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  1. So my character in a westmarches game my former pirate, now a naval commander for the rebellion is getting a bit skiddish. The idea of the establishment of the New Republic has got him wanting to ensure he has a future if he resigns to escape all the bureaucracy and authority of a formal government. Hes fine with the current structure of the rebel navy but a NR navy he will chafe under. His solution to this potential problem is to take some off time and organize a off the books mission to steal a ship, preferably a Gonzati cruiser due to its low crew requirements. The problem, he does not want to use any rebel support, such as issued blasters, armors, and equipment to do it. He only has 4000 credits to his name due to pay and his blaster along with some other token belongings. Its unknown the amount of stuff his friends own to their own name. So how do yall suppose that we pull off such a feat. With not tipping the rebels that we took a ship and are holding it from them, as that may bring repercussions hopefully.
  2. Bold of you to assume my group murders Stormtroopers on a daily basis. The imperial army shakes in their boots but when the shinies roll out with proper equipment and leadership, the party scrambles for the nearest piece of cover. Do the game but we are imperial army dudes
  3. Thanks for the advice, especially your bit about Local Forces.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Nym will probably one of the first antagonists for the group because of their "manners", Ill read up on him.
  5. So my small space combat group of pirates and murderers just completed their first score of raiding a small crimson dawn convoy. Now I'm trying to put them in a loose location, just a sector so they can get their bearings and allow me the GM to start filling out the geography and make it more than "we murder another convoy" campaign. Im thinking of placing the campaign in the Karthakk Sector in the outer rim known for Captain Nym and some minor trade routes for the PCs to start. My question is that wookipedia reports the the rebels Karthakk Sector Force could "raise respectable fleets and Armies from its own resources." Now since the campaign is alot of space combat, its good idea to make a roster for both rebel and imperial fleet forces so I know what to pull out when they inevitability get involved with either Nym or the civil war. What would those sector fleets look like? How powerful do yall think these two forces would be?
  6. Just try and pick one ship and ground the encounter around it. I can wrap my head around trying to keep track of 5+ ships because Im a commodore junkie however I advise you to pick one ship and think of everything happening around it. Just keep track of its postition relative to everything else and give a range band and direction to everything. It helps when I introduce space combat to new guys Or You could do what me and a other GM do when us capship and starfighter escorts do during massive battles and pull out a d&d mat and translate squares to range bands. It varies from party to party in interepretations but if you type it out and say "The is gun can only fire this many squares" or "This ship traveling at speed two can only travel 2 squares in one" Hope that helps from the space junkie.
  7. Gun runs, heavily defended and probably hard to sell but if you dont have morals to who your selling to millions can be made.
  8. So some pirate PCs in a pirate game are trying to expand their starfighter forces and have taken upon themselves to raid a convoy carrying a squadron of T-wings. How much would say a Action IV transport hold? Could it hold any of them at all? How much encumbrance is a sil 3 starfighter?
  9. In this westmarches game a group of space combat characters (me included, I was the commodore build) went to go get some crates left by some rebel smugglers in the midst of a asteroid field. Suddenly a vindicator jumped in at long range outside the field and started deploying ties. Me and two other PCs on my pimped out Neb-B kept it busy until a bright idea came into mind of exploiting sniper shot ATA and the fact that Neb Bs have medium range tractor beams to drag the vindicator into the asteroids for some free crits. After one 6 crit was rolled everyone was so happy at me when all the quad lights started concentrating barraging us.
  10. They are great, a wonderful way of foreshadowing my imperial battlefleet moving into the sector by them accidentally dropping into the staging ground. hehe
  11. Tweak the crafted cybernetic prosthetic to serve as a robotic body and give it to the character as having succeeding the crafting check with one success. No mechanical benefits while also giving her ion weakness. Then go from there.
  12. They plugged a hole in their ship with bodys of their would be boarders and I was too tired to apply science.
  13. I cant use oggdudes due to me using the pitiful MAC
  14. Well scale it to FFG standards, remember that ISD's weapons are nerfed to all heck. Do the opposite the Centurion.
  15. I'm making a few homebrew specs and Im looking if theres any blank spec trees that can be filled in or anything else people have set up before?
  16. Talk to them individually and try and figure out why they do it. Express you dont like the practice and try to come to a understanding. If the players dont like or are not interested in what your running, ask what they want to do. The best adventures come from the ones that a player motivated.
  17. High charactristics, soak, and most importantly ranks in durable. Nemesis's need to have at least 5 ranks to not get KO'ed in one shot by everyones favorite crit build. And if the enemy is a force user dont be afraid to pull Kylo Ren and throw back the 20 dmg laser bolt that the sniper just chucked at them.
  18. Because on a deep dark level thats what most humans want to do. When players come into a session and are not engaged or interested they will either make their own fun or disengage. Their own fun consists of what they cant do in IRL, Murderhobo.
  19. "Its not a warcrime if we dont report it." "No ERP!" GM: "You find the words, The Reginald scrawled across your H-wing in purple paint." "Darshaq goes to the bathroom.... again." "I start speaking Elvish" "This isnt star trek"
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