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  1. Not only the Dual Cymoons. I'd really like to see some of the top lists. Still can't fly a pelta, but it seems to do well with the right players
  2. ...you see a german licence plate and think of rerolling black dice...
  3. Dang. Euros an german nationals just one week apart? Well, thats way too close for players with family. I'm out, I fear.
  4. I wonder, if the upgrade cards are all unique. I wouldn't like to buy more that one campaign, just because there are non-unique upgrades exclusively in that box.
  5. Sloane. But i won't spoil the whole list :). At least not now
  6. Nop. Tokra (4th place) is flying an imperial list
  7. Rumor has it, that there is no Wifi available. Let's see, if bothans can outrun racing pidgeons...
  8. I'm curious, what impact the imperial two ships will have on worlds. It's been around for a while, so people there should be prepared to face one of the many variations. Perhaps the answer / counter lays in plain sight -it's just a few days away
  9. But that's how it all starts, after all.... "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...." Now I dare you to write an appropriate scrolling text ;)
  10. <pawn stars voice> best i can do is two, take it or leave it </pawn stars voice> But anyway. It just feels like any other kickstarter.
  11. I really hoped to take part in this one. But work and family keep me too busy in the next weeks. So good look to all players! Be as weird as possible
  12. Congratulations @NebulonB ! As for the next tournament plans: I'd love to take part in the next one and would surely choose the "Beginners-Bracket" since i don't play Vassal very often. So maybe, there are more players like me, who love to put their ships on the table on a regular basis but take this as incentive to join the onliners ;)
  13. Well in that case i DO worry. My purse is going to be pissed...
  14. Why the doubt? They just gave us the first news in like ages for rules, that specifically address the SSD. There is no point in mentioning the SSD in a news article and secretly plotting to not release it.
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