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  1. Personally my most valued contradiction is on my latest post on the thread "Galactic Empires - Racial Stance". I am unsure why you assume I am on a high horse when quoting my previous comment, I havent said anything untrue to the best of my knowledge. IQ exists, the measurment of inteligence. Inteligence being what divides society, professions, understanding and almost all things in human culture. Though I will admit I do feel like I am on a high horse when people spout the most unhelpfull of comments.
  2. I am highly doubtful that many players will have terrain to suit a waterborne vehicle. I also assume we would be barred from using many of our other units in a naval battle. The Empire had submersible stormtroopers for deep water operations and their star destroyers were also able to float a top of water, so it isnt as if these battles would not take place. This is fact if the 2003-2004 cartoon that leads up to reveng of the sith is still considered relevant, which it should be because it affects the films directly. Anyway I personally just cant see this happening, perhaps you could convert your stormtroopers to potray their equatic kin; that would most certainly be cool.
  3. You can disregard all the legend content in my original post. However the empire are still racist, untrustworthy of droids and look down on gender eqaulity, this we know of due to evidence in the films. However for all you keyboard warriors this is all in open contradiction with star wars rebels where I am sure there are a few woman high up in the Galactic Empire and no doubt aliens and droids are treated with more respect and trust simply due to star wars rebels being void of real world issues; as its aimed at a childrens audience. So in this special case I personally choose the scummy Empire I knew and loved in my childhood over anything else, this does not make me wrong and if you choose to disagree you aren't wrong either. Though I do have my personal grievance with this unorthodox way of doing things.
  4. To calm the winds of this argument might I add that you can simply proxy your customised model and his or her background for a character already in the game, such as Luke or Vader. There is no need to go into any more complexity than this and people should generally accept you using rules that already exist. I suppose by customisation I refer to writing your own story or background and making your own miniature the way you desire.
  5. Silly question, but I will answer. If I think I can add to the topic I will, but I personally felt I could not add any more and I still dont. Should circumstances change then I will add a reply where necassery. I suppose all that you could add was a **** post, but how can anyone blame you. Thats as far as some peoples inellectual minds can process and this is also partly the reason I try very hard not to have the back and forth meaningless arguments with people like yourself. Personally I can think of a few contradictions between disneys content and the original films without even going into 'legends'. If there is no system in place I will personaly choose the films over disneys family friendly content and their cartoon aimed for a childrens audience. However seen as there is no system in place there will always be sides to take, which is going back to my original point.
  6. You have missed the point, so if its equally valid, yet contradicts one another then who is right? *drops the microphone* This will be my only reply as im sure many will say the same as yourself without thinking about it. Edit; Let it be known the original post is about star wars in general I did not quote legends or canon or w/e you want to catagorize peices of lore as. For all I care and for the purpose of many of you understanding then you can disregard all of legends and contradictions will still be made...
  7. Hello, bit of a rant here as I am flabbergasted with a particular statement being thrown around the forums. As people well know there are (were?) tiers or levels of lore, the films being at the top. If one source contradicts the other, for example if a book contradicts the film then where do we draw the line? Is there a new system in place or are we supposed to simply argue what contradiction we prefer? Perhaps what came first (originals) should be above what came second (a biproduct of the original) or the other way around. If what people are saying is true and all systems be damned then many of the stories of star wars are now openly contradicting themselves (be it a miniscule or a gargantuan topic). So none of the star wars lore should be taken very seriously from the prospective of one of these naysayers? In other words disregard almost everything they have ever posted. If you don't do this, well then you may as well disregard all the star wars films and cartoons, because specific factors in them can be contradicted by the most insignificant of comic books or vice versa. Sounds absolutely preposterous to me. There is litteraly no sense in it, only chaos. Where do we draw the line? Thanks for reading, try to keep your comments civil cheers Edit; Let it be known the original post is about star wars in general I did not quote legends or canon or w/e you want to catagorize peices of lore as. For all I care and for the purpose of many of you understanding you may disregard all of legends, but contradictions will still be made due to the same reasons as above.
  8. Hello again, another thread here this time about exile within the Jedi Order. Hope everyone has their beverage before we start, don't worry I'll wait. Exile is used by many cultures in the Star Wars galaxy, its often a form of punishment. Exile in the Jedi Order was usually a case of being expelled from the order for a wrong doing, typically going against the Jedi council or their ways. An extreme example would be turning to the dark side of the force. Master Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi went into exile by choice after the birth of the Galactic Empire, however this was a case of going into hiding, this was not any form of punishment other than their own failures. Other Jedi such as Ashoka Tano were expelled from the Jedi order, subsequently leading to her exile. We are unsure if exile was a common occurrence however knowing that this practice existed gives enough leeway for speculation in the possibility for there to be unknown former Jedi in the time of the first Galactic Empire. This is essentialy one of the few explanations for you to create your own Jedi whiles still being as 'lore friendly' as possible. Short and sweet, thanks for reading
  9. Thanks for all the replies, I have read them all and here are a few areas I can touch up on; There have been several females of athority in different empires but we are sticking to 19 BBY - 4 ABY. Its safe to say cartoons are also on a lower level than the films. I do acknowledge that Disney is determined to change the face of star wars into their own ideal family friendly image. Having coloured characters, aliens and woman working together is to potray an atmosphere without real world issues making it ideal for children, this naturally takes away from the realism in some circumstances. It is obvious that the empires uniform potrays power just like most armies in our own history, even the rebels have uniforms. I do not beleive the Galactic Empire excludes such a huge portion of the galaxys population (aliens) because they want to look pretty or uniformed. The rebels still acheive a basic uniform with most alien species. If it is not the evident racism then perhaps there is a different reason behind the anti alien approach, though there are none that I can think of without sounding stupid.
  10. Hello, grab a beverage as I'm going to talk about the Galactic Empire between the years 19 BBY and 4 ABY (after the battle of Yavin). During this time period the Empire had a strict culture in the beleif that humans are superior to other species. This racism also carried over to humanoid females and a distrust in droids. This culture lead to policys and prejudice where humans became the only race capable of rising to the pinacle of Coruscant's political powers. Aliens and humanoid females were completely blocked from the higher ranks of power within the Empire's military and government. This went as far as having Admiral Daala a story book character of the Imperial Navy being promoted in secrecy by Grand Moff Tarken. Daala would be considered C-Canon, In other words it's on a level lower than the films, but equal to the books. The only female stormtroopers known are based in a far later time period (137 ABY), Jes Gistang is the only named female stormtrooper and she wears armor shaped to her femenine figure. Jes Gistang can also be considered canon however being the best example we have we can accuratly assume if there were female stormtroopers in the time period of the original trilogy they too would wear similar armor and not armor fitted for a males build; like the stormtroopers we see in the original trilogy. Given that the Empires main fighting force during the Empires rise was made up of clones I beleive the racism and hate towards droids, alien species and even the anti humanoid female culture to be rather realistic. An all humanoid male fighting force. If you have seen the original trilogy you will notice not a single alien or woman aboard any Imperial ship, in any station, nor fighting in any battles, besides hired help and prisoners. It is also noteable that the only droids used are for reconnaissance among other tasks, they are never witnessed playing a fighting role in battle alongside Imperial forces. Hope this helps with better understanding of the Galactic Empire and their racial stance, thanks for reading <(o.o)-b
  11. Master Yoda, Master Obi-wan and Jocasta (the librarian) are the only surviving Jedi from the films that we know of. Others did survive to begin with but have stories telling of their deaths shortly after. However jedi exile was also a practice so there is room for speculation if you want to make up your own rogue jedi like I have. Fabricate your own story and use the appropriate rules to proxy him or her
  12. I'm doubtful that everyone will appreciate you posting that here @unxbr3akabl3 there are plenty people interested for more than one group. In any case we need some talkers in Alino's group, no point being on discord if no one is willing to chat to one another through a microphone. So hop into the discord and let us know your plans, speculations and colour schemes; few of the guys here are even sharing their home built terrain.
  13. I wouldnt want mine pre painted by some asian lad. Nor would I want them assembled. What I do want is more difficult kits to assemble and options. Guys just grab a can of white spray paint from poundland, give it a good 5 minute shake till your arm is tired, then spray away. Afterwards wash it down with a black ink wash or rather grab a fine tipped sharpie <(o.o)-b
  14. Fresh comment here, given that your average rebel soldier or stormtrooper can only do 1 attack each and you are shooting at someone behind heavy cover, then half your squad isn't going to hit, even in the best situation. I fail to see how this is bad in any way, that and cover can still obstruct your line of sight in this game.
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