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  1. Just checked my email and saw I received this response from FFG Customer Service: "Zachary Mott <ZMott@asmodeena.com> 10:29 AM (49 minutes ago) Hi Justin, We're currently experiencing technical issues with that web page. We hope to have these issues resolved later today. I apologize for your inconvenience." So a least we know they are aware and working on it!
  2. Same here. I have the same URL on my promo voucher and it's just taking me to the FFG landing page. It seems they haven't activated the voucher verification/ordering page yet for some reason. I know the card says we have until 10/1/17 to redeem so hopefully this gets straightened out before then. I just want to get this entered so I can stop resetting the reminder on my phone to check.
  3. Perhaps too soon, but maybe a game based on Fury of Dracula 3rd Edition mechanics but putting a SW: Last Jedi theme (or at least a SW theme of some kind) on it?
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