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  1. I've got a message to say my order is arriving today. That order was for two Armada Core Sets, One Victory Class Star Destroyer expansion, One Nebulon-B expansion and two CR-90 Corvette expansions. This will be my starting point for getting into Armada, and the best part is I have set aside time tomorrow to play my first game. I'll be posting an after action report once finished and its typed up.
  2. Following both and added them to the Blogosphere.
  3. You've been added to the Blogosphere and I'm following.
  4. I'm wanting to find blogs about X-Wing to follow and add to my Blogosphere (aka blog roll). If you've got one share the link. My blog is: http://sw5475.blogspot.com
  5. I'm wanting to find other bloggers who post about Star Wars and Armada. I'll add your blog to my blogosphere (aka blog roll) and will follow. My blog is: http://sw5475.blogspot.com
  6. I've started this topic as I'd like to find other blogs out there from people who play and enjoy the Star Wars RPG. You'll be added to my Blogosphere (aka blog roll) and I'll follow your blog. My blog is: http://sw5475.blogspot.com
  7. My hopes begin with nothing sequel trilogy. I enjoy The Force Awakens. Unlike the prequels I own a copy and have watched it a few times. It joins Rebels, Rogue One and the Original Trilogy during a Star Wars marathon without prejudice. But there's still plenty of Rebels and Rogue One ships that haven't been released. Hey, they still haven't released everything from The Force Awakens. We're still missing the Resistance and First Order Transports. Here is what I'm hoping for, in no particular order: Hammerhead Corvette (not sure of size but hope it fits the 1/270 scale) The Dornean ship (Bah'tok or something like that) Sentinel Transport Gauntlet Scarif pack to update X and Y wings. Krennics Shuttle The Tie Transport from Rogue One The Empire Transport (Zeta class?) The Empire could have an Epic in the form of the Eta(?) class cargo transport from Rogue One Phoenix Squadron A Wings Phoenix Squadron X Wings Prototype B-Wing from Rebels Phoenix Squadron CR-90 (highly doubt it and I'm not a huge fan of sliding scale in X-Wing. Love both Gozanti, but not a fan of the shrunken Corvette and Raider. Also highly doubt we'll see this until FFG are really desperate for ideas) The modified Firespray from the Darth Vader comics Leia's transport from the Leia Comics N1 from Shattered Empire comics (not my thing but still canon GCW) I don't play video games but there's likely ships I've not mentioned that appear in games and are now Canon. Plenty of Galactic Civil War era ships that FFG could put out and wait to do the Sequel ones until more is known about them. If I had to pick one from the list above as my most eagerly wanted and anticipated ship it would be the Hammerhead Corvette. Would be a good way to update the aging CR-90, and introduce characters as crew from the series. Perhaps even a Raddus.
  8. Well folks, today I got my answer. I can't seem to paste so I'll just have to give you the short version: The original core will have the original contents, only updated with the recent errata. I would be disappointed but I expected that was the answer.
  9. HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Since I'm just about to get started with Armada (waiting for my order to arrive) I'm not really qualified to comment on whether something is odd or not.
  10. It is Friday. Happiness verification confirmed. You are permitted to be happy. HAPPY FRIDAY RYANABT!!! HAPPY FRIDAY CUBANBOY!!! HAPPY FRIDAY TO EVERYONE!!!
  11. Safety first. Things can be replaced, you can't. Find shelter somewhere sturdy and dry, duck and cover, and let the storm do it's thing.
  12. I liked it on screen in Rogue One. I like the look of the miniature. Now I just have to see the preview to decide whether this is a buy to look at or buy to crush the opposition.
  13. I'm planning on getting Turbolaser Towers and Ion Cannon from GF9 for a similar game. Though it was a planetary assault, with tall rocks and trees as asteroids. Was even going to get a box of bunkers from GF9 to be the Empire/Rebel base. Can't wait to see what you do.
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