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  1. This is the point. Disney seem to be trying to move away from all members of a species doing identical things. The Ewok slicer is an example of this.
  2. To everyone in this thread complaining about the whole "One Species, One Job" thing: Ewoks are apparently expert slicers in new canon. Make of that what you will.
  3. If Saw's Partisans become a unit, then Riot Control Troopers would have an actual excuse to be added.
  4. Indy_com

    Happy National Dewback Day!!!

    @DewbackScout TauntaunScout is stealing your spotlight!
  5. Indy_com

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    Movie Plot Armour didn't save Jyn or Cassian...
  6. Indy_com

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    Prometheus School of Running Away from Things
  7. Indy_com

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    This is why he needs Guards.
  8. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/19/architect-of-terror/
  9. Indy_com

    Next Imperial Corps and Support Speculation

    I think what Taiowaa means is that, bar the AT-RT, all vehicles the Rebels have are Repulsors and, bar the Speeder Bike, all Imperial vehicles are Ground units. I personally think that the Tauntaun is more like the Emplacements, due to it technically being a trooper, so the Imperials should get their own animal support trooper. I do think however that the next Vehicle for each faction will be a ground unit for the Rebels and a Repulsor for the Imperials.
  10. INB4 "Bothans" is a collective term for a specific systems Rebel Cell.
  11. Indy_com

    Painting furry snow lizards

    IIRC, at least one canon source points out that Endor has a massive barren mountain range at its equator where the conditions were so bad the empire gave up trying to build the shield generating bunker on it.
  12. Indy_com

    Star Wars Inspiration Art

    Luuuuke is a large spoiler for Ep. IX
  13. Those are Palpatine's personally funded vaporators that he installed himself as a side project during the CW era.
  14. Now that the Echo Base Troopers (Rebel Veterans) have been announced, I was wondering exactly how many types of Corps/Spec-Ops the Rebels have left. The only ones I can think of are Grounded Rebel Pilots, Rebel Jetpack Troopers, Bespin's Wing Guard, the Desert Troopers and (at a stretch) Saw Gerrera's Partisans. If there are any other kinds of rebel "infantry" that could be used, feel free to mention them. Image of the Desert Trooper: