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  1. No idea for the Fugitives pack, but the Phoenix pack is 100% containing an A-Wing. I, personally, would like to see a Nabbed TIE/ln in there as well, probably with new pilots. So I predict the Phoenix pack will hah 1 A-wing, 1 Stolen TIE and a Y-Wing, cause they stole some of them as well. Skystrike will probably have a Bomber and an Interceptor with new pilots, with something else to round it out. I'd say a Sentinel Shuttle, but I don't think they've done one of those yet, so I'll guess that it'll be an Inquisitor TIE Advanced instead.
  2. I'd say that the GAR would get blue lines, like their guns, and the CIS would get yellow lines as it's the only one of the main 4 colours not yet used in that case.
  3. Gotta save some stuff for later fighter packs.
  4. Republic will probably have: Y-Wing (Bomber) ARC-170 (Escort) Eta-2 Actis (Interceptor) Clone Z-95 (Cheep Fighter)
  5. The AT-TE would probably be using a similar base to the occupier tank, just height wise closer to the AT-ST model we already have.
  6. Due to FFG mentioning that the standard unit leader is Seyn Marana, this version of Inferno Squad is from the Rogue One time period.
  7. Indy_com

    Radiation Cannon

    Unless the trooper is also a droid, 'cause they can't get poisoned IIRC
  8. When is Adepticon again?
  9. Looking at the Image of the Profundity in the corner, these images are blown up in size so we can see them better. We know what the main MC75 looks like, so it's off in the corner. Personally, of all of those, I like the A type most, bar the R1 version. It looks more sleek
  10. As a guess, the GAR AT-RT will probably have similar hardpoints to the rebel version, but they'll likely be a bit better keyword and/or dice wise since they're new and haven't been rusting away/raided for spares before the Rebels got them. As for the AT-RT itself, it'll probably still have full armour and white defense but the weapon the rider has will certainly be different and I wouldn't say it's out of the ballpark that this thing has Agile X.
  11. There's no official weapon name for the multiple infantry grenade launchers in DICEs Battlefront. FFG gave them a name. Also the mortar is something they just pulled into existence, mostly because they decided Wiess had one back in IA and just went "Now here's an infantry version"
  12. You were first, yes. But now Task Force is an official format you need to let go. Or at least change your's to "Blerg's Task Force Format". I made stats for a Super Star Destroyer before FFG released their official one. That doesn't mean I get to go around telling people to only refer to my version 'cause I posted it first.
  13. Here's a point: You can shoot through modern infantry armour with a recurve bow. The shortbows of the Ewoks could easily penetrate what is effectively laser absorbing plastic. Also, regarding Ewoks in Legion, they should be a Corps unit.
  14. Firstly, FFG were given the opportunity with this game to name a number of SW guns that appeared but we're unnamed. Secondly, the Shore trooper mortar is FFG original. Thirdly, can we just lay this thread to rest now? It's concerning newcomers.
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