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  1. We've had a very small amount of product in the uk, I've literally only got the core set. Cant get any of the expansions. People are liking the game, but lack of product support promotes lack of interest. It does my head in, we keep seeing new expansions being announced, but no product from the last release. I know FFG does this regualry, but this has been worse because of the amount of interest in the game. They really need to look at the sales team because they will lose people. Failure to support product and failure tie up contracts (nettruner) will kill the company off imo. It's got a good rep for creating amazing games, but a really bad rep for lack of support to its customers.
  2. I'm not sure. If it's an LCG yes, if it's a CCG most defiantly not. I like to know what I'm buying. CCGs are pretty much buy to win, with a big singles market, Paying silly money for a single card. ANR was pretty much a 10 bucks a month game, another reason I played it, it was a cheap game. I played SW destiny and was constantly spending over the odds for a piece of card and opening packs that were pretty useless. If you wanted to play a tournament you would have to spend alot. With the LCG, it was cheap and we all had the same stuff at an affordable price. It created a much better feeling for the game and community. LCGs= Who's the best at the game, CCGs=who's spent the most to win this game.
  3. I Wouldn't buy it if it was a CCG, sod that, I like to no what I'm buying.
  4. Is it good though? At our local game store no-one plays it. Would I need x 3 cores and then all the packs to catch up, alot of money. I'm now sceptical about buying into any game after this. I'm annoyed as it's the one social avenue I have that gets me away from everything and to do something I enjoy. They've killed that over night. Our local community was growing with ANR.....Feel cheated
  5. I got into ANR when the revised core came out, bought creation and control, terminal directive then went forward with kitara cycle. Loved the game. After watching the Boggs interviews on team covenant and hearing how Boggs wanted to move the game forward I feel cheated. They knew the contract was up, so have they just chucked out a revised core, a cycle to get a few more bucks out fans of the game before they lose it. I love the game, but it's dead now. I don't play anything else so giving it all up. If I was to play another game where do you start? Buying stuff from previous cycles or waves, just for it all to end like netrunner at the drop of a hat. I'd want to start a new LCG from scratch, but nothing in the pipeline that we no of so my hobby allowence money will go elsewhere. Gutted
  6. Thank you everyone for the comments. I like the sound of it so will pick up a core. Also liking the sound of Arkham horror for solo play.
  7. Hi everyone. I’ve been playing SW destiny and netrunner, but I can more often than my gaming buddy so was thinking of getting the lord of the rings card game. Is it any good for single player and is it a really hard game to play? Cheers
  8. Hi, i played netrunner last night for tge first time with the new revised core. I was weyland corp. How does the transaction work to gain money? Do i claim every time i pay to res ice or any other transaction? Thank you
  9. Hi, ive picked up the revised core. What set would you get to go with it? Is honor and profit worth getting? And is any of that been nerfed?
  10. Im interested in this idea, but the burning question.... how much will it cost? For me it would have to considerably less then owning an LCG. If its realistically affordable id give it a go.
  11. As much as i like this game, it should have been an LCG.
  12. Cheers for the info chaps, my local is running a netrunner introduction sessions that I'm going to check out.
  13. Hi, so can i just jump in with the new revised 2player game and take it from there or will i have to back track? Im currentlt playing destiny. And is work out expensive lol. Cheers
  14. Lol rant over and calmed down ? Yeah, where do you start though lol it's been running a while now. Was thinking about L5r but the games quite long for a card game 90 mins? I am new to card games. I like the look of net runner but wouldn't know where to start with that either.
  15. I'm sticking with jango for the time being : )
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