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  1. Just embarking on another table build for those interested. Welcome comments, questions or inspiration/encouragement as always. Thanks for watching and enjoy part 1.
  2. Yes this was a commission piece. For respect of the forums I won’t post price here but you can ask me in PM. Thanks.
  3. Inquires are coming in, nothing finalized yet but I truly hope to have another commission, this was a great one but I have many many more ideas.
  4. There was an attempt to stick with the style introduced by FFG. Took it a little further and added my own style for sure. I haven’t worked in the 28mm world to much so this was a nice intro and gave me the confidence I needed. Looking forward to more commissions as they come in.
  5. Uploading a test image. Will do more of this works, let me know your thoughts.
  6. I have just completed an Endor Table complete with bunker. I don’t have pics that I can share (maxed out my sharing capabilities for the site), but maybe some could post one for you.
  7. For those who missed the build thus far. 40 plus parts including a number of live broadcasts on The FB terrain group.
  8. I find the darken tones get muted too much by the subsequent layers. Therefore I apply the darker tones where I wish to give the illusion of shadow. Starting with an earth base layer is the key in my opinion. I think about what grass looks like in nature, serves me well enough (at least thus far). Great question.
  9. Setting up some of the terrain I have leaving the studio and although I am saddened to not have official models I am excited for the prospects of this game. Thought I would share this image with the collective. Comments or thoughts welcomed as always.
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