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  1. Is the timing of this card considered to be between the "Modify Defense Dice" step and the "Neutralize Results" step, or does it happen within the "Modify Defense Dice" i.e. "The attacking player resolves their abilities"?
  2. I took fifth (out of eight participants) with a list made up of Captain Oicunn, Pure Sabaac and Tomax Bren. Made some bad decisions and poor upgrade card choices, but happy with how I did and had fun doing it. One meta list cleaned house without much effort.
  3. You only need the word "Punisher" in the thread title to pique my interest so... sign me up!
  4. Jank-wing, but a form of Jank-wing that incorporates aces, ordinance and one of the almost 70+ lists that I have created (and keep win/loss records on) with my strictly imperial faction ships (that do not include harpoons since no imperial ship has been sold that includes that ludicrous... uh, particular ordinance). And since I do not purchase non-Imperial expansions and hardly ever run Kylo, Palp or Quickdraw, I guess my wing is by definition jank. SO BE IT!!!
  5. Hm! What! Bump a thread to incur an errata? Vain hope with no evidence it will help anything to actually happen? Ok! *Oicunn style BUMP*
  6. "Shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em..." plays in my head during most rolls. Courtesy of Ice T.
  7. Steelgunner


    Might as well throw a Systems Officer on the shuttle for a possible free target lock for one of the Defenders (unless you're bidding for initiative).
  8. Going to the one in Newington CT and bringing a double Ruthlessness Tie/D Defender list with a support Tie Bomber/Shuttle. A fun "hold my beer" list that can backfire gloriously!
  9. Steelgunner


    Tried that against three Resistance Bombers. It was a very fun match (see gif above).
  10. Steelgunner


    I'm bringing something like this to a tournament this weekend. Countess Ryad and Glaive Squad Pilot, both with Ruthlessness. Countess gets the Ion Cannon and Glaive gets the Tractor Beam. They are supported by a Scimitar Squad Tie Bomber with Fleet Officer and Systems Officer. My goals for the tournament are as follows: Kill a ship (or two) with the "free" damage from Ruthlessness. Roll a Ghost's support shuttle to range one and trigger more free damage. Sow dissent and horror in players who haven't seen Ruthlessness in awhile. Killed a friend's Resistance Bomber a few weeks ago solely with Ruthlessness and felt like...
  11. Whole article felt like FFG saying: "Hey look over here! Imperials won something! See? Everything is fair and balanced! No need for us to put any further effort into balancing the game!" Random reader, "But what about the Gho-" FFG, "Everything is just fine! Fair and balanced! Random reader, "But-" FFG "F-A-I-R and B-A-L-A-N-C-E-D!!!" Maybe that wasn't the intent, but... Sure seemed like a shell game of an article.
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