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  1. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    Expansion rumors?

    I guess it's possible. Just seems unlikely, given Christian T. Petersen's exit from the company. It's always been his baby. I doubt the game had that much volume. But at least they know there's a dedicated set of fans who are sure to pick it up, especially if it's in the much more affordable price range than the base game
  2. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    Transaction and Binding/Non-Binding Deal examples

    The FAQ strongly suggests the only requirement is that it be with the active player. Granted, it's the one about the Hacan: "Q: Does the Hacan player have to initiate negotiations in order to transact with a player who is not his neighbor? A: So long as the active player is involved in the transaction, either player may suggest the opening of negotiations, on either player’s turn." I guess, rule or not, the deals/offers fly pretty fast and loose around the table I play at. Not a whole lot of functional difference between the active player and the other player suggesting a deal/transaction, right?
  3. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    predicting both sides of an agenda with riders

    Very cool, thanks! Going to get in a game this weekend, and this situation has come up at least once in each of the last couple times I've played. Fun times!
  4. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    predicting both sides of an agenda with riders

    Oh, definitely. Make your opponents choose which outcome they'd rather not give you. Was just consulting with everyone to make sure I hadn't missed a rule (or a ruling/errata). Thanks!
  5. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    predicting both sides of an agenda with riders

    Rules say you can't cast votes for more than one outcome on an agenda (8.7). What about riders? If I've got two riders in my hand, can I use both, predicting different outcomes for each? Spirit of the rules, maybe not (if you lean toward considering the riders as parallel to casting votes). Rules as written? Silent so far. Anyone see anything that would prohibit this?
  6. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    Some General Questions

    Guild ships: the way we've played it is that any active player can deal with the Hacan, neighbors or not. But we didn't allow the Hacan to deal with any non-active player. Letani warriers: as bewildering and broken as that seems, yes, there appears to be no rule stopping the arboric from using their GF's production ability as part of the tactical action, combat or no. The same appears to apply for the Clan of Saar's spacedock. It's pretty wicked as far as our group thinks so far (we've only managed two games). I'm very curious to see what other folks are going to say as they start playing as more of the game gets shipped out and played more. Having played 3rd edition so long, it just seems broken by comparison. Would not be surprised if there was some kind of errata. At the very least, I think you'll start seeing it get house ruled. But who knows? It's a dynamic, interesting game. winnu reclamation: I seem to recall elsewhere folks saying they gained the dock "after the tactical was resolved." ie, i think most people are reading that as "resolved=done=no chance to build"
  7. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    Clan of Saar can move and build?!

    lucky me Well, they needed it. They even came darn near to wiping me out to prevent my win; maybe another turn and they could've pulled it off!
  8. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    Clan of Saar can move and build?!

    Wow, yeah, crazy. Coincidentally, the arboric were the fourth player (the newbie was playing jol nar). So even that guy could've been building a lot more often and better. This edition continues to impress. The command counters are a little more rare, the factions are tweaked in interesting ways; we've really liked it so far. We are kind of stumbling into these situations, however, where we learn the power of hitting just the right tech combo early can have devastating effects, as Robofish has pointed out more than once. In TI3 we just account for those things and do our best to counteract them (don't trade with them, threaten militarily, etc.). It's been a hoot to realize all of the not-so-obvious ripple effects of small rule changes. Exciting!! Is it that there's only one signal jamming now? (or six or whatever). Because they definitely signal jammed me this game
  9. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    Clan of Saar can move and build?!

    Just played a four-player last night. I selected the Clan of Saar as a kind of nostalgia pick; I always thought they were fun to play, but they were never a terribly high win percentage faction. They seemed pretty overpowered in our playthrough (just our second of fourth edition). Mainly, it's because the rules seem to permit them to move their space dock and then build at that same dock in the same tactical action. Did I miss something in the racial ability wording, unit description, or in the rules that would preclude this? The rules: 78.5 STEP 5—PRODUCTION: The active player may resolve the “Production” abilities of his units in the active system. If they can move and build... wow. mecatol rex is theirs early and in force. or they can absolutely jump on someone else's territory early. I had an inexperienced neighbor, so could act with impunity. I ended up focusing a lot of my early effort on the Hacan, who ended up with the two best systems (abyz/fria and bereg/urta4) plus a whole bunch of others. even just by moving over toward him, I was able to tie him up with fleet building instead of him going after objectives. It was absolutely wild to be able to fly in with a small fleet, wave and then build a few dreadnoughts and fighters to boot. (I obviously beelined it for my racial tech upgrading my space docks. pretty much a must-have) I won with 10 vp; second place had about 4 or 5. It didn't seem right ( a lot of experience playing 3rd edition where that kind of production simply wasn't possible). Has anyone else played Saar in the fourth edition and found them strong/weak?
  10. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    Full TI4 documentary now on YouTube

    Yeah, I thought SU&SD did a great job with the video, but they decided to focus on the (minor) drama of simply working with Christian's "baby." I think they ended up with a very bittersweet documentary. It did not actually fill me with glee. I would suspect the FFG folks aren't all that happy with the way they were portrayed. I could be and hope i am wrong about that. Ultimately, I wanted to see the evolution of the mechanics they changed. What pratfalls and pitfalls the playtesters hit upon. What ideas didn't ultimately work out. Instead we got... office politics, sort of. Based on the games these guys make, I honestly think they're very intelligent. I wanted to see that intelligence (or, at the very least) perseverance be the primary thing the docu displayed. The stuff about the art and the history of the game was very cool. And I overall liked it. It just wasn't the in-depth discussion of game mechanics I'd hoped for. And it kind of made me sad.
  11. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    anyone play the 6-player preset map?

    We ended up with 5 for our first game, used the preset map and it honestly worked out great. Not sure how different it would've been with 6 (regarding how the map would be), but we didn't notice any terrible disparities. My position ended up with only 4 planets nearby, but it didn't feel like the worst thing in the world. Ultimately, the best part about twilight imperium is that you can and should put pressure on the players who have inherent advantages. I ended up second to MR and held it for few turns. Tied for first before we called it (it was late; we were really just taking it for a test-drive). So, no complaints so far about that preset map.
  12. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    anyone play the 6-player preset map?

    Eyeballing the 6-player galaxy setup in the learn-to-play book, there seem to be some disparities built in. Anyone try it to see if plays as fairly balanced? We're getting our first 6-player in this Friday night, wanted to know if it was worth using. (Most of us are experienced TI3 players)
  13. TheRyanAndKevinAlliance

    Twilight Imperium 4th edition on TTS ?

    I whole-heartedly agree. Having this on TTS would allow me to play so much more often and in less of a rush, frankly. If it's even close to what Scythe put out, it'd be golden. That's a pretty sweet app.