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  1. I've been looking at building a lancer list since the points adjustment was released. Sabine with Maul Crew and Lone Wold looks good might add Contraband Cybernetics but I don't think it would be needed. Now to find her a good wingman and some table time.
  2. On paper they might be similar, but on the table the minor differences between the 2 really starts to show.
  3. I havn't gotten out to play a game yet. Knock on wood that changes tonight unless something pops up in the next 45 minutes. But was a combination of missing all the launch day events due to my LGS not getting their shipment on time and then I missed the next week because I put off punching all the cardboard.
  4. I would say if the player is known for doing this then the TO should be watching him more closely to ensure he is not abusing the situation. Yes by the written rule it is legal but I believe most people would agree that it is not in the spirit of the game. Unfortunately I think this is a bi product of our culture as a whole which celebrates the "Win at any cost" mentality and the "If your not cheating your not trying". Completely removes sportsmanship from the equation.
  5. I am solely a casual player so take my opinion with a grain of salt. 22 ships total for Rebels 20 ships total for Imperials And 17 ships total for Scum. This is not counting Imperials new ship coming out in the next wave. So that puts scum right now 3 to 5 ships behind the other 2 factions in number of ships alone. This gives Scum less pieces to build list with and when until last summer most of the small ships were in need of fixing, and some still are (misthunter) is it any wonder that the scum players swarmed to the couple of super strong large base ships. Till they got swatted with the nerf hammer that is. If you want to see more diverse scum builds then reach into legends and pluck out some additional building blocks for us to play with.
  6. I have flown the quadjumper build with cloaking device and yes it is not competitive but is a lot of fun to fly in casual games. Which is what I play mostly. There is also the option of taking an illicit EMP Device or Feedback Array. I am not sure how you would judge them to interact with the cloak token but it could be interesting. Would also let them create other illicit upgrades And yes I will admit I made the original idea OP with the ability to Counterattack. But I think the title needed something else with the cloak to make it usable otherwise you would just keep on using the shadowcaster title. Sounds very similar to the punishing one title. I think this one would make TimeWalk even more powerful, But I like the idea and yes before this could work there would have to be large ship cloaking rules but that is not so difficult to come up with.
  7. I was thinking using a standard 1 barrel roll as the decloak. Still moves the ship more than a regular large base barrel roll but not halfway across the table. It may be problematic, but would force you from choosing between the shadow caster title and the banshee title. My intent was to create a title that was thematic to Ventress's ship from the book and also create a new title to encourage different builds for this ship. I think having the weapons disable token could help to balance out her extra dice.
  8. I have recently finished reading Dark Disciple and was thinking it would be interesting to have a title for the Lancer to fit Asaj's ship. While the book speaks of multiple modifications the only one that is talked about is the ships repeated use of a cloaking device. But I thought it would be a bit more interesting to add a counter attack feature to the cloak. You would still receive the weapons disabled token and not get your attack, but if someone was willing to take a shot at your cloaked ship you could fire back. For the de-cloak action I was thinking letting the ship do a standard small ship barrel roll. This would be further than a normal large base barrel roll and also let the ship slide more forward or back. This would perhaps make it a lil harder to figure out where it would come out of cloak at. Thoughts? Does the counter attack ability make it too strong? Should it be limited to once per round or mobile arc only? Also thoughts on cost obviously not a 0 point card but what would you cost it at 3 I think. Also are there any other ships you can think of that are missing unique titles from the expanded universe.
  9. One of my normal list that I fly is Titled 'Drunken Bombers' at my FLGS. The other week I came across a similar situation with a tie swarm. We played the match but the other guy went down fast and hard when his swarm was chewed up by a bomblet and seismic charge one round after the other. We both agreed that it wasn't a good match up but shook hands afterward and will continue to play against each other. I know I would rather have my list taken apart by something that looks more like a hard counter than play against some of the top tier meta list. It is also unavoidable. I think this is where good sportsmanship comes into play, learning how to accept a defeat in good graces and not rub a victory in someones face. From the sound of your OP he needs a lil work on that and your already a bit ahead of the curve. Regards
  10. Another point that noone ever seems to bring up int these situations about Extra Munitions, the card itself, is never flipped face down or discarded. The last sentence on the card reads "When you are instructed to discard an upgrade card, you may discard 1 ordnance token on hat card instead" So even after all of the tokens are spent the card will still be sitting there faceup and smiling at you.
  11. Lonestar83

    Synced Turret

    HWK will never take ST. Y wings and the like could be fun to build with it with the title.
  12. Lonestar83

    top 5 fixes?

    Use an online squad builder. They will, normally, have the most up to date errata text for each card.
  13. I am a fan of changing the card to read the next time you suffer a crit hit. This would keep stuff like TLT from throwing out a crit and canceling it but still triggering harpoons. I don't know the exact odds but with tossing out 6 red dice seems like a crit is almost a given. I realize this is a softer nerf then what many want for Harpoons but I think it might be enough to bring them in line if you take away the 2nd trigger when the ship is destroyed.
  14. My vote is no. Although I only ever find myself using it on 2 dice primary attack
  15. I could back this idea. Although it just hits 1 of the list that people have a problem with tlt with.
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