame as a big boardgame where I can convince a friend to play with my models even if he didn't buy into it and we could have a good time pretty quickly. If someone here have any kind of experience with Maelstrom Edge... does the ME rules seem more complicated than legion? I'm hoping legion is well ''supported'' by the community with videos, list discussion, List builder, painting guide and maybe even a local store around here could have a legion night I can attend once in a while...with maelstrom edge... that seems pretty much out of the question. Anyway... just random toughts in my head... for now I'm not getting in 2 expensives mini games... I'll probably wait and see for legion. Any thoughts?
  2. What's said in the video is basically... Each time a unit get shot at... you assign a suppression token to that unit. (note, i have no idea if this apply to melee combat). If a unit have suppression tokens equal or greater than it's courage value ...that unit can only take one action per turn rather than 2 If the amount of suppression token is double the courage value... the unit flees. At the end of turn you remove 1 suppression token from each unit. ...now, english is not my first language... so please don't throw any lightsabers at me if my spelling sucks.
  3. Soooo last night, just before I went to bed, I watched this video I've watched other videos like the Team Covenant demo before but they didn't explain the courage and suppression... this video explains it pretty well (at around 3 min) so this was new to me! I feel like I have a better understanding of what the strategic choice might be in this game now... shooting at an enemy gives it suppression token witch can limit them to one action... so that makes the order of things very important worth planning for. I'm not too aware how some of the objectives work... anybody know if you need to use an action to pick up an objective token for exemple? This could be huge because if you are suppressed that could mean you get to the token but can't pick it this turn.... so you just stand there as a sitting duck (this is just in theory). In any case, it seems like a great mechanic so you plan your things. It was also pointed out later in the video, the possibility to assign command order to units out of your range is worth more points than the force choke that can destroy a unit... I never really took the time to think about this but it make sense to think that position and the order of doing things and adding suppression (and possibly other status) might be more valuable to get the objective than simply killing a dude... I always knew it was an objective game but it feels more concrete to me now. I can almost see the shenanigans and fun times ahead now. It will be fun to see what other commander cards and what other things they add to the game to play with those mechanics... Upgrades or units that boots courrage and fiddle with courage and suppression... tons of possibilities!
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