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  1. The only ship that isnt around around the time of the New Hope is probably the Starhawk
  2. Do not give the starfighters a mass driver, Tie pilots everywhere are cowering in fear
  3. Im curious, how does one hand a Nebulon-B on a platter?
  4. So I'm pondering tonight and thought of this question. We all know of the party bus of a beat up tramp freighter or even given PCs some starfighters to play with. But has anyone given out Sil 5+ ships? Whats the biggest ship yall have let your PCs have? (Or they take by force)
  5. Steal a quasar, there is plenty of them and used by many many factions.
  6. While there is no mention of specific bases, in the old saga campaign guide in the rebellion era sourcebook there is a list of sectors with the most active organized rebellion. Googling the sector can give you some planet names and then you can fill in the rest. Page 92 I believe.
  7. In my games, I believe in letting the players have all the toys but it comes with great responsibility. Ill let them take ships or large shipments of stuff and sell em off to smugglers and criminals for a good fraction of the price. They generally loot and sell what they can however Ill occasionally give them their paycheck for 300/400 credits for every "mission" they do. I wont increase it unless they move their characters into leadership roles and they already have plenty of credits. They have a lot of credits but I make sure to charge em fines and other stuff often. Every time they land their ship on planet, its a docking fee. Every time they bring big weapons into a city, they are confiscated and it takes a huge fine/bribe to get em back. In addition, I allow a limited requisition system to be in effect but any damaged goods gets charged if they arent consumables and the players have to sink alot of resources and credits to ensure their quertermaster is well stocked so they can take stuff. TL:DR: I let my rebels have alot of goodies and cash but the empire has more and the galaxy is always charging credits for something.
  8. Good news folks, a second front has opened up on a different ice planet. And we have limited air superiority in places! I mean everyone is also starving but we will get to that later.
  9. Remember he is now captured by a shadowy group of what he believes to be terrorists. Imperial progerganda has told him they are a bunch of ruthless, murdering zealots who murder for funzies. Now he is at their mercy and probably in a location few people know about. There is little to no hope of rescue due to very few people knowing where imp prisoners go, they practically dissappear from the galaxy. Basically, if you were him, you would think your in the clutches of Daesh or Al Qaeda. Let your players feed into that fear.
  10. You dont come up with a adventure, you make a hook, plan some loose plotpoints, get some NPCs will certain motivations and let the players write it themselves. One of my all time best sessions was when my group decided to raid a arms factory for some weapons for their allies, I had very loose ideas and just rolled with the punches. Some hilarity and genius roleplaying happened.
  11. Instructor, Tactition to give dice buffs Medic, doctor to keep them alive. Modder, Rigger, Outlaw tech to improve their gear and ship.
  12. I just want some of the more obscure capital vessels statted -Assault Frigates -Strike Cruiser -Dauntless Cruiser -Liberator Cruiser -Nebulon-B2 -Carrack ect.
  13. I think you are mistaking me for the GM, Im a player in a greater westmarches campaign.
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