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  1. In Germany they will be delayed, said Asmodee via Facebook. But hey, they told us!
  2. You could try facebook as well: Facebook-Link Guy's name is Thorsten Asal, I wrote a comment on his search already. Edit: there's a 2nd group on Facebook
  3. Actually there was a guy searching on facebook for buddies in Kaiserlautern. I pinged Veggie for him as well, I could try to get you two together.
  4. If you compare the size of the debris tokens/ships on debris tokens they don't match real sizes at all. Plus, remember the range of the scale varies.
  5. You're friends with the ssd? O.O
  6. Wanted to do a similar thing, maybe a bit more thrilled in the title. Sth. like "woohoo, they did it!!"
  7. M pretty sure it's a quasar light carrier for wimps and double hammerhead for rebs. Just an educated guess, though.
  8. Done as well. Twice actually, as it seems I could do it with my google-account as well as my 100-years-old-never-used-standard-account. Thx for your work, dude!
  9. Which still doesn't concern FFG as long as they're selling SSDs. A friend of mine isn't playing Armada at all bit pre ordered one just for the shelf.
  10. Big applause from me as well, @tokra ! Well played!
  11. Hey, come on, guys! It's Star Wars, it's Armada, its gonna be totally awesome! Period. as mentioned, new objectives will be a blast, there are space worms (sporms) and space whales (spales), how cool can that be. They're gonna eat your ships/squads! so much fun! Ok, you got me. Totally hyped.
  12. Ok, thanks. Hadn't that up in mind.
  13. Does that not mean that points are added up over both days? Edit: we had problems pairing top players as they tend to play against each other quite quickly. On the final round I think it was 6 or 7 tables that had to be re-paired.
  14. But 7 consecutive rounds plus a top2-cut sounds really strange. We had that on Euros 2017 (with top4, though) and were struggling to pair players properly starting round 5. 😕 2 groups on day 1 would at least avoid the repairing process and you could go consecutive on day 2.
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