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  1. Maul is quite a scary dude. This sort of puts the stuff late game Force Users gets up to into perspective. I do really just love scenes of force users going ham with nothing but their force powers and decimating their opposition as well as their surroundings.
  2. Not really, in English the name goes back to old English for strewn berries. As in the berries are strewn around a bush or the fact that the plants send out runners that grow into new plants, hence they're strewn around. In many other languages they are instead referred to as earthberries or other things not related to straws. Yes they used to be buried in straw to protect them from the winter cold and yes these days we often use a plastic sheet for it. But that's not related to the name.
  3. Hey, anything that works. Depression is the big suck. Also sucks big time that you couldn't get access to therapy or repeated doctors visits. Nice to hear you found something that helps though.
  4. You're supposed to be on them for two weeks at the very least and only quit after talking to your doctor. They make you feel worse than before for those two first weeks, might be more.
  5. And you seem to be forgetting several capital letters as well as some punctuation. It could also imply that you're also using anti-depressants, if that's the case then we apparently have something in common. But that is really only where it would lead me if taken on its own. Because you made some previous statements while leading up to that one. So, lets go down memory lane. Yeah, that makes it seem like you're talking about whoever are the happiest people and that they would be leading in use of anti-depressants. Not that anti-depressants really make you happy, but I'm sure you knew that. No euphoric effect or anything like that. So yes, this could be talking about you as a part of mankind as a whole then I guess or you talking as someone taking anti-depressants as well. But nobody ever said humans are at their happiest while taking anti-depressants, because that's really not how those pills work. You also missed an apostrophe there at don't. Anyway the statement is clearly not quite as clear as you would like. Because if it's not talking about the happiest people then I have really no idea what it's about. Nobody said people are at their happiest while using anti-depressants, because again, that's not how those pills work. They don't make you happy, they just lessen some of the symptoms of depression which can be fun things like agoraphobia and memory loss. They also give you increased anxiety while you're getting used to them. Not really a happy time.
  6. You did say this. Seems like you said we, which would imply you're part of the happiest. Now I could be wrong and you're from Finland, in which case hey that's nice.
  7. By what metric would you then make the claim that the happiest nation takes the highest amount of anti-depressants?
  8. ... the US is not the happiest nation. They're not even in the top ten for 2019 https://www.inc.com/melanie-curtin/the-top-10-happiest-countries-on-earth-according-to-un.html as you can see the winner was Norway. From North America you have Canada in the top 10.
  9. Indeed, like CIS were trying to do and what I imagine goes on in the Corporate Sector Authority as well. I do kind of wish and hope they release a CSA focused book for the games as well, Star Wars is a wonderful setting where you can include basically everything. Some more information about the Corporate Sector and their shenanigans would make for quite an awesome playground for spies and shady dealings.
  10. Your lack of awareness doesn't mean it's not possible. An independent branch of investigative journalists, strong public oversight and insight by the citizens as well as strong legislation and hard anti-corruption laws help quite a bit with it. The solution is not to grant companies their wet dream of doing away with regulations, the solution is to get their grubby mitts out of the regulatory branches. Then the market can functions because the corporations will not be able to use the regulatory administrations as tools to batter the competition and create a monopoly, they will have to function as you envision them to do.
  11. They do with a functioning non-corrupt government where they're under public scrutiny. Hold government accountable for their actions, they're part of the social contract. They have obligations towards you as a citizen, if they don't fulfill those obligations then work towards change in government. If they are truly resistant to this change then use more radical means. But if you have the privilege of living in a open democracy, use your right of free speech, right of congregations and your vote to change the system to work the way you want it to work.
  12. No, the problem is giving drug companies access to those tools through lobbyists and government corruption. The problem is based with the companies being able to use the corrupt system to flourish. It's based on the corruption in the system and the fact companies are rewarded for using the system. Reform the system so it works as intended, not dismantle it all and let the companies have free reign. Expect better of your government and make your voice heard through activism.
  13. That point is honestly more telling of the things companies will try to get away with and government corruption. The corruption and the following lobbyists is the part that needs to be dealt with so that the FDA can work as intended.
  14. Activision fired 800 people last year when they had made a 1.8 billion dollar profit the previous year. I'm sure Bobby Kotick felt terrible about it. The Anglo-Iranian Oil company surely felt they only wanted to help the Iranian people when they used the CIA to topple the democratically elected prime minister and re-instituted the Shah as a brutal dictator who imprisoned and tortured hundreds of thousands of people. Chiquita must have just wanted to help poor Colombian farmers, that's why they helped fund a terrorist organisation in Colombia. They plead guilty to that one by the way, in 2007. They didn't admit to smuggling weapons to said organisation or helping the organisation smuggle drugs into Europe, but I bet pleading guilty to the big one let them avoid some of the smaller ones. There is a vast gulf between small business owners and the big ones. I don't think the owner of my local kebab shop is a monster, dude works hard and tries to make ends meet. I don't even think people like Kotick or Bezos are monsters. Hel, I don't even think the bigger faceless corporations are monsters. A monster requires intent and knowledge of the suffering caused. But I do know the things they get up to even when there are regulations in place to stop their worst excesses and I know the things corporations have gotten up to in the past before those regulations were in place. I prefer the world where a corporation can't get away with genocide against a population to get access to nutmeg and then use slave labour to replace the local population they wiped out.
  15. I'm not assuming they're evil, they do what the system rewards. Cutting costs by downsizing is rewarded by the system. Firing your work force and requiring them to apply for their old jobs as consultants working hours at a lesser wage is rewarded by the system. Shafting insurance claimants to prevent having to make a big pay out is again rewarded by the system. Influencing legislation to escape taxation and destroying infrastructure as well as using lock-outs if raised taxes rear their heads is also rewarded by the system. There is no inborn malice in what they do. No more than there is malice in a baboon eating a baby gazelle alive. They simply do what's needed to maximize profits in the short term so that their shareholders will see a payout, that's all there is to it. Well that and sometimes incompetence on levels that should be criminal.
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