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  1. Oslatir

    FFG Spain not supported

    In the cycle of the Circle Undone we already have 4 cards with errata, Rita Young's own card changes her ability completely, and her two character cards have the corresponding translation to "dodge" instead of "evade", the same mode has been revealed in Spanish the card of: "Tenesse Sour Mash" survivor and returns to have the corresponding translation to "dodge" instead of "evade", which are very different terms in the game. I would like to investigate this, those who bought the first we are buying an incomplete game, while those who buy the reprint take it perfect. En el ciclo de el Circulo Roto ya llevamos 4 cartas con errata, la propia carta de Rita Young cambia su habilidad por completo, y sus dos cartas de personaje tienen la traducción correspondiente a "Esquivar" en lugar de a "Evadir", del mismo modo se ha revelado en castellano la carta de: Tenesse Sour Mash survivor vuelve a tener la traducción correspondiente a "Esquivar" en lugar de "Evadir", que son términos muy diferentes en el juego. Me gustaría que se investigase esto, los que compramos el juego los primeros estamos comprando un juego incompleto, mientras que los que compran la reimpresión se lo llevan perfecto.
  2. Oslatir

    FFG Spain not supported

    Greetings FFG America: my complaint is due to the poor support given to Spanish-speaking users by FFG Spain. Users feel totally unattended as we lack the translated documents on the web, there is not enough support for the games we buy here and we are not well taken care of from the forum. Thank you
  3. What are the changes respect the other ahsoka map? Thanks for your dedication
  4. Hi to Everyone, first good job and thanks for the maps, its a noble work ;D I am from Spain, I was looking forward to playing the 4maps player of jabba, and yesterday work on it. Unfortunately I am missing 3 pieces, in spain has not yet come the expansion of Jabba in my language. If someone could help me by passing these three pieces, I could finish the map in a few hours, thanks