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  1. An Echo Guri 1v1 EDIT: Its Echo I feel stupid, must be because 2.0 whisper is gonna be a special friend of mine
  2. Hi X-wing Community, I am trying to mod my gozanti, but I don't have any good ideas of where to put the switch. Can anybody help?
  3. I will only buy empire stuff until the republic becomes a thing at which point my wallet will despair.
  4. As an Avid player of Elite, please have my upvote and everlasting respect.
  5. Kylo with a 53 point bid, got blown up every time, because of TLT, I keep hoping that arc dodges would be enough, but no..
  6. no, however (your opponents) palpatine is still applicable, as he does not specify during an attack or defense. Edit: Ninja'd
  7. He is correct, which is why Omega Leader blocks Finn and Norra, but not Jans Ors (pilot) or trick shot shenanigans. Edit: so essentially, adding results=modification, adding dice does not.
  8. I was at that store championship and I'm pretty sure that the cavern angels was double sided
  9. Here's hoping that to compensate there will be a thrawn card!
  10. I'm niot denying that an I5 will be unneeded I'm just saying another i6 is not ok, also fenn will be so much stronger with the rarity of passive mods.
  11. that would mean that the rebels have 2 more I6 aces than both of the other factions, and I feel that even one is pushing it, as they said that they wanted more faction parity, and eliminate balance issues that one faction with way more I6 aces would create.
  12. okay well thats a shame as I would have easily shelled out like 50 bucks for a set, but either way, nice job!
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