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  1. These lists are very interesting. I would feel like playing this in extended: Latts Razzi (59) 0-0-0 (5) Unkar Plutt (2) Bossk (64) BT-1 (2) Fenn Rau (68) Total: 200 or this in hyperspace (when the YV-666 willl be legal): Trandoshan Slaver (54) Lando Calrissian (Scum) (8) Latts Razzi (59) Jabba the Hutt (6) Contraband Cybernetics (3) Fenn Rau (68) Total: 198
  2. The version that, at least on paper, makes me feel more confident is the really versatile one with A, C and D. these three ships work synergically and have the chance of always having at least one token (even when they do a k or a S turn) and the leverage given by IGD's ability makes it really hard, for the opponent, to make them bump the moment they decide to turn around. I have high expectations for thislist and will do some tests in the next few days.
  3. Hi @Sixter, I waited a while to reply to this post because I wanted to try the list. The basic setting in my opinion was very interesting, but trying your version I came to make some changes and they are the following: Old-IG (199) Old Teroch — Fang Fighter 56 Fearless 3 Ship Total: 59 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 2 IG-88B — Aggressor Assault Fighter 65 Tractor Beam 2 IG-2000 1 Ship Total: 68 Half Points: 34 Threshold: 4 IG-88C — Aggressor Assault Fighter 66 Ion Cannon 5 IG-2000 1 Ship Total: 72 Half Points: 36 Threshold: 4 first of all I replaced IG D with C (It seemed to me that the chance of boosting aiming for a bump or simply to shorten the distance in order to get an evade was more useful, considering how I play). Still, I won’t deny that even the unpredictability of my Segnor's / tallon and k-turn impressed my adversaries. The other two variables are putting fearless on Teroch (I think there is no need to explain the reason why) and playing two a-symmetrical IGs, one with tractor and the other with the ion cannon. This allowed me to play good games and to optimize the damages I inflicted, not only by assigning ion tokens, but also by increasing the damage done by second Ig. All of this not considering the advantage given by the chance of repositioning the opponent’s ship on an asteroid. I am still waiting for the change of points to see if I will be able to improve something in the upgrades or if the Scum will simply succeed in bringing back the IGs to the meta. As far as the games played with the various lists in meta are concerned: the game that gave me the most of satisfaction was against rebel beef, where between Teroch, tractor and Ion beams the poor bwings didn't have an easy life. At the end I came out as the winner with a nice 70 - 200.
  4. The list is very interesting and l'd like to know it did on the mat. As far as l'm concerned, the advice that @Oldpara has given you is excellent, not only because it optimize Viktor's power, but also because it allows one additional defense die to the other ships too. (with 6 asteroids/debris on the mat and 2 large-based ships, the defense bonus it's likely to be used very often ) P.S. : do we know something new regarding the dark side powers? Will Asajj be really able to use them or will we have to wait until new year to know more?
  5. I've been usng this squad for a while now and l find it quite reliable. I'ave used it for the ITC (italian team Championship) and anded whith a personal score 4-2. while the team ranked 4th out 26. More recently l took it to one of ur regionals, too, and made it to the top 8. Here's also a link to some observations l made in the pre-faq list: Matt
  6. Matt_08


    Thank you for your comment. Yes, surely with this setup the firespray is not very offensive, but, as you suggested, its task is to gain some control over the game. I agree with you when you say that "firespray is a mediocre model", but this setting allows you to spare the focus during the attack phase (thanks to Ig’s re-roll) in order to spend it while defending. Speaking of the ion cannon, I agree with you only partially, and here’s why: The meta that this squad is going to face consists mainly of lists with few defense dices (like rebels and scum), but the most important thing is that it allows you to face the Nyms, which are a hit right now on the mat. As far as the empire is concerned, every match will be really hard and we have to rely much more on the range of IG's maneuvers and ability with the aim to make the imperials use up all their markers or to assign them an ion at the right time. With regard to large ships like Yt-1300, Tu-2400, Jump and Decimator the only ones that bother me are the last two, even if they have to tackle Boba's ions, that in most games will move for second. And hereis where I support your proposal to play at 98. (usually yt-1300/2400 play at 100 while Decimator & Co. at 99/98) The only doubts I have left for the tournament this week are the following: Rigged Cargo Chute on Bob? Yes, no, why? Vet Instincts about Crackshot are IG? Yes, no, why? Revise the composition of IG to focus more on the control factor Now let’s talk about your list: I like it a lot, but I'd like to modify some changes you've made to the firespray, like: -Tactician: It's definitely still a very strong card but if you want to bet on a more offensive firespray, I'll change it with Cad Bane. True is that you’ll loose the control factor, but you will be gaining the chance to relaunch the dices for the bombs, which is not to be underestimated. -Rigged Cargo Chute: in order to spare 1 point and play at 99. This is how I would try it: Boba Fett (49) -Veteran Instincts -Bomblet Generator -Cad Bane -Engine Upgrade This way you’ll have a kind of Nym that, paradoxically, has a greater defensive capability. Of course, you don’t get advanced sensor, but you can’t have it all. Matt
  7. While we are waiting for the FAQ. Do you think Firespray and IG can ever be played again? I believe so, so I want to re-introduce to you an old duo, modified accordingly to the standards of the current meta. Boba-88 (99) •Boba Fett (49) - Firespray-31 Veteran Instincts (1), Ion Cannon (3), •IG-88D (1), Rigged Cargo Chute (1), Engine Upgrade (4) •IG88-B (50) - Aggressor Veteran Instincts (1), Fire Control System (2), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Glitterstim (2), IG-2000 (0), Autothrusters (2) Veteran Instincts: the decision to play this card here is based on the fact that in the current meta the PS is gaining a lot of importance. By playing Boba and Ig at ps 10 and 8 we get the chance to move (when the adversary has the initiative) second. In particular, the importance of this leverage will become evident in matchups against Miranda and Nym, where the ability to adjust oneself and then fire with the ion cannon will allow us to keep them under control. On the other hand ,In the matchups against empire and scum the control given from the ion cannon won’t be that relevant. NB:The worst pairings you can find are those with alfa-imperials and jump. Unfortunately I haven’t tested it against these two lists yet, still I can already tell you that, on paper, we definitely don’t have the upper hand. Matt
  8. Yes, I tried to relaunch the discussion with a new post. Thanks again for the feed and do not worry, even an amateur player's ratings help improve
  9. Since the first post didn't raise any interest, I'll try with this: Nerfattanni (99) Asajj Ventress (40) - Lancer-class Pursuit Craft Attanni Mindlink (1), Latts Razzi (2) Fenn Rau (32) - Protectorate Starfighter Attanni Mindlink (1), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2) Thweek (27) - StarViper StarViper Mk.II (-3), Autothrusters (2) I've been trying this list for a while now, and I must say that the first tests were satisfactory. The chance to play at 99 and thweek's versatility allow me to get the most out of the initiative. The only poblem is that, by renouncing to the third ship for attanni, it's necessary to handle the Asajj-fen game differently (and more wisely), using Asajj as a real bridgehead. What do you think about it? The only change I've come up with is that of removing the title from fen and adding the gyro to asajj to optimize its actions, thus playing at 100. Even so, the way of playing both pieces changes drastically
  10. Guys, as the title says, the pac Guns for Hire and its connected fixes for the now forgotten Kihraxz and Viper could make it possible for these ships to gain a place for themselves in the post FAQ meta? moreover, could a pilot like Thweek ever be able to be used in a competitive formation, taking into consideration his great adaptability? Thank you all in advance, Matt
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