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  1. Thanks Ardaedhel, I was planning on doing that in the near future too! Some of the pictures I've seen of the black bases and stands are really nice looking - John
  2. Thank you all so much for your wonderful suggestions, they will help a ton! - John
  3. Hi all, I have just started amassing a large collection of Armada ships, and I have noticed that for at least half of the ships (not squadrons), they are quite loose and wobbly when connected to the stand. Specifically, I'm referring to the connection between the rectangular base and the ship support fin/pole (the piece that connects the ship to the base). The support fin/pole fits into the stand just fine, and slides forward to theoretically "lock" the fin/pole to the base so they're not wobbly, but even after sliding it forward the connection is still pretty wobbly (and makes picking up the ship difficult when trying to move it). It's as if the ship can kind of tilt forward even in the "locked" position. I've done a lot of forum searching, and I've found this to be a definite problem in X-Wing (where a lot of people use sticky/poster tack, tape, and/or clear nail polish to fix it), but I haven't seen any forum posts about Armada ships, hence why I'm posting this question. If there is a thread in the Armada forums that covers this topic, please feel free to post a link. Thanks for the help, any suggestions would be most appreciated! - John
  4. Thanks for the two replies! Does everybody else agree by chance? - John
  5. Hi all, just a quick question: if one were to put a very thin and very small sticker on the front of a card, without blocking text, and within a sleeve, in order to indicate that a card has errata text found within the official FAQ, would that be legal for tournament play? If the answer is no, does anyone have any other ideas that would be legal without just having to memorize which cards have errata and which don't? Thanks! - John
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