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  1. So here's something funny about the rulebook and the definition of Ancestral on the two cards its on: they're somewhat at odds with each other (SURPRISE). You can see the rulebook definition above, but the Daisho and Kitsuki's Evidence both define Ancestral to care about when the attached card leaves play -- currently there are only two characters than can be "attached cards" (Tattooed Wanderer and Togashi Kazue), neither of which can themselves gain attachments. This plus the wording on other cards that define keywords (like Sincerity or Covert), suggests the Ancestral cards are referring to themselves as the "attached card." By the card text, someone playing Let Go on your Ancestral Daisho bounces it back to your hand; a setback, but nowhere near the setback of sending it to the discard. Killing the person the Daisho is on would also send the card back to your hand, because it is still leaving play. The RRG glossary defines Ancestral in the way that I think most of us have been playing it: Let Go sends the Daisho to the discard, but killing the person it's on sends the Daisho back to the hand. And pointing to the rulebook as the standard is my instinct, except that the rulebook also establishes the jade rule: card text trumps rulebook. Since people seem to throw a fit when I mention wording inconsistencies like this (see: glossary definition of passing vs the RRG turn order that implies you say which conflict you're passing), I think the RRG definition of Ancestral is the one that's probably what is intended and what is best for the game, but right now the rulebook explicitly tells you to prioritize the card text over the rulebook. tl;dr: we should probably ask for a ruling on Ancestral because of wording inconsistencies even though it seems clear what the intent is.
  2. True, they don't have to break that 4th non-stronghold province. They can just keep attacking into the stronghold and having their more favorable of their two attacks turned away to that other province. It's a choice I would personally encourage any opponent to make.
  3. People have said a lot of good stuff about these, but I picked up a couple of packs a few weeks ago and they were splitting like crazy. A lot of people swear by Dragon Shields, which were very good when I used to play Old5R, and I'm using Ultimate Guard stuff right now and liking them quite a bit.
  4. this: If you're going to be pedantic, it feels like bad form to have a user name with the incorrect syntax from the start of Old5R, too
  5. While there’s definitely an issue with representing the kimono this way and it’s information I would hope FFG’s art team would pass on to any artists, that you think you can simply mirror the image and fix it is kind of ridiculous. Many professional artists mirror their art to see errors in it and correct them – spending time staring at an image for hours can make it very difficult to see some pretty glaring mistakes, and mirroring it puts it in a new light. The problem with doing that with finished art is that there’s no guarantee an artist flipped their work to look for any weird lighting/shading/whatever inconsistencies. Then there’s the issue of tracking action or eyeline and how that gets damaged or ruined by mirroring it (see: manga up until about 15-20 years ago). It’s almost like running a paragraph through google translate and back again, expecting it to be the same: it won’t be. Given that Rokugan is not Japan, it would not be hard for them to establish these as issues of station or honor/dishonor (especially given what the particular cards do), or that they simply represent handedness or something else entirely. Did you know that AEG used “samurai” instead of “bushi” for describing the warriors, even though shugenja and courtiers were also of the samurai caste? The naming convention for oni flipped about a decade into the game’s existence, and then there’s the Utaku family mess. It’ll be okay, really.
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