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  1. But just buy enough dials then. It saves everybody Else a lot of waste. Mother Nature sends her regards! I might even send care package, if you want. 😉
  2. But they could buy as much bases as needed, no big deal...
  3. I'd love that idea of excluding dials from the Boxen as they just take up space, but wonder why they don't do that with bases as well in that's the case. Maybe just see how it's working out...
  4. He's from Germany, after all. What do you expect.
  5. There You go: https://asmodee.de/news/neue-spiele-sind-auf-dem-weg-95?fbclid=IwAR3GOL3TtmWyX9qqNR_KoLAbjbZ_n4cuLBTeU0z8I4vlNfZXdWj5_J5p3-w
  6. Siegen will take place around late February. But it's still in planning...
  7. Maybe that is exactly the point here. All they need to do is define keywords. Was that point maybe even the trigger for the faq-entry for screed?
  8. Can't help but I always sing the thread title to the tune of an all-time favourite Canadian childhood commercial from HIMYM: let's go to the mall... Now together: starhawk on the boat.
  9. That is the work of the filthy rebel scum...
  10. Asmodee Germany put an announcement at Facebook (called "Lila Laster" ) that RitR will be available next week.
  11. Siegen is in planning phase already. Will be late February most likely.
  12. SSDh Piett went 6th (15 points, MoV 80)
  13. Reprints tended to be round about once a year, so just be patient. And mind that the upcoming page isn't up to date most of the time and things tend to pop up being in stores quicker than you might think.
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