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  1. Darth Revenant

    Travelling on water

    Clearly the right option is a boat that's hovering above the water but traveling with a sail. Now that's the Star Wars way.
  2. Darth Revenant

    Jedi Order, 6000 years old?

    The cultures and langues of France has changed a lot over the centuries since Clovis founding. It has also split up several times into various smaller kingdoms. Like the three Frances they had after Charlemagne.
  3. Darth Revenant

    Can the clones breed?

    One of the Boba Fett comics has him and Jango chasing down a clone commando who went AWOL before the clone wars started, that guy did get together with a woman and have a child before he was chased down. Said cousin to Boba was then part of some later comics. They were pretty decent, but not really canon anymore. Add to that that we do see clones drinking, oogling ladies and generally getting rowdy while on leave at Coruscant and it does seem like the drive is still there alongside with some other social drives. So I would say clones can get kids and they do have the urge to get busy. No all of them will have a chance or feel it as hard as others, not all twins act the same way after all.
  4. Darth Revenant

    Jedi Order, 6000 years old?

    And 1806 as well as 1917 as well as 1919 depending a bit on who you ask.
  5. Darth Revenant

    A Crew In Need of a Ship

    Grand ain't it? It's not really a lore or rule based discussion until it happens. I worry though, they do seem a bit more agitated about it these days compared to when they started.
  6. Darth Revenant

    Group roles

    No real penalties. But you could slap some setbacks in if it feels like they're trying to do something rather complex that they're not trained for.
  7. Darth Revenant

    Old School Star Wars

    A Star Destroyer has 30 000 crew. I'm sure some of those are competent enough to simply brute force jam outgoing signals from the ship Leia is on. So it's not that the tech won't allow a transmission, it's that she can't. Try to find a logical solution for what you see. That way you might preserve your image of Lucas genius.
  8. Darth Revenant

    Crafting "time" question

    It's pretty much like you suggested, they do it in downtime or travel time occasions. Successes can also reduce the time quite heavily. And for the longer ones they can leave it half done at their workbench on the ship and then get back to it once they're done shooting people or whatever. Also remind them that even droids need downtime to reload, if the time says it takes 72 hours to build it, then that means 72 hours working on it, not just 3 days. So they may very well have to take 4 to 5 days to finish it depending on what else happens.
  9. Darth Revenant

    Capping stats at creation

    Personally I dislike the style of having as many 3's as possible. It leaves no real weak spot on your character and just makes you somewhat competent at everything. Which to me is just boring. As a player it's boring because there is nothing your character can't be somewhat competent at, so no need to ask your team for help or look for help. As a GM it's boring because that means there's no weak spots to exploit, not really much to be gained from forcing a split and hitting someone at the weak point and doesn't really open up for opportunities to give someone a chance to shine at their specialty. In short, to me it's boring.
  10. Darth Revenant

    Current Marvel comics

    Vader went from ok to good and then ended when it got interesting again. Aphra is consistently pretty entertaining with how awful a person she is, and the stuff meant to make he sympathetic just makes her seem even more awful. I love it. As for the main line, it goes from horribly cringe worthy to pretty ok at times. The time they spent on Mon Cala was pretty atrocious, Jedha was pretty bad as well. But Scar squadron shenanigans and some of the side characters are pretty neat. I just wish that they would stop trying to trace photos of the actors. All of the main cast look like dead eyed atrocious attempts at copying a real person. It makes the whole thing really off-putting. Especially when they try to convey any sort of emotions. Eugh, the faces are just terrible. Hopefully they overhaul the art style soon so it doesn't distract from the story. And they can throw CP-3O out into space as well, we wouldn't have to listen to the drivel that is his dialogue out in the vacuum of space.
  11. Darth Revenant

    Rerolling Seek Force Power Check

    Unless they have met said relevant NPC or item they're not likely to find it. You need more than just a name or a picture. Things also tend to move around, unless you have plenty of upgrades for the talent you can't keep track of something that's moving and move with it. It's also a power that is implied to take a bit of time. It's not like it gives you a super exact location either, you get a direction and a feeling for the distance. Not the exact spot they're at. You're still going to have to look for them once you're there.
  12. I have heard that one mentioned as a theater shield, used to shield a specific area. So it's the same sort of shield we see over the base in Rebels and the same type we see at the base on Hoth (although we have no real visual indicator for that shield). So you need ground forces to go through the shield to get in, and it seems like said ground forces need to have contact with the ground while making their way through the shield, so hovertanks or low altitude fliers can't get in. At least that's the way I would rule it if I was the GM. You can't just shoot your way through or fire missiles or whatever. Have to walk through the shield and then wreck the generator for it. Or slag the surrounding area hard enough to destabilize the ground under the shield and get it to swallow up the whole thing. But PC's are unlikely to have the firepower or time needed for such a thing.
  13. Darth Revenant

    Suggest Some Droid-Hostile Work Environments

    Places with loads of mynocks are perfect for Twi'Lek slaves. The pests make sure droids and electronics can't really work there since they snack on it, but Twi'leks can eat mynocks. So they make for a perfect work force there since they can forage for mynocks and still work there. How a carbon based life form can eat a silicon based life form and gain any source of nourishment from it is best left up to less sane minds, but the Rakata found a **** way to make it work. Or at least their AI did. The Rakata did a lot of weird stuff.
  14. Darth Revenant

    Buying capital ships

    Hutts would probably be fine with selling you a warship, some fellows in the corporate sectors could probably see the wisdom in handing one off to you as well. A hutt-clan would probably be your best bet for getting a sponsor to front you a ship. If you manage to win a ticket to the Granee Noopa and win the event then you're free to pretty much ask for whatever you want from your hutt patron. A Minstrel Star-Yacht is pretty good as a pocket capital ship that would work as a base for a small merc company. Or pirates. But why limit yourself to one way of morally questionable revenue?
  15. Shhhh, stop destroying my argument with facts.