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  1. Gank and the Cyber tech class is pretty much the way to go there. It will cost a lot of credits, but that way you can get an insane amount of cybernetics and do some pretty funky stuff with it.
  2. They were built by and designed by the Geonosians, commanded by Nemoidians. Those would be the ones to target for revenge. The droids just did what they were ordered to and programmed after all, they had no agency or will in the matter so no reason to want vengence against them.
  3. Not sure I agree with you in that having a character who lost their parents to a B1 isn't tragic or traumatic. You're someone who had your life devastated by a droid built by the lowest bidder to fight the wars of some far off kleptocrat. You didn't even matter enough for them to put in a proper effort at it. What's worse is that everyone else sees your parents killers as a bad joke. B1's can be made into something terrifying. The CIS did do a upgraded version of them as well, the B2 battle droids don't really need anything extra to make them terrifying.
  4. Most Narrativists I have played with have been totally ok with death, some times even suggesting it themselves or seeking it out. If it's a fitting moment for the character and a nice event in the larger narrative, they don't really care all that much. The narrative is after all bigger than any one character.
  5. It holds no real world value. But it can hold value in the eyes of the players. It can show them that the GM likes another person better, because that person can apparently hit all the right emotional notes the GM likes, they hog all the limelight in social situations and planning situations and they overachive in bringing extra stuff to the games. Other people might want to but unlike the player constantly getting lavished with praise, they haven't known the GM for 15 years and played with him before during those 15 years, they didn't attend theater school and they don't have a job or family lives that allow them the amount of free time needed to plow into the game. They're doing the best they can but apparently that's not good enough. Blatant favoritism can get the people who are not being favored to decide to not bother any more. After all, it's not like they can compete, so why even bother?
  6. Both can be pretty **** Batman. The Aggressor one is more of standing there in full view, stare them down and say "I'm the god **** Batman!" and have them freeze in fear and fight with less efficiency since they're afraid of the person they're fighting. Sentry is more about having enemies just nope out of the fight because there is something in the shadows and they're not paid enough to deal with this terror. They're both pretty fun, but I kind of prefer Aggressor since I specced warrior from the start, and if you were to go Steel Hand Adept together with Aggressor then you have a pretty solid Batman. That doesn't give you impossible fall though, and that one is just great fun to have.
  7. Guerilla. They're not a bunch of herbivorous primates from earth.
  8. In my experience players devolve into the kill-and-loot mindset when they don't feel any attachments to the story or NPCs in the story. When there is more interesting things to do than just killing fools, then a lot of people prefer that. Of course some people are just really bad at role playing and has little to no interest in that aspect, they're just there for the killing and the looting.
  9. I'm quite fond of using "The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some would consider to be ... unnatural." at opportune times, that one usually works quite well.
  10. It's clearly a slippery slope. But I really want that last cookie.
  11. It's not a +7 weapon. It's a 7 weapon. So the damage is always successes rolled on top of the 7. Brawn rating doesn't enter into it, that's just for the skill of hitting.
  12. Either the limb regrowth as the previous postrr said, or an extended shelf life. Most medicines go bad over time or need to be stored in certain conditions, having a form of Bacta that doesn't go bad would be quite valuable.
  13. Clearly the right option is a boat that's hovering above the water but traveling with a sail. Now that's the Star Wars way.
  14. The cultures and langues of France has changed a lot over the centuries since Clovis founding. It has also split up several times into various smaller kingdoms. Like the three Frances they had after Charlemagne.
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