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  1. If I can reliably get games, then it is not too far away. Driving time, it'd be about the same from my house to Games and Stuff due to traffic despite twice the distance. I wouldn't be able to commit to weekly games, but twice a month would be reasonable I think.
  2. Are there any Armada players around Glen Burnie, Columbia, Jessup, Annapolis, Fort Meade, or Pasadena? I've been to Games and Stuff a few times now and nobody is else is there with the exception of 3 X-Wing-ers. I'm in Columbia and the 30 minute drive gets a bit frustrating. I'd be happy to meet up at Games and Stuff (or another store) for a game, I even have my own 6X3 mat.
  3. Just booked a slot, website had 13 folks per last update, so that makes 14. Taking that wooden spoon home! This will be my first gaming event too, so I'm pretty excited to get blown up by someone other than my meta
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