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  1. It wouldn't be totally void. It just wouldn't be set up for her every round. While not ideal she can still TL for a shot for every other round.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yeah. Kyle is really the go-to, but I like the novelty of a potential 6 dice Shara. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like R3 wouldn't trigger Dutch's ability twice since the second target lock is acquired and not a performed action.
  3. Thanks for replying. What do you mean by both Shara's mods? I just threw Predator on Jan because there were points left and the list isn't leaning on having the initiative.
  4. ARC-170 Shara Bey 60 Trick Shot R2 Astromech Y-wing Dutch Vander 64 Expert Handling Ion Cannon R2 Astromech Veteran Turret Gunner HWK-290 Jan Ors 75 Predator Kanan Jarrus Hull Upgrade Moldy Crow Total: 199 Vander hands out target locks. Possible 6 dice forward primary for Bey or 5 out of the rear arc. Or 4 dice primary into Ion Cannon shot for Vander. Jarrus near guarantees cleared stress off of Ors.
  5. You could stick Ooryl in the G-1A Starfighter.
  6. dtenchi


    I thought it was "Ey-ey-ron".
  7. dtenchi


    My bad. I know. I don't really care about it, just wondering out loud.
  8. dtenchi


    I've always pronounced Corran's name 'Cor-ran', but I've noticed that almost everyone pronounces his name as 'Corin'. If my memory serves you're supposed to enunciate the second(doubled) consonant as if it were a different consonant. E.g. 'Sup-posed', 'ser-rated', and 'ar-row'. Do you guys pronounce it 'Corin' or 'Cor-ran'?
  9. Having acrylics is not a good measure of skill.
  10. Have pilots, ship stats, and all upgrade cards be app only. That way everything is adjustable.
  11. Space Blade 32 from the X-wing novels. It has a rear gunner, 16 torps, and could take more laser fire than an x-wing. Stealth X.
  12. E-wings can't target lock at range 1.
  13. My read is it's for when you're fleeing an engagement.
  14. I'd love to annoyingly say "Good shot, Janson" when a hit goes through.
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