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  1. baranidlo

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Good topic. I agree that there is definitely a set of standard openings which people use in X-wing. Even people who "improvise" are most likely just using a variation of one of the standard openings. Would be great if someone would bother to collect and catalogize this, but I don't expect anybody to really have time to do the effort You would need 3 things to describe the opening: Asteroid setup + Ships starting position + 2-3 Opening moves Here are some examples of some openings which I have used or seen being used: 1. "Joust through the asteroids" Useful if your ships are good knife fighters and like to hang out close to asteroids (such as TIE SFs). - Asteroid setup: tight cluster in the middle - Ships starting: the diagonally opposing corner from the opponent. If opponent deploys after you, then you'll want to start in the middle, "behind" the asteroids cluster. - Opening moves: straight and bank moves into the asteroid field. This opening could be also modified for Toolbox-style lists with distinct ship roles such as Tank/Knife-fighter/Ace (for example Tavson/Quickdraw/Blackout). In this case the Tank will avoid asteroids and go through the shortest lane straight at opponent, Knife-fighter will go hang out into the middle of asteroids, and the Ace will take the long route around the asteroids. 2. "Control the center" Useful if you're plaing a bunch of low initiative ships, preferably with turrets or wide arcs (Scurrgs, Auzitucks, etc). - Asteroid setup: spreaded around the edges as much as possible. Ideally empty center. - Ships starting: the corner with less obstacles nearby (you are likely to deploy first). - Opening moves: if opponent deployed in the diagonally opposite corner, then straight and bank moves into the center of the board. If he deployed straight across you, then go happily for the joust. If he tries bait and switch then go for the center to limit his options. 3. "Three pussees" Useful if you are playing three skinny aces and are affraid of opponent's beatdown. And if (on top of that) the opponent deploys after you (think two ship Scum beatdown lists with high initiative and bid, like in 1.0). - Asteroid setup: tight cluster in the middle - Ships starting: one ship in each corner, one in the middle. The corner ships should be rotated 90 degrees facing the middle of your starting row. This way the ship in the lane which opponent has chosen for joust, can do a rapid exit. - Opening moves: run with the ship your opponent has chosen as his target. Try and flank with the other two. Be ready to switch. I think there could be probably like 10-15 standardized opening setups, and most others (or improvised) starts are just variations of these.. With any of my squadrons I like to prepare the default setup, and also one defensive and offensive setup (depending on the matchup).
  2. baranidlo

    What Does 2.0 Offer to the Casual Player?

    2.0 is a vastly better designed and balanced game, regardless if you play competitively or casual.
  3. baranidlo

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    I think you have a solid base there, but the list looks a bit unoptimized to me. Squad Leader for 14 points is too expensive, and you already have coordinate action on Tavson. Midnight herself is not so great ship in 2.0. Tavson has too many upgrades for a ship, which you plan on letting die, and some of them bring very little for their cost (e.g. Perceptive Copilot). So I would recommend dropping most of the upgrades from Tavson, and exchanging Midnight for Blackout. I have been playing Tavson/QuickDraw/Blackout myself recently in Hyperspace format, and it performed pretty good so far.. EDIT: Also don't forget to keep a healthy bid, I would recommend at least 6 points. Both Quickdraw and Blackout like to move after opponent's ships, and it will help you a lot to get them into flanking positions (although QuickDraw is more of a knife-fighter than flanker).
  4. baranidlo

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    The first point where you decide how your list will be flying is in the squad building phase. Some ships are simply not meant to be flankers (while on the other hand all ships are capable of jousting). A good flanker ship must have good maneuverability, high initiative pilots, preferably both boost and barel roll actions, and ideally also some linked action for having both reposition and dice modification in one turn. Each ship in the game has different capabilities for this, and here comes the second crucial point to decide how you should fly - it's when you sit down across your opponent and measure up his squad. If your opponent has better flanker ships (higher initiative, faster dials, etc), then you should consider switching back to jousting, because you will have problems out-flying him. On the other hand if your ships have maneuvering advantage, then NOT jousting is likely the correct answer. If you're flying a triple Ace list with not too much HP, then you probably should engage in a bait-and-switch opening. You can bait your opponent with one ship (by feigning a joust), while the others are working on getting on his flank. Once your opponent commits to engage your bait, you want to run with it asap before it gets punished. If you succeed, then your opponent will likely turn his attention to your flankers, so they need to become the bait now and run away, while your previous bait becomes a new flanker. This way of flying is indeed very difficult and precarious and one small mistake can easily cost you a game. For an example, see the Haighwood vs. Howard match from Hoth Open 2017 (below). Therefore I would not recommend flying straight 3 flanker aces unless you really have a ton of experiences with them. A much easier squad to fly would be if you choose 2 Aces and 1 Tank. You can then offer your opponent your Tank, who should be able to keep him occupied, while your aces get into flanking positions. Example of such lists could be (already mentioned) Redline / Whisper / Soontir. But there are many options across the factions (for example good tank ships would be Lt. Tavson or 4-Lom, which you can combine with Silencers or Fangs as flankers). )
  5. baranidlo

    Are the new Points available yet

    Hellooo, there https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/a4/1c/a41c5b90-3ed7-456c-9dc9-ebae9d2f8408/onlinepoints_rebelalliance_january.pdf
  6. baranidlo

    Are the new Points available yet

    Actually, nothing
  7. baranidlo

    Poe > Kylo

    Agreed. The whole FO seems to be a bit overcosted, while Resistance looks undercosted. In general, it seems that FFG has overvalued most of the agility 3 ships, perhaps because of the 1.0 mindset where 3 green with token stacks and passive mods were really good. However with just 1 token for defence and no passive defensive mods, the third die is now extremely underwhelming, and is pretty much the same as having 2 dice with just 1 extra health. It definitely doesn't warrant the higher price (and for some chassis lesser HP) which comes with it. Here's some quick math: - Silencer durability is 5.335 shots - T70 durability is 4.936 shots, but with Heroic it's almost identical at 5.255 shots
  8. baranidlo

    Mynock Squadron 152 Feedback

    Good points. Fangs have been quite underwhelming for me, too. But I think Boba is still really strong ship with the Marauder/Han/Perceptive core, but needs a more reliable partner than Fenn.. I'm currently looking at Boba + Lando Falcon + shuttle instead of Boba + Fenn + shuttle. Based on my Hyperspace games so far, Lando's Falcon title should trigger a LOT, and the whole Scum Falcon is a really cost-efficient ship..
  9. baranidlo

    Mynock Squadron 152 Feedback

    Unfortunately I have to agree with you. It's a pity that some of the most well known X-Wing podcasts are have such a high amount of mockery, whining, and general annoying and unneeded noise. I stopped listening to Krayts and Mynocks for this reason quite a long time ago, during the late dark days of 1.0. I guess these guys are all very bright and enthusiastic for the game, but honestly listening to the bad jokes and boring trash talk (while digging for some nuggets of interesting ideas) gets very old, quite fast.
  10. baranidlo

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    But then it will automatically spend the lock as well, giving you the exactly same expected damage as without FCS. The only difference is in probability of keeping the lock (as far as I can see..).
  11. baranidlo

    Resistance and First Order in the Extended Meta

    An optimized Rey / Poe build is a very strong squad, but I will not try and convince anybody. You should just spend the time to optimize your build and test it properly.. (Hint: don't be affraid to spend a lot of points for the right upgrades).
  12. baranidlo

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Fire control system also doesn't seem to be working.
  13. baranidlo

    Resistance and First Order in the Extended Meta

    Rey is plenty fast and maneuverable with Engine Upgrade. With her crew options she can be built to have very high action efficiency and dice modifications (for a price). So what was the Rey build which you have tested and found unimpressive? And what were the bad matchups?
  14. baranidlo

    Resistance and First Order in the Extended Meta

    I would say Poe and Rey are not that far behind from the Extended top stuff. I can see them giving Whisper/Redline/etc a very tough time.. FO seems a bit "too fair" for extended, with the possible exception of SNR Kylo.. EDIT: But this should not matter much in a few weeks after they will (hopefully) nerf the broken stuff in Extended..
  15. baranidlo

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    Interesting, I would like to see how that would work with him. But it seems to me that Backdraft is the ship which is designed to kite between the rocks, while QD is not really a natural kiter. Also, if QD is not the jousting part of your list, what else is? Because then the opponent can simply choose to joust your QD, and even with improved dial he's not a super fast ship (and he hates shooting from the rear arc..)