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  1. 2 thoughts: Firstly, order bonuses. Say "Weeguay Pirates" are a Corps in this "Scum" faction, they'd have a new keyword called "Loyalty: _____" where the blank is filled by a specific commander's name, Hondo's in this case. When the Weequay Pirate are issued an order, if it came from the unit named in the Loyalty keyword, they get either an aim or a dodge token upon activating. Which of the two tokens would be chosen by the player controlling the activating unit. Secondly, a keyword called "Nemesis: ______" where the blank is filled by another unit's name. This keyword would be like "AI: Attack" but the attack is performed against the unit named in the Nemesis keyword, providing an attack is possible. So both Tusken Raiders and Jawas have the Nemesis keyword naming each other and, if not given an order, will attack them even if they're both on the same team.
  2. Here's 3 ways to thematically put Shoretroopers on Crait: 1) There's a ton salt on Crait, so there must bea large body of water on the planet somewhere. Therefore, the Shoretroopers were meant to be deployed there, but were rerouted to the current battle. 2) The empire are using Shoretroopers as make-shift Mountain Infantry as their armour is suitable for climbing steep hills. 3) A shuttle/escape pod carrying Shoretroopers crash-landed nearby and the surviving occupants joined in the nearby fight. There's 1 easy way for Bikes to thematically be on Crait: 1) Crait is mostly large flat salt plains, and the Bikes would be at home on a large, flat open area. There's 2 ways to thematically have Snowtroopers on Endor: 1) They were called in from one of Endor's Mountain Ranges and haven't had time to change equipment. 2) A shuttle/escape pod carrying Snowtroopers crash-landed nearby and the surviving occupants joined in the nearby fight.
  3. Having "Merc" units could work, provided there's some form of limit on numbers Say, no more that 2 "Merc" units in a list and you cannot have your only Commander be a "Merc"
  4. That's the least spotted new trooper type from R1 The Imperial Chonk Trooper
  5. The Queen's football, rather than Rip-off Rugby "Football"
  6. Firstly, Modern Coca-Cola is far too sweet for my taste, so I mostly drink Diet anyway. Secondly, I drink more Pepsi than Coke, and even then it's mostly diet. Thirdly, I was unaware that the Classic, Cocaine-filled Coca-Cola tasted like wet grass. That's useful triva so thanks for informing me.
  7. I drink Coca-cola too! So, using Coca-cola, I'll explain my feelings for TLJ:
  8. Only things we know are that it has a hatchet-shaped front and is made of recycled Star Destroyer parts. Therefore, I'd guess they look like a scaled down Legends Eclipse. Basically this: but smaller with New Republic markings.
  9. Why would the movie be called "Rise of Skywalker" if the only character who has a bloodlink to the Skywalkers (Kylo Ren) doesn't rise?
  10. Combined with previously known stuff and models on display at SWCelebration, there's stuff there that could fill out at least the base for a First Order faction. We'll see Sequel Trilogy dewbacks sooner or later.
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