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  1. Phoenix "only" get 18 more cards than the other clans, or so, but that's almost an entire cycle's worth of cards. In a game build so heavily around the competition between the different clans, releasing something that tips the scales in favor of one seems bad...
  2. I personally love what they've done with Dishonor in the game. In Old5R, it was definitely NPE; usually non-interactive, and would drag games out forever when playing against an honor deck. FFG has done dishonor right this time. It feels like you're on a knife's edge when you get into honor trouble, which is exactly how it should feel.
  3. I'm not a fan of it being neutral, because blanket event cancel feels like something that goes in particular factions (Crane and Scorpion). I could see other clans getting more limited cancel (e.g. Unicorn canceling an event or ability targeting a cavalry person, or Dragon canceling attachment destruction). It feels like this card should've required discarding the favor. I don't think it will break the game, but it's not a good precedent. I don't want to see tons of counterspells in the game, as most players don't find them fun.
  4. I'd like to see a proactive Unicorn event that cares about Cavalry. It's being pushed as a theme for us and we're paying for it on our characters, but only two cards care about it, and attachments that give cavalry don't help with one of them. The theme would shine a lot more if there were some cards that interacted with cavalry, and not just to move more people into the battle. Maybe something like "Flanking Maneuver" (0 Fate) Action: During a conflict, if you control an attacking Cavalry character, choose a non-participating character with equal or lower (Mil) skill - bow that character.
  5. Second role is fine and good, but I'm talking about the actual storyline. A big part of the appeal of competitive L5R is the ability to influence the story, and that needs to happen on every level. Maybe let winners at the store "bonus events" vote on some story decision? Clan roles are ok, but they don't mean a lot flavor-wise.
  6. Are those tournaments supported by FFG though? And do they have an impact on the storyline?
  7. If this is the case, I'm very concerned. I have to work at most conventions I attend, so this means I would be almost barred from participating in L5R competitively. The price and travel would also be prohibitive for lots of players, and it's frustrating to attend an entire convention to play just one game. I would hope they would hold Koteis much the same way that they do regionals in Netrunner and other games. Having Grand Koteis at conventions is fine.
  8. I have really enjoyed the game mechanically and thematically so far, but there's still one element that bothers me. The promos for the game play up the "mono no aware" element, in which a character's time in the story naturally fades and destiny moves on to others. When it's something like "Shinjo Tatsuo's time in the story has passed," it has a lot of impact. It loses a lot when it's "Naive Scholar's time in the story has passed." To which I say, make every character unique. I understand how, in the old game, it was weird to have three Matsu Fumikos (or whoever) in play at the same time, but there's already a system for unique people that makes a lot of sense. Why not just use that? Works fine in Doomtown, too, having everyone be unique unless otherwise stated. Clearly, that's probably not a change they can easily make now, even if they were so inclined. I do hope they give us chances to pick our favorite unnamed spud and "promote" them to experienced status, giving them a name in the process. Would make a great tournament prize.
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