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  1. Shhhh, stop destroying my argument with facts.
  2. Range already does cause damage to drop off a bit already. Range upgrades the check which means you're likely to rack up more failures which leads to less damage going through.
  3. Ah, no that would be a different thing. Thought you meant the shields the gungan troops used. Don't think the big static sector shields have really been stated anywhere. They're more of a narrative device rather than a piece of gear. Especially seeing as how we have seen one of those take the pummeling of a fleet including Star Destroyers in Rebels. So they seem to pretty much never run out of juice and there is now way to work them down. You have to get in through the shield and take out the generator. Chronicles is an adventure book. Nexus of Power is a F&D source book with planets. It has Weik, possibly one of the coolest planets in wild space and I place I would really like for my campaign to go to, never going to happen in the current one though.
  4. Gungan energy shield is in Nexus of Power, http://swrpg.viluppo.net/equipment/weapons/2948/ stats can be found here. Droideka is in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, stats can be found here http://swa.stoogoff.com/#droideka-destroyer-droid. Droideka and Gungan energy shield is two black dice, which can be pretty **** handy. Page 237 in the EotE core rulebook has boosting shields. It's in all the core rulebooks under vehicle combat and additional actions. Anyway, hope you get the shields as HP to work for you. I would honestly find it to be too much book keeping added for not enough value. Read your previous example now as well. When something is linked that means you apply the soak twice as well. If there is an additional hit then there is soak against that as well. So it would be 8 damage getting through, not 11. Reading through more I see someone already mentioned this. Well the edit will have to stand. As for the shields flashing, there is a crit that takes out components such as shields, one that specifically makes the shields fail and for 3 advantage you can disable the shields rather than damage the ship. So that part is already in the system.
  5. We have stats for both the Gungan energy shields and the Droideka ones. They add 2 defensive dies, Droideka one also upgrades the difficulty once since they're better. That's it, they don't act as soak. As the GM and the player, you narrate what happens when an attack fails. If it fails because you rolled more fails on the difficulty while still rolling a few successes, then you still had some success. Which can be narrated as some hits going in but their defense held up, which could be either shields or parrying strikes if it's melee combat. Same thing in space with ships both big and small. Which is consistent with the things we see in the films, damage seeps through the shields and a well aimed shot can get through the shields while they're still up. Shields also seem to not be that good against close range bombs or torpedoes, we quite often see those things go straight through defenses. Either way, you can do you. I wouldn't go the route of giving shields a numerical value that needs to be depleted. It adds extra housekeeping and some pretty weird stuff with some of the actions that you can take while in combat with a ship. For instance how does it work with Angle Deflector Shields where you remove shields from a section of the ship to beef up another? Does the YT now have 24-32 extra HP in the front or the back (without using gain the advantage you're assumed to attack a shielded section)? What about boosting the shields? That adds another shield value to the shield with a check that a decent mechanic has no problems succeeding on, the hypothetical YT-1300 can now be rocking 36-48 extra HP, which is quite a bit more than the hull threshold. Yeah that costs 1 system strain, but there is an action to recover strain as well. To me it seems like this would make even freighters into blaster sponges that take an absurd amount of time to work through, not to mention what it would be like against a proper military ship. Anyway, you do you. I prefer the more narrative shields, they feel more in line with Star Wars for me.
  6. Darth Revenant

    Creativity vs Reality - Knock down brawl of the Forum (Ding)!

    Pretty much all of those could be the purpose of a longer campaign or multi-session adventures. That last one would depend on species of the PC, gravity of the planetoid as well as wind and air pressure.
  7. Darth Revenant

    Creativity vs Reality - Knock down brawl of the Forum (Ding)!

    Lightsabers don't really make sense for any sensible military either. But then neither the Sith or the Jedi are sensible militaries. They're kooky religious mystics who use magical crystals to form plasma blades that act in ways that makes them lethal to use unless you're very well trained or a prescient warrior mystic. Sensible military minds don't enter into it. For me Star Wars runs on a more heroic scale. Yeah your PC's might be dirtbags who peddle drugs and shoot first and ask questions never, but they're among the best at what they do and should get chances to do it. Of course the galaxy should hit back, but 20 storm troopers are not insurmountable odds sunce these are the big **** heroes. Of course there are always more storm troopers ready to enter the meat grinder.
  8. Darth Revenant

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    The New Republic demilitarized quite a bit, with the main republic navy installations being taken out alongside with Hosnian Prime there isn't that much left of it. And since the New Republic seemed to believe in a rather lighter hand than the Empire there is less garrisons that can be rallied. Yesterday they had the backing of their supporters and were not in a life or death situation. Then those losses were losses they could afford, but things changed with Starkiller base. Losing that thing was a blow to the First Order, but the base did what it needed before it got destroyed. Episode 9 is probably going to take place pretty close in time to the end of Episode 8. Although I do hope for a bit longer in between and a gracious off-screen exit for Leia rather than milking any extra shoots they have. But then again, asymmetric warfare is not very cinematic, that's why it doesn't really tend to get featured properly all that often. Unless is a tragic tale of some African civil war like Johnny Mad Dog and Beasts of no nation. But both of those still take place over a rather short time, couple of months to a year or two.
  9. Darth Revenant

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    Because they can't surrender. The First Order will execute them if they try, they can't really desert either because again they will be executed if they're found. And they can't manufacture stuff because they're not a proper state or an army linked to a state. They're a guerrilla group funded by sympathetic members of the senate and drawing on dissatisfied members of the republic military. Both of those are largely gone or without a central leadership anymore. So the Resistance, like nearly all real world guerrilla groups, needs to either buy gear or have it donated to them. They can also use stuff taken from the enemy if they can actually win. But at the time of the start of TLJ they have only what we see them have and chances of getting new stuff is slim to zero. If they can play for time then new support might manifest itself and they can become a unifying point for the resistance against the First Order, but if they die then chances are there isn't going to be anything unifying various resistance cells against the First Order and it will blow over pretty quickly. So at the time of TLJ any losses they take are losses they can't really afford, because they can't get any new stuff. They need to run with what they have and play for time, which is sensible since they don't know that the First Order can track them and they're quicker and more mobile than their pursuers. Guerrilla fighting and wars are often not about outright winning as much as not losing outright. The Taliban lost in Afghanistan, or at least we like to think so. They're still there though, and they're getting building up strength again. Because guerrilla movements don't really stop or give up, as long as they believe in their ideology and there is some minute popular support, they will keep going. That's why you have movements like the Tamil Tigers who kept up their fight from 1983 to 2009, they didn't stop until the government managed enough reforms to win back popular support and their leader died. There is FARC who kept fighting from 1964 until 2017, they were communist and to start with funded and aided by Cuba and the Soviet Union. Later on they kept going through cocaine smuggling and kidnappings. They're still not entirely done by the way, some dissidents still remain out in the colombian jungles, possibly hopping the border to Venezuela where they're trying to set up again. Anyway, the point of that was that the Resistance would likely keep up the fight for as long as Leia was around. And if she's gone then they might have another who can step into her shoes. Lots of guerrilla movements do survive the deaths of one or several leaders. Both FARC and the Taliban lost leaders at times, they kept on trucking. As long as they have enough manpower and gear to remain an ongoing concern they can keep up the fight. Losing all of your gear and manpower in futile attacks against an enemy that can take the blow is rather foolish though. 5 firetrucks against a carrier is an obvious trade, as long as you can afford to lose those firetrucks and the people in them. The enemy has more carriers, you don't have any more firetrucks and you don't know where you can find more. Then it becomes a bad trade.
  10. Darth Revenant

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    Manufacturing those new bombers takes resources, time and machining capacity that the Resistance doesn't have at that point. Despite taking out Starkiller Base they're losing, and they're losing hard. What they have is what they get, and they can't be sure to get anything more since the republic navy is gone and the First Order is going to move to secure the shipyards of any planet they think might harbor Resistance sympathy. Under the brutal arithmetic of attrition it certainly makes sense to sacrifice those bombers. But this is not a traditional war, the resistance can't afford to lose those resources even for a fleetkiller dreadnought. Because the First Order has more of those and can build new ones, the Resistance can't get new bombers or build new ones. They're operating with what they have and can't really expect to get anything more at present time.
  11. Darth Revenant

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    I always figured the most sensible in universe dating system would go for the Ruusan reformation as as a year zero. The reformation was the end of a rather brutal drawn out conflict and there is a clear cut off point for it.
  12. Darth Revenant

    Bondable animals

    Any creature is bondable provided you have enough force rating. Since the limit on the silhouette is half your force rating (rounded down) that does mean quite a few critters can't really be bonded with until you have force rating 4. And quite a few would require force rating 6 or even 8.
  13. Darth Revenant

    Our GM has no Hope!

    Huh, seems like someone deleted my point. Oh well, time to make it again. Put in a bit of effort on cleaning up your writing. English might be a second language for you, much like it is for me, and you might have dyslexia, same as me, but it's worth it to put in that extra little bit of dedication. Might be a matter of more discerning taste though (in case you missed it, I'm using an argument you previously made here) and there is no accounting for it. Your overuse of ellipses in your writing makes it difficult to read and puts people off on your message, although this might be intentional since then it's easier to write off critics as people who don't appreciate your particular brand of genius. Anyway, the point I was truly trying to preserve. The Empire in the original trilogy was clearly inspired by fascism and more specifically the Third Reich. From the cut of their uniforms to some of the language used, which is why we have stormtroopers. We also have Lucas word for it, so it's rather clear cut. On top of that their ruling ideology of "Humanity First" is pretty clearly fascist. It's an ideology of a strong central state, militarism, grandiosity, authoritarianism, expansionism, genocide and has a cult of personality slapped onto it for good measure. It's a textbook case of fascism. The reason it reminds you of the Roman Empire is because fascists love the Roman Empire, they almost always aspire at recreating their version of it. For the Italian Fascists that would be the OG Roman Empire, which they borrowed heavily from in terms of symbolism. In the case of the Third Reich they were more fond of old Holy Roman Empire stuff (fun fact, the HRE was another attempt at recreating the Roman Empire), since the Third part in the Third Reich means there were two before, second Reich which was the German Empire disbanded at the end of the Great War and the HRE being the first Reich. The reason why Hitler wanted the Third Reich to last for a thousand years is that the Roman Empire lasted for about that long (shorter or longer depending on how you define it). So yeah, pretty much any western Empire builder would go for the Roman Empire as their inspiration. Anyway, have fun. Although you seem to be against that concept among others, I still hope you can find some ray of enjoyment in this bleak horrible existance. There is more to life than ranting and raving on the internet, although I'm hardly one to preach considering this is the second iteration of this message.
  14. It gets crazier if you're a historian. They have been using the same system of writing on a galactic scale for at least 27 000 years. That's 23 000 more years than we have had written history on earth. That's 15 000 more years than we used agriculture. 27 000 years of recorded history is mind blowing, and it's not even the oldest points they can trace it back to. The Columi, who are still around, had a galactic civilization and traveled the stars 2 million years before a New Hope. 2 million years, that as if we found out that Homo Erectus actually had a advanced civilization , then decided to hide away in an antarctic base and then show up again fully capable of using their old stuff and translate all of their writings. It's insane, it's crazy. And the Columi aren't the first either. Which is why I tend to try to not think about it too much. Anyway, the point I was going to make is that as technology change and galactic disasters happen there is probably going to be abandonment of settlements, people forgetting their more advanced technology and then building over earlier sites again. This has happened several times on our world, it could probably happen in the SW galaxy as well. We can even see that it has happened, as the Infinite Empire proved to be anything but (although lasting for 10 000 years they're pretty impressive and again that means they lasted longer than we have had civilization here on earth), their tech was largely lost and the infrastructure they built up was left to rot. Since they were rather brutal and hated overlords there was probably also some taboos about mucking around with their things too much, nobody would want the Rakata to come back. So yeah, buildings and settlements would probably be abandoned for various reasons. Entire planets might be abandoned with cities on them being overgrown by fauna or destroyed by natural catastrophes only to have the planet be resettled 15 000 years later (which could mean one abandoned at the fall of the Infinite Empire gets resettled, that would make it 10 000 years old by ANH). So it would probably change a lot between different planets, some might have people living in buildings that have been kept up to date and renovated for millennia, but others might have lost track of where cities were located after a collapse of civilization and then built on top of a previous city.
  15. Darth Revenant

    Our GM has no Hope!

    Not to mention that they must have them to deal with the acceleration ships regularly pull off. 2300 G of acceleration would turn everyone on the ship into a paste otherwise. And that's the acceleration of a Star Destroyer which is not showed as being a very fast ship. Seriously that acceleration is absurd. An X-wing goes off at 3700 G, a glitch in the compensators would paste the pilot quite hard.