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  1. Captain_Nemo

    Potential Rebel Epic ship in ep9(starhawk)

    Are they though? I mean If I recall correctly they were built during the galactic civil war, while the mc85 line was supposedly build after the war. on a similar note: I‘d also say that starhawk is rather only large and not huge.
  2. Captain_Nemo

    What Commander Calrissian upgrade will be like

    26 pts: after deploying fleets place two round tokens on this card. In the choosen rounds each friendly squadron gains ROGUE during the squadron phase.
  3. Captain_Nemo

    Custom Ship Thread

    However Wookiepedia, which would consider as fairly reliable, states that „Despite possessing powerful weaponry and being on par with the Victory-class, the Venator-class was designed with an additional starfighter carrier role in mind...“ and, considering the Venators DBY-827 Turbolasers, „In terms of firepower, these weapons rivaled the main battery on the later Imperial I-class Star Destroyers...“ Making me think that relative to the victorys 6 die/3 die layout a 3 die/5 die layout with a range layout akin to the armoured MC75 is totally reasonable (short range front arc and long range side arcs) greetings
  4. Captain_Nemo

    Eagerly Awaiting Next Necro'ed Gem of a Thread

    It checks out?
  5. I’ll will let you know - if i ever cast them, though currently the build is on hold - school comes first for now, holidays are a few weeks away though
  6. Captain_Nemo

    Episode IX

    Setting aside the plot itself - the description of that alien girl sounds an awful lot like the force sensitive chiss children from Thrawn alliances, just my five cents
  7. Captain_Nemo

    Squadron upgrades

    Seven die interceptors? please not, though I play imperial.... Edit: my bad, I should read all the words, never mind but still: three die b wings and four die decimators?
  8. Captain_Nemo

    The Executor opens up for a number of other ships..

    The bellator is only 7200m big according to wookiepedia
  9. Captain_Nemo

    The Executor opens up for a number of other ships..

    @Baudolino Allegience and Secutor should still be large size I think, however the others definitely a nice idea, however what is the annihilator SSD? I never heard of it. @jarmus mrawn yes please
  10. Captain_Nemo

    Norse's Guide to making custom Armada ships

    @FoaS just an idea concerning the crowdedness on KDY - might it be a solution to change the default visibility setting to unlisted or private instead of public?
  11. So I've thought about the stats for the ship(s) and merged/used some ideas/critique of others here in the thread. So lets start with the the cheaper Carrier Refit (aka the xyz I-class equivalent): I think (especially after the reveal of the executor) that the 7 die represent a good compromise for the Secutor, having only the firepower of a Star Destroyer and allowing it to still be weaker than the ISD. I also think that the 2 red, 3 blue, 2 black division of die doesn't define it as either a Brawler or Artillery piece. This also acting for the side arcs. Shield wise I think that the 4/3/1 split of the shields is a good way of keeping it on par with the ISD (considering the 12 Hull) while also giving it a definite weakspot in the rear. It keeps the command value of 3 of all large ships. With the ESD out now the squadron value had to be 5 and so it is lastly the engineering value is a underwhelming 3, in line with the low value of the quasar, to give it more focus on squadrons (just say, that most the crew is servicing squadrons). The speed has a maximum of 2, with the movement profile of the interdictor. Upgradewise it has the obligatory officer, a weapons team and two offensive retrofits, putting the focus on its carrier duty and finally an ordnance and ion slot as weapon upgrades. However I am not really sure about those (absolutely not). So, onwards with the more expensive Command Refit (aka the xyz II-class equivalent (I was getting bored of calling thinks I and II)) : The base stats are the same, only the armament, upgrade suite and point cost change, all of them putting it more in a multi-role battleship role. The armament, gets a longer range focus by changing two black die for a blue and a red in the front, and for a blue in the sides/rear. The upgrades stay roughly the same. It gains some resilience, while losing some of its carrying ability, switching a offensive retrofit for a defensive one. It also gains a fleet command slot to meet its name. The next change is its loss of the ordnance slot for a turbolaser slot, keeping up with its armament. Finally it loses an anti squadron dice, decreasing the armament to 1 blue compared to the Carrier refits 2 black (ala the ISD II in legends). The only thing left now is the point cost. I put them both above all ISDs, or rather the cheaper one is as expensive as the most expensive ISD. However I am absolutely not sure wether its to cheap or expensive or just right. I also would also like to either add an shield to the rear or to increase the engineering value by 1, but I think it is fairly good for now. Addendum/Afterthoughts: I forgot to show the arc-layout, though its nothing special: Other stuff: I thought about some titles: Conquest (6 pts.): After deployment, place two command tokens of your choice on this card.At the start of any Ship phase you may remove 1 of these tokens and assign it to this ship. It gives a way of obtaining command tokens without spending dials, other than coms net flotillas or officers as aresko, yularen or grint. It also gives a toned-down, limited version of thrawns effect. It helps in the command/flagship role serving the fleet commands, or it could also help your squadron commands. Requestor (6 pts.): Squadron command: You can activate squadrons in close-medium range of friendly ships at distance 1-5. This again helps again the carrier role, giving all friendly ships in range an effect similar to relay or Centicore. I fear that this might be to strong, so - depending on feedback - I might shorten the distances. Praedatrix (5 pts.): Concentrate Fire command: When attacking you may reroll any number of die in your attack pool. This gives an alternative to reroll die other than Vader, Leading shots and veteran gunners/ordnance experts, boasting its offensive output, while somewhat hindering its squadron commanding ability (though not much).
  12. I definitely will, if I do a mould of it. gonna see how the rest of the build works out before that though
  13. Captain_Nemo

    Tagge and SSD

    Maybe he even has a synergy with an annihilator title, however that would work
  14. The Lay out/Ship in itself seems nice, however I think it isn’t so fitting for the secutor, mainly its side arcs ar too powerful in my opinion -personally wouldn’t say more than 4 die, I like the seven foward die though, seems perfectly right. Thanks, well not completely scratch built, but I already thought about making a mould of it, though i‘d had to learn that aswell ...
  15. Captain_Nemo

    What would make you take tie fighters?

    I frequently use Ties as my only squadron screen , combined with a heavily packed out quasar Quasar. I like them - best bang for the buck