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  1. Registration is now open! Sector Fleet is already sold out, but if you really want to play just put your name on the waiting list. I expect we will pull a few people from the list, either due to drops or if some tables become available.
  2. NOVA Open has even more Armada on the schedule this year! The main event is the Grand Championship, but we also have a Sector Fleet tournament, a Rebellion in the Rim campaign, and the return of Pirate Furball! NOVA Open 2020 runs from Wednesday, September 2nd to Sunday, September 6th at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, Virginia. Registration opens on March 1st on the NOVA Open store. Armada Grand Championship: We will once again play two heats over two days before cutting to the top 16. Day One is Thursday, September 3rd and Day Two is Friday, September 4th. There are 36 seats available each day. The top four from each day plus the next eight from both days by tournament points and MOV will play in the finals on Saturday, September 5th. Each day will be four rounds of swiss. Sector Fleet Tournament: Want to play with a larger fleet? Saturday, September 5th, 600 points a side. Rebellion in the Rim Campaign: New this year is a RitR mini-campaign! This will be played on the evenings of Friday and Saturday, with the Pivotal Battle on Sunday. We have 12 slots and will form 4 teams of three players each. More info is in the event primer. Pirate Furball: It’s back! It’s only event where you can mix and match ships from both factions. 300 points, small and medium ships only, one upgrade per ship, no unique or faction specific upgrades. We will provide custom objectives. Full details are in the official event primer. Registration for the 2020 NOVA Open starts on March 1st on the NOVA Open Store site. The full event descriptions and schedule are in the event primer. Hope to see you all there! Links: NOVA Open Store: https://novaopenstore.com/ NOVA Open: http://www.novaopen.com/ Armada Event Primer: https://novaopen.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/EVMB5OtaNqhPnU7z_lbDxi4B2cgV1Hkn97WXsXip2PnXcg?e=LH7hLr Hyatt Regency: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/virginia/hyatt-regency-crystal-city-at-reagan-national-airport/wasrc
  3. If it’s the same as last year, then they will use the 800 point two on two sector fleet rules. Each team is two 400 point fleets with separate commanders.
  4. Disney doesn't make toys and games. It's far more profitable for them to license their IP to companies that do make those things-that way it's all reward and no risk for Disney. If a product fails to sell, the licensor loses money, not Disney. Disney+ is a bit different-that's distribution of their core product, their content.
  5. As promised, here are the objectives we used for this side event. We played 4 90 minute rounds. For the most part, all of them played very well, with the exception of Convoy raid. I've copied it below unaltered, but I recommend making one key change: all the convoy freighters should activate between the end of the ship phase and start of squadron phase. Letting the controlling player use them as an activation caused some problems in actual gameplay. The event was a lot of fun, and might make a return next year (but probably with different objectives). King of the Pirates (First Place): Nick Litrenta Lovable Rogue Pretending to be a Pirate: Greg Whitaker (flew an all-Rebel fleet of TRC90s and YT-2400s) I Like to Shoot From a Distance (most red dice): Stepehen Ferrara “The better it looks, the better it flies, the better it shoots”: Weston Schrieber “I thought this was a good idea”(came in last place): Eric Kasaukas No such thing as too much firepower (most black dice): Jerry Hernanadez “Bring me my brown pants” (worst single game loss): Jason Dedrick Round 1: Turf Incursion Obstacles: Standard Setup: The Second player places one Unarmed Station in the play area beyond Distance 5 of all edges. All obstacles must be at least Distance 3 from the station and distance 1 from each other. Deployment: The second player MUST deploy all ships and squadrons on or at Range 1-2 of the station. End of Game: The first player adds 75 points to their score if the station is destroyed. If the station survives, the second player adds 75 points. Round 2: Station Raid Obstacles: Standard Setup: Place the station in the center of the play area, and then place 4 objective tokens on it. Place all obstacles as normal. Special Rule: When a ship lands on the station, it may claim one objective token. Some part of the ship base MUST overlap the station to count as landing. While a ship is on the station, it may not attack. The objective token is then placed on the ship base. If the ship is destroyed, the token is removed from play. End of Game: Add 50 points to your score for each objective token held by a ship. Round 3: Convoy Raid Obstacles: Two dust clouds, six asteroids (each player contributes three), two debris fields, no station. Convoy Freighters: Three extra flotilla units are required for this objective. GR-75, Gozantis, or custom units may be used. These flotillas represent the Freighter Convoy. Ship Stats: Anti Ship: 0, Anti Squad: 0, Shields: 1 per hull zone; Hull: 3, Defense Tokens: 1 Scatter, 1 Evade, Commands: Navigate, Engineering Navigation: Speed 1, 2 yaw clicks; Speed 2: First Joint 1 Yaw, Second Joint: 2 Yaw Setup: Place all obstacles as normal, including the dust clouds, at least distance 2 from all edges. Obstacles may be placed in deployment zones. First Player uses standard deployment zone size. Second Player deployment zone is range 4 from their edge and extends to the side edges. Second Player deploys the 3 Convoy Freighters AFTER all other ships and squadrons are deployed. Convoy Freighters may be placed anywhere within Range 2 of the Second Player’s deployed ships. Special Rules: Second Player has initial control over the Convoy Freighters. Players may activate freighters under their control instead of their standard activations. Freighters do not count as Friendly to anyone and can only resolve Navigate and Engineering command dials/tokens. Players cannot resolve critical effects against freighters and behave like flotillas if overlapped. Capturing Freighters: A player may capture a freighter from the other player by spending a squadron command dial from a ship that activates within Range 1 of a freighter controlled by the opposing player. End of Game: Each player receives 60 victory points for each freighter under their control at the end of the game. Round 4: Rescue Hondo! Legendary pirate, renowned smuggler, and a true friend to all Hondo Ohnaka is in trouble. In what can only be described as an extreme overreaction to a small discrepancy in the quantity of goods delivered, Hondo has been taken hostage by the once great, but now rapidly fading, criminal syndicate Black Sun. Word has gone out to all the new aspiring pirates in the Outer Rim: Hondo is in trouble, and whoever rescues him will earn his eternal gratitude and mentorship, access to his extensive network of underworld contacts and secret hiding spots. Oh, he also owes you money. Quite a bit of money. Obstacles: Six Asteroids, four debris fields. Setup: Place the station in the center of the play area. This is an Armed Station. Place one objective token on the station. This token represents Hondo. The Armed Station has the following stats: Attack Dice: 4 Blue; Anti-Squad: 2 Blue, Shields: 8 Players alternate placing obstacles starting with Second Player. Obstacles must be placed at least Distance 3 from the station and Distance 1 from each other. Special Rules: Station Attacks: At the end of each round, the station MUST attack all ships and squadrons within range. It cannot attack ships or squadrons that are on the station. The station can resolve the standard critical effect and accuracies as determined by the opposing player. When attacking a ship, if the station has range and LOS to multiple hull zones than the opposing player selects the hull zone to attack. LOS and range are determined by the closest point of the station. Disabling Station: Once all shields are depleted the station is DISABLED. Once disabled, it may be boarded to RESCUE HONDO (see below). Rescuing Hondo: In order to claim Hondo’s token, a ship must land on the station. If it survives, it may claim the token when it reveals its command dial during the next turn. Ships on the station cannot attack or be attacked by other ships on the station. However, ships on the station may be attacked by ships and squadrons NOT on the station. If a ship leaves the station with Hondo’s token but is destroyed, the token is placed in the play area within Distance 1 of the destroyed ship by the player whose ship was destroyed. It may be claimed by another ship when it reveals a command dial within Distance 1 of the token. End of Game: Whoever owns the ship with Hondo’s token at the end of the game scores 75 VP. If Hondo’s token was claimed from the station, but left in the play area, then whoever destroyed the last ship to hold the token loses 75 VP. If Hondo is still on the station then both players score 0 VP for the match.
  6. Final standings from the 2019 Star Wars Armada Grand Championship at NOVA Open! Matthew Ansley is the winner with his Thrawn-Kuat throat punch. Matt, Paul Tomashevskiy, Nick Litrenta, and Jeremy Gaudreau secured invitation to Worlds 2020. NOVA GC Finals Rank First name Last name Total points Margin of Victory Strength of Schedule Extended Strength of Schedule Faction 1. Matt Ansley 25 710 5.44444 6.00000 Imperial 2. Nick Litrenta 20 580 5.22222 5.70370 Imperial 3. Paul Tomashevskiy 20 186 6.00000 5.44444 Imperial 4. Jeremy Gaudreau 18 421 6.22222 5.48148 Imperial 5. Adam Newton 16 227 5.44444 5.22222 Rebel 6. Kevin Connors 13 182 5.44444 5.22222 Imperial 7. Mike Josselyn 11 133 5.77778 5.37037 Imperial 8. Joseph Schofield 9 0 4.44444 5.55556 Rebel
  7. Standings after 2 rounda NOVA GC Finals Rank First name Last name Total points Margin of Victory Strength of Schedule Extended Strength of Schedule Faction 1. Matt Ansley 20 710 3.55556 4.22222 Imperial 2. Paul Tomashevskiy 14 159 4.22222 3.55556 Imperial 3. Adam Newton 13 227 3.55556 3.40741 Rebel 4. Nick Litrenta 12 394 3.11111 3.85185 Imperial 5. Jeremy Gaudreau 10 221 4.44444 3.55556 Imperial 6. Mike Josselyn 8 133 4.00000 3.62963 Imperial 7. Joseph Schofield 6 0 2.88889 3.70370 Rebel 8. Kevin Connors 5 0 3.55556 3.40741 Imperial
  8. Standings after round 1 1. Matt Ansley 10 400 2.50000 3.00000 Imperial 2. Adam Newton 9 227 2.25000 2.87500 Rebel 3. Jeremy Gaudreau 9 221 3.00000 2.87500 Imperial 4. Paul Tomashevskiy 7 70 3.25000 2.25000 Imperial 5. Kevin Connors 4 0 2.25000 3.25000 Imperial 6. Nick Litrenta 2 0 3.25000 2.62500 Imperial 7. Joseph Schofield 2 0 2.50000 2.62500 Rebel 8. Mike Josselyn 1 0 3.00000 2.50000 Imperial
  9. Lists! Objectives withheld because competition is still ongoing Paul Tomashevskiy's Jerry SSD Matt Ansley's Thrawn fleet with the only ship Thrawn should ever be on Nick Litrenta's Thrawn 2-Ship Kevin Connors' Sloane 2-Ship Jeremy Gaudreau's Sloane Interdictor Mike Josselyn's Sloane with Vader on a Raider Adam Newton's Ackbar Airforce Joe Schofield's Sato MC75-Hammerhead mini swarm
  10. Here's who's playing in the morning. Format is three rounds of swiss. All scores reset. 1. Paul Tomashevskiy - 39 points, 1208 MOV 2. Matt Ansley - 39 points, 1001 MOV 3. Nick Litrenta - 39 points, 1001 MOV 4. Kevin Connors - 38 points, 921 MOV 5. Jeremy Gaudreau - 35 points, 740 MOV 6. Mike Josselyn - 35 points, 567 MOV 7. Adam Newton - 34 points, 795 MOV 8. Joseph Schofield - 33 points, 725 MOV List details will be posted tomorrow.
  11. final standings after round 5
  12. Standings headed into round 5
  13. Standings after 3 rounds. SSD remains at top of the standings.
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