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  1. Well, yeah...uhm....ask @Tokra, a 30+ points bid and Moralo Eval, what it's good for
  2. It'll be interesting, how FFG will cope with this. Will reserved seats and sponsored flights be kept for a later event? Are they simply lost? Really too bad, @tokra won't get a chance to defend his title.
  3. A long time ago it was seen in a galaxy far, far away....must have taken the wrong turn on it's way to UK/Europe...
  4. Ok, now you have my attention Since I'm still searching for a new way to fly MSU in a world of Onagers, SSDs and Starhawks, maybe this could be worth a try.
  5. That being said, I contacted the german organized play manager from Asmodee the very next day after listening to tour show Last wednesday. Thursday he responded, he didn't know of any application window. Lo and behold: Last friday Asmodee Germany announced just that application window (one day after I got my mail back...) So i guess, our community manager checked back with FFG and opened the application. What do we get of this? Some niche game podcast is responsible for the organized play schedule in Germany. . . That, or it's all just a big coincidense
  6. Had my Onager pull nose dives when someone just thought of looking in its general direction. A little bit of BlueTac, Patafix or however it is called where you live does the trick. No more diving superweapons in my sector.
  7. Plus the doubleside plastic ISD/MC80 from last years nationals. Is that the one you got, or did vegas hand out something else?
  8. Very much this. And since you kkeep coming back to the Dumpster Fire every now and then. Maybe you could do some theorycrafting on how it has to adapt for the latest releases like SSD, Onager and Stawrhawk? I'd like to try out a variation of the list as well and already had the opportunity to test the Onager (Germany...). So i can see a whole new lot of problems coming along for the Dumpster Fire. I'm really interested in your thougts how the list could or should handle these new threads.
  9. Tell 'em to hurry up. We've got a prime upcomming this saturday. German distributor Asmodee made the Onager tournament legal ONLY AFTER US release...
  10. It IS sweet, trust me. But it's also the imperial version of the Liberty. Poor defence token and don't even look at the side arcs or the shields might crumble from that alone;)
  11. Got a Mail from a store in Germany yesterday. It states, the german release for the Starhawk is due in february (17th, to be exact). So there's that *shrug*
  12. Given that we in Germany had no Sullust-Events at all and had to wait over Half a year longer than the rest of the world Form any Interdictors to appear, I can live with a head start. Now excuse me, while i go playing a game with my Onager =p
  13. Jepp, some love for Lovecraft So, any Updates or links for us @Wawa666 ?
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