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  1. Which I understand, but it’s been shown that there is more variance in FFGs own cardboard templates than acrylic. fFGs stance though is that variance is fine as it’s their own product. I do believe since 2.0 the variance had lowered quite a bit though.
  2. That’s a shame. They are effectively the same as the card board. Probably ruined his experience. I get being a stickler on rules and using it to gain advantage, but I’d rather see someone win on skill then something petty as “I don’t play with 3rd party obstacles “
  3. I’d count it as a preview article yes. It just caused more salivating than anything else. I think we all truly just want a hard release date announced and hits at future waves though.
  4. @CommanderDavePlayed this list today at a little casual event. Tabled my opponent and I lost the Generic Fire Spray, the Demo, and Gazanti. The Interdicter was only damaged from ramming and minor scuffles, but engerring commands kept her pretty ship shape. The figther wing was able to deal with my opponents 60 point fighter wing fairly easily. I probably wouldnt fly this list again with its current build unless i knew my meta flew more named pilots. Didnt get to do the fun Demo stuff and I felt like I was flying a weaker demo.
  5. The only time I really play are regional events. Traveled to 2 this year both 422+ miles away. I’ll fly if my wife won’t drive down with me. Dislike driving long distance alone. I’ve. Traveled to San Fran, Seattle, Portland, and Vegas last year for X wing events.
  6. @drail14me you’re correct on the bid part, i think he is saying if you’re going to use a title avenger will gain you more advantage and use. If you want a strong bud then just cut the relentless title etc. I actually have fun using the relentless title so it’s a preference thing, but a skillled player would have the foresight to make sure they picked the correct dials instead of needing ISD training wheels.
  7. I think squall is hands down the better title imo. I did have my quasar hit with Cham twice in two games, so I was extremely grateful that I had pursuant. How do you like your squadrons?
  8. @The Jabbawookie always offers solid advice so I’d take everything he says as truths. on your list I’m a bit low on the fighters you’re rolling. I question the value your raider would give you over say a few more fighters? Their current ball you have will die instantly without much of a fight and you’ll bleed points. I’ve personally only been nothing but disappointed in the raider personally. Not sure it does enough for its cost.
  9. @The Jabbawookie overall I like your take on a 2 activation list. I definitely think you’ll win the squadron battle vs the thrawn bomber lists I’ve seen. I do think that a sloane ace list might give you trouble but there weren’t many Sloan’s in Portland and I expect more thrawn and Dodonna. i ran pursuant on my quasar to help with slicer tools. Could be bad, but I did you it once every game.
  10. @Ginkapo Thank you kindly 😀 @The Jabbawookie Boise Idaho my dude
  11. Nice. Didn’t realize you were a PNW player. Where you based out of?
  12. @The Jabbawookie how far off is my list from yours if I went Sloane?
  13. @The JabbawookieJabbawookie I've been seeing these 2 ship lists popping up more and more. Makes me want to just go straight Sloane with better squadron ships and go back to boarding troopers to win the ship fight. Thoughts? I'd really like to have boba Fett somewhere, but the only list I've seen him in is @CommanderDave (tagged this captain guy by accident and can't delete it )@captaindave
  14. @Karneck I really liked what won Portland and I’d love to fly the demo, but I don’t think I’m well versed enough in the game... like I told people in Portland I’ve only been playing for a few weeks, but I pick things up fairly quickly. I’ve liked the way the 2 ship lists look, but I’ve also only used flotillas for comma net and activation padding. I raelized in the last regionals though that I was activating my flotillas last because I needed to use the squadrons first which made me think the 2 ship list is the way to go.
  15. I honestly was a bit suprised to see my name here. You made me screenshot it and show my wife and she just looked at me like 🤨. Anyways I wanted to thank @The Jabbawookie for being a welcoming member of the comminuty. I've seen your attention to people posting the squad lists and the amount of collaboration you offer is amazing. I live by the moto collaboration over compition and i believe you emobied that. @xanderf for being a real joy to play with in my first regionals. Hope to see you at more events. @CommanderDave I've really enjoyed reading your tournament reports and hope you keep producing conent for the game.
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