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  1. If the SSD and RitR are officially released by August 18th, then they are legal for the Grand Championship at NOVA Open. This means NOVA is probably the first big tournament for all this new content-that will be a fun meta!
  2. UPDATE: Team Tournament is now SOLD OUT. You can sign up for the waiting list. There are still 22 seats for Day 1 of the Grand Championship, but only 9 seats left for Day 2. Pirate Furball is over half full, with just 15 seats left.
  3. FFG is in charge of the GC prizes, and I’ll know what those are when everyone else does. There will be prizes for the side events, but those depend on what we get from NOVA sponsors (including FFG). Aside from that, all I can say is there will be full prize support for all events, including crash prizes.
  4. In past years, FFG streamed a semifinal match and the final. However, that was when Worlds was at the FFG Game Center. Who knows with it at AdeptiCon. On the one hand, there’s no X-wing to hog all the stream time. On the other, they might not have space or bandwidth.
  5. There's a Buffalo Wild Wings near the convention center-that might make a good drinks/dinner place on Thursday night (or post-tournament celebration/toast to the champion on Friday night).
  6. For anyone still on the fence, half of the Grand Championship tickets are now sold! We still have plenty of seats for Pirate Furball, but only six left for the Team Tournament. Don't wait too long!
  7. Registration opens in four hours at 8PM EST! Go to the NOVA Open Store to sign up for the USGC and side events!
  8. There are now Facebook Event pages for the Team Tournament and Pirate Furball.
  9. Update on the Team Tournament: Each player must purchase an event ticket i(e, both players on the team). If you want to play and don't have a teammate, I will help you find one at the event.
  10. This is a brilliant idea I wish I came up with before I had to submit the primer. So, no official sub-competition, but I will certainly recognize (and maybe reward) the most pirate-looking fleet!
  11. Yes, Worlds moved from the Upper Midwest of the United States to the lower Upper Midwest of the United States. Instead of poutine, we shall dine on deep dish pizza!
  12. I assure you, NOVA Open has the utmost respect for Hondo, and also considers him a true friend. However, a pirate of Hondo’s considerable reputation warrants a considerable price for his services, and that is simply not within the meager budgets of newly eastablished pirate fleets. However, Hondo is tracking events in the Outer Rim very closely, as he is always attuned to potential profitable opportunities. Should events take a profitable turn, he may choose to join us at an opportune moment.
  13. No commanders, since they are all heros of the Rebellion or Empire, and would never sick so low as to be pirates (or they’re dead). Yes, squadron cap is 100 points. And no fleet command, since it’s unique, and those complex systems are way beyond the technical capability of Outer Rim Pirates. What respectable pirate wants to run a console when they could be in the middle of combat?
  14. Hi everyone, I'm the lead for Armada events at NOVA Open this year. We've got a full schedule, which you can sign up for starting March 1st. Full info on signup is in the latest NOVA Open newsletter. Details for all events are in the primers available here (if that link does not work, go to the 15 February newsletter and click the primer link there).Here's what we have planned: US Grand Championship Our premier event will be the 2019 US Grand Championship for Star Wars Armada. In addition to a wide variety of other prizes that will be announced at a later date, players who do well in a Grand Championship have the opportunity to win the following: The Top 4 players will all receive an invite to the next Star Wars: Armada World Championships. Starting in 2020, all FFG OP World Championships will be invitation-only for competitors, which means this prize will be heavily sought-after! The winner of the Grand Championship will also receive a free flight to Worlds. There will be two heats: Heat 1 is Thursday, August 29th. Heat 2 is Friday, August 30th. The top two from each heat and the next four finishers from both days by tournament points will qualify for the finals on Saturday, August 31st. These eight finalists will play three swiss rounds to determine the champion. Team Tournament The Armada Team Tournament is an alternative to the standard Armada tournament. It is played two on two, with 800 points on each side. This is your chance to break out an Executor-class Super Star Destroyer, fly multiple fully equipped Imperial Star Destroyers, or allow Admiral Ackbar to command multiple MC80 cruisers. This event will run on Saturday, August 31st, at the same time as the Finals. Each player will need to sign up as an individual. If you don't have a teammate, don't worry--I will help match players up at the event (just bring both factions unless you've already found a teammate). There will be three swiss rounds of 150 minutes each. Games of this scale require adjusted fleet building rules. When building your fleet with your teammate, you can choose one of two templates: * Super Star Destroyer: You are required to field one Executor-class Super Star Destroyer. You are limited to one fleet commander, but that commander’s ability applies to all ships in the fleet. Only three flotillas may be included. Squadron allocation is limited to 200 points. * MLU (Multiple Large Units): Each player builds a 400 point fleet. Each fleet must have a commander, and that commander’s ability applies ONLY to ships in that fleet. Each fleet MUST field at least one large-base ship and is limited to two flotillas. Squadron allocation for each fleet is capped at 100 points. Pirate Furball The Battle of Jakku is won. The Galactic Civil War is over. The Empire is no more. The Rebel Alliance is now the New Republic, and is demobilizing. For some, this means peace and prosperity, taking time to heal and rebuild, and building a new and just government that respects the rights of all sentient beings. For others, especially in the Outer Rim, this means CHEAP WEAPONS! Imperial depots are being emptied by corrupt quartermasters, Rebel ships are auctioned off...for all the new aspiring pirates, it’s never been a better time to outfit a small fleet! Our final event will be a new format we're calling Pirate Furball. Here are the basics: Fleet Points: 300 Ship Restrictions: No unique upgrades (including titles), no faction limited upgrades, only one upgrade per ship. Only small or medium base ships allowed. Flotillas are allowed, but limited to two. Squadrons: No unique squadrons Factions: Players may build fleets with ships and squadrons from both factions. Objectives: objectives will be provided by the TO Play area: 3x3 Time: 90 minute rounds, 4 rounds That's all the basics. Please feel free to ask questions. Seats are limited, so make sure you sign up for the NOVA Open newsletter for the latest news on registration. I hope to see a lot of you there!
  15. Those responsible for sacking the writers have been sacked. The news articles will now be written by llamas.
  16. I feel sorry for anyone from Wyoming
  17. According the the S.C. thread, the Games Cube S.C. in Parramatta is supposed to be on 4 August, but I don’t see anything listed on the Games Cube FB page or website. Is this S.C. happening that day? If so I might come up from Canberra
  18. If your at Worlds and want to play in the team event, I need a partner. I can do Rebels or Imperials
  19. I was one of those players. I was wrong...so very wrong...wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong....
  20. I tried to get tickets today, but when the show clix site went live, the only number of tickets I could select from the drop down was “0”. After a few minutes, it changed to sold out. I’ll try again on April 10th, but this system seem so to keep having problems.
  21. No, the Interdictor was a powerhouse. The Sloan Aces would strip tokens, and then the Interdictor would put out consistent damage while surviving close in barrages. The Dcap+HIE combo shreds shields fast, and the just poured damage onto the hull. The Maarek-Jendon Combo did effective work, especially stripping brace tokens. It was amazing to see how much damage the ‘dictor shrugged off between scramblers, Brunson, and engineering.
  22. No ticket for me...fingers crossed for second chance sale.
  23. I’m going to be in Canberra for most of August for work, and I was hoping to play in a tournament while there and meet more members of this great community. For a big enough tournament, I’m willing to go to Sydney or Melbourne. Is anything scheduled?
  24. I've flown Ackbar Defiance against Avenger BT three times: Match 1: I was player 2, he chose Advanced Gunnery, and tried to fly through my side arc, giving no me a full double broadside into his rear. Avenger dead at end of turn 2. Match 3: This was a double ISD build, both with BT, but no squadrons. Avenger got the BT off, and the attack took away all shields on the side and put a few damage cards through. My broadside reply and squadron attacks then killed Avenger and I sailed away from the other ISD for the win. Match 3: Another double ISD build with flotillas, no squadrons. I had engine techs on Defiance, so I stacked Nav commands all game, effectively making Defiance speed 3. I made him chase me, which led to Avenger getting stuck behind his other ISD. I killed the other ISD and flew away and out of Avenger's arc on turn 5. Match win. An MC-80 with Engine Techs can outmaneuver an ISD-you just have to stack those Nav commands. I find Nav is usually the best command-it helps you line up more shots (thus helping offense more than CF) and can help you evade shots by getting out of arc or range (helping defense more than engineering). Avenger BT is powerful, but I don't think it's OP. It can be defeated through better maneuvering and careful choice of objective. That's why it didn't do well at Nationals.
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