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  1. Thanks for the heads up! You were correct about the app including the Ion Trooper model instead of the Barrage Trooper model. It's fixed now on the server so it should update the next time you open the app
  2. Just fixed all that on the server, so you should see a data update the next time you open the app
  3. Hey all! Sorry for the delayed replies. I've just fixed the issues with the Rebel Commandos Strike Team and the Deathtroopers upgrades. I've also added a bunch of missing stuff from the previewed expansions, but I still have more to add in the next few days. You should see a data update the next time you open the app. I'm also working away on a software update that will finally add sorting and filtering of your lists - AND I've added a feature that lets you set your default faction when creating a new list (straight-up I just set it to Empire by default because I'm an all-in IMP player). Expect that update within the week! I am eventually going to get to iCloud syncing across devices, that's coming up along with iPad support (eventually). Finally, I heard that the other Android app is no longer supported, so I'm going to start development on an Android version for this and my Armada app. I dont know how long it will take me, but it's going to happen!
  4. Hey @deDios! Glad you are enjoying the app! I've got a big new update coming out that will have sorting and filtering of fleets, plus a Task Force list type (I cant believe I forgot that, to be honest), and a whole slew of bug fixes. Expect it to show up within the week! Also, I'm officially going to start developing an Android version for this and my Legion app. People keep asking for it, so I'm just gonna buckle down and build it. I dont know how long it will take, but I'm gonna make it happen!
  5. Yeah I was thinking of dropping Defense Liason and Wulf and adding a second Goz for the activation and tokens. Something like: SSD Fleet (375/400) Commander: Moff Jerjerrod [flagship] Star Dreadnought Assault Prototype (250) - Moff Jerjerrod (23) - Ravager (4) - Leading Shots (4) - Quad Laser Turrets (5) - Agent Kallus (3) - Emperor Palpatine (3) - Lira Wessex (2) - Quad Battery Turrets (5) - H9 Turbolasers (8) - Gunnery Team (7) = 314 total points Gozanti-class Cruisers (23) - Electronic Counter Measures (7) - Repair Crews (4) - Minister Tua (2) = 36 total points Gozanti-class Cruisers (23) - Comms Net (2) = 25 total points I also like Papa Palpatine making everyone's lives move difficult and Lira making sure every damage card is face-down using repair tokens passed to it from the Comms Net Gozanti. Only problem is that there is so little room for squads. Maybe I'll drop Lira and toss in Morna Kee just for fun?
  6. I love this as an addition to @clontroper5's list. And then I was about to suggest dropping Defense Liason for Strategic Advisor, but I guess we cant have those since it's "Large Ships only."
  7. True, but is it too much to ask for both?
  8. That's kinda disappointing. I would have liked a unique SSD mission like with the Raider in X-wing. But I guess they are making a whole campaign expansion PLUS the sector fleet rules, so I guess I shouldn't be salty.
  9. Hey I think I saw your question on my website as well, so I'll add my response here too:
  10. If you swipe left on the army lst, you will see options to Edit, Copy, or Delete the list. Just tap that red button and it's gone
  11. Thanks for all these awesome feature ideas and bug reports everyone! I just finished getting the SSD update in for my Armada app so I'm going to make all these my next priority. Expect a big app update in the next week or so!
  12. Thanks for letting me know all! I think the Turbolaser issue should be fixed with the latest data updates, but there were some code fixes that needed to be done for the Commander upgrades (and also the Titles section allowing you to add Boarding Teams). The new version (1.14) with all these fixes and a bunch of UI updates for the SSD's auxiliary battery, shields, etc, is waiting for Apple Review now, so we should see it early this week sometime! EDIT: It's now available! Update your app in the App Store and let me know if you see any other issues.
  13. I'm super jealous of how pretty this app looks.
  14. It took a LOT longer than I thought it would, but I have finally got my iOS Legion army builder app ready and available in the app store! I basically built this based on the source from my Armada app, which was in turn inspired by the wicked Aurora X-Wing app, so if you have used either of those, it should all be pretty familiar. I’ve also scoured the internet for as much of the previewed content for the upcoming waves as I could find so we can all start playing around with fun new lists before things get released. But that also means that some things aren’t complete and may or may not be correct, so please let me know if you see anything wrong or know where I can find something that’s missing Features: - Create and manage Rebel or Imperial army lists - Assign upgrade cards to units - Manage command cards - Filter expansions, troopers, vehicles, upgrades, and commands by personal collection when building your army - Export army lists as text or JSON - All card details available for reference - All waves and expansion contents for reference - Latest FAQ errata automatically updated for all cards - List building rules are applied automatically - Includes all previewed expansions up to wave 3! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/legion-army-list-builder/id1397977442?ls=1&mt=8 I’ll be slowly adding more features to both these apps in parallel over the coming months. This is what is in my feature backlog so far, but I’d love any other ideas: - iPad support - Syncing across devices via iCloud - Searching reference cards - Sorting lists and units - Win/Loss/Tie history for lists Obviously feedback, comments, and new feature ideas are much appreciated! And may the force be with you!
  15. So I'm already going through the new FAQ and figuring out what is going to need to be updated. I think I'm going to code in the "max 2 flotillas" rule like I did with the "no commanders on flotillas" rule. Unless there are enough people that think this should somehow be left optional?
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