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  1. Jerjerrod is in a way a thrawn specialized in Nav. He allows to have an excellent mobility while leaving the available orders to do something else. Nevertheless, you generally go to use his faculty that twice by party while Thrawn allows to optimize all your fleet hanging 3 tours. There are two aspects to be reflected when you use Thrawn. It is the collective dial that Thrawn will give in the whole fleet and of the individual dial appropriate to every vessel. For example used Thrawn to use Nav is bad, because there is not much luck only all vessels is need to navigate. On the other hand, you can use the personal dial of a vessel to navigate and given a generic order to the whole fleet. So the vessel which is in bad situation can take out there without penalizing the whole list. When you build the list it is necessary to anticipate what will be the collective and individual dials. Furthermore, it will certainly be necessary to adapt your strategy according to your opponent. The list does not take place in the same way if you face a list full house squadron or a list without squadron.
  2. I am satisfied that the list pleases you. Thus I had for objective during the Euro to prove that Thrawn could be a competitive admiral it pleases me to see of other player using a variant of the list. Thus the players of armada are slow to make modifications of meta it will be necessary to wait several months before noticing changes, but I hope to have opened the door which will allow Thrawn to have the place which he deserves. Could you post your list? I am curious to know the changes which you made.
  3. Hello I am the player who to bring Thrawn in top 4 euro. (I excuse myself in advance I speak badly English). The largest advantage of Thrawn is to be able to carry out a double action what makes it possible to carry out super activations which are impossible for the others admiral. Before I used the flotillas in two different ways are to push the squadrons are to provide token to my other vessels. With Thrawn I can make both at the same time what enables me to have the equivalent of 4 flotillas in the list for the price of two. Concerning the use of the orders: During the phases of approach does it of being able at the same time surfed and repaired allows to increase significantly the survival of the vessel (by repairing three shields) while placing it under the best conditions for the following turn. In combination with Price and Early Warning System that enabled me never not to lose my ISD whereas I often sent it in first line to use all his potential. During the phases of combat Thrawn allows to have the flexibility necessary to adapt. While being released of the ordering of squadron one can thus envisage the orders according to the situation. - To have a navigation in order to obtain a surplus of mobility of necessary to disengage itself - To have a repair to increase the survival of the ship admiral's wife - To have a fire nourished to increase the damage. It is the order which I used the least, but who allowed me to gain a match. For the last round of the part Thrawn is useless, there is great chance so that all its dials are already used and result of the part general is already decided. Thrawn makes it possible to create flexible and general-purpose lists which make it possible to adapt to all the threats and not to have thus any weakness. This versatility has nevertheless as a price that Thrawn will be less effective than certain specialized list. It will be difficult for him to make victories higher than 8/3 (just as of the defeats lower than 5/6). Thrawn is not popular, because one needs an excellent level of player to be played effectively. As of the placement of the obstacles it is necessary to have a tactic of approach and to be able to anticipate the three first towers of games at the time of the deployment (It is true for the other lists, but it is vital for Thrawn). With final much of player player another admiral prefers who will be easier to take in hand. (Why make a complicated list of bomber when it is enough to take Sloane to be effective?) Finally I am not agreement on your conclusion. Admittedly I could take along Thrawn only in TOP 4 euro, but that remains an excellent service which proves that Thrawn can be viable in high level competition. My defeat is mainly due to my lack of preparation rather than to the lacks of potential of Thrawn (I started to test the list whom the week before euro). Moreover, I think of being able to say without me to mislead that Lightrock and Noggin (two finalists of the euro) had enormously evil against Thrawn and could gain that of accuracy. PS: I appreciate much your blog that I find very pleasant to read.
  4. If you want to know the truth noggin you lost the game. As you see in the photo that was taken by Ghazgoth at the beginning of turn 3 after deploying your MC75 that it did not have the double bow on my ISD. So you made an illegal move when I shot you with my Gladiator and you had to change your shields. This has resulted in enough movement of your MC75 to be in the position to fire two shots on my back of the ISD (when you should have made one). Since we are playing the Superior Positions game, it allowed you to recover an extra objective token in an illegal way, which turned my 5-point win into a 10-point loss. Nevertheless, I remain convinced that you have not made expert of falsified the game and that it is about an involuntary movement of your pars. In addition, I found out when the game was over and the scoring was done which was too late to contest.
  5. Hello ! I do not have a good level of English and I thank my opponents for the patience they have had (as well as all the people who will read my post). Congratulations Lightrock for your victory. It's nice to have faced so many good players in such a short time. I had participated in the European Championship of the last year, but I was able to finish only 24th by fessing a very average performance (special mention for Ben the former European champion who put me 10/1 to my first match). So I came back this year in order to take my revenge. When Wave 7 came out I was surprised at the lack of love for Thrawn from the English-speaking community when he has such potential. So I decided to build an original list around him to prove that it can be competitive when it is well played (in view of some reactions on this forum I think I have met my goal). Nevertheless, I was able to perform only three preparation games with this list and I changed at the last minute two of my three goals to take more than I had ever played (as a second player) this lack of preparation is what cost me the victory. I was lucky to have been able to face the two Polish finalists during the tournament. It was a difficult match because their list is an original variant of the archetypes I had prepared for and that they were excellent players. Overall they were better than me in scraping points which allowed them to win with a small margin of victory. Nevertheless, it is in defeat that we learn the most I intend to improve in order to minimize my mistakes in the next games I play. I'm happy with my list that worked ok and I have the small satisfaction of never having lost the ISD (Thrawn can not die!). My only regret was not being able to face Ben, Tokra and Ginkapo during the championship.
  6. The pelta is not an offensive ship like the MC30 if you compare the two in this role you will necessarily be on. Nevertheless, they are complementary with the MC30s by offering them new possibilities that were impossible before. - Projection Experts and Shields to Maximum! Allow to heal the shields of the MC30 which consequently saves their defense token and tripled their lifespan. This saves your ships from dying before they do the job and allows them to survive at the end of the game. - Entrapment Training! Allows sudden acceleration to the MC30 and allows the entire fleet to adapt their speed without using navigation order which increases their efficiency. - The flank of the Peltas is often underestimated and with Toryn allows to make big strikes on the squadrons especially if one does not play squadron. - They form the second front line in order to complete all the ships that the MC30 have weakened (without shield and defense token the least damage is relevant). Their low speed is therefore not disabling. - It is easier to maneuver two MC30s with peltas in support rather than 4 MC30, you will exhibit less your fleet which allows you to score more points at the end. - the psychological aspect is important, because there is nothing more frustrating than to see an MC30 regenerate completely the damage that has just been caused. This forces the opponent to take risks to win what exposes his fleet to your retaliation To conclude the purpose of the list is not to destroy as many possible ships as possible to destroy the capital ships that yield much and lose a minimum of ship. Ps: Sorry for reading my English level is low...
  7. I am the creator of the list if you have questions I can answer it Ps: Sorry for reading my English level is low...
  8. Hi Tokra it's been a long time since the Euro The tournament was organized in 4 rounds with a final, we managed to gather 26 players (new record!) With a good rebel / empire balance. There is not really any "Meta" in France we play before all lists that we are pleased. The massive use of squadrons and flotilla is relatively uncommon allowing a great diversity in the lists going from 0 to 134 squadron points and from 2 to 7 activations. Also, surprising that this may seem my list is precisely designed to counter Sloane and it worked rather well. I'm running out of time, but maybe I'll do a quick report later. Ps: Sorry for reading my English level is low...
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