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  1. MonCal

    Can We Talk About This?

    Golden Hind needs a Futurama captain
  2. MonCal

    Can We Talk About This?

    Will you call it MOX?
  3. Does anyone know why the Mandal Motors ships are named after creatures of Tatooine? Makes very little sense to me. it is like a french shipyard company naming its ships after Chinese fauna... That perplexes me.
  4. MonCal

    Can We Talk About This?

    I will be using the Nameless Mynock as a NPC ship in honor of this thread, though.
  5. MonCal

    Creating a Hutt Killer

    Not about the new movies, bit it is one of the MANY changes in the old movies that make them worse than they were originally. I would love to have an original non edited version of the movies depicting how they hit the theaters back in the 70s and 80s. Han shooting first, no nonsense in the hangar bay, and stuff like that. Not making assumptions on what people is pissed about and not is also a good thing. It is better not to project. Cheers Xavi
  6. MonCal

    Can We Talk About This?

    The Saruman. I vetoed LOTR references, so there.
  7. He has the Flaw "difficult underlings" for sure.
  8. MonCal

    Creating a Hutt Killer

    Because we cannot do that without being force sensitive, yeah...
  9. MonCal

    Creating a Hutt Killer

    Quite a bunch of unnecessary revisionism there
  10. MonCal

    Transitioning GM to a player...

    I would suggest he reads the dungeon world GM guide. It talks about more collaborative approaches to GM
  11. If you prefer the more experienced approach, in the building a solo explorer thread they pointed me to the Knight level character. Basically +50xp and +9000 credits to buy stuff. You could.go with that. Cheers Xavi
  12. For what you say, I agree with others that you might need to use another game system. There are plenty around. The important thing about RPGs is to have fun roleplaying. If the system gets in the way of the fun, ditch it. Always. I have a similar problem in my group. We played the starter modules, but it did not get into motion. real life got in the way as well, but it is more that people are not THAT interested in this system for what I am seeing in some conversations with them. I will play around with one of them to see if we can go forward with the system, but ditching it and using the supplements as reference material while using another rules system is certainly an option. A system where you manoeuvrer to avoid getting hit (as opposed to recover damage fast afterwards) sounds what you are looking for.
  13. Regarding the Ghost - Falcon thing, well, it depends what you want your ship for. My impression is that the Ghost has no cargo capacity whatsoever, but its cabins are spacious. it also requires more crew than the Falcon. For smuggling things I would take the Falcon. Less conspicuous than the ghost. For plain combat, I dunno, both have merits and drawbacks, but the Ghost seems more durable and less manoeuverable.
  14. Apparently the guy with the white beard is supposed to be Rex. Someone said (in the forum) that the "SW lore dudes" confirmed it.