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  1. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    @Rakaydos I am sorry to say this but do to unforeseen complications,I do not have the time too keep up with this game. I know it sounds crazy but I have some crazy things happening to my life. I'll maybe hop in on a later date but until then Charlie cannot be played for a bit.
  2. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    @Rakaydos well I spent two strain to get the extra maneuver which allows me too use an action. I'm just roleplaying my character in that he would want to be the center of attention and would strain himself to do so. If you don't want that I can always redo the post.
  3. Charlie is getting bored quickly so he decides to have a little fun. Fx squeaks out "this aint a great idea man, your going to get kicked out just like with the Toompana marauders." Charlie grins and responds "these people won't try and disintegrate me for just pulling ahead a bit eh?" With that Charlie pulls his ship into a corkscrew! attempting to gain the advantage on Spade 1!
  4. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    I'll get my IC up by tonight. Hold on.
  5. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    @sterf hello
  6. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    Shouldn't we roll initiative to determine the order we move?
  7. Semi-Understanding the binary FX is receiving, Charlies briefly adjusts comms as he rockets on side by side with Spade 1. "Spade 7 you alright there I thought I heard there was power fluctuations in your rear fuselage.
  8. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    Can I take that please?
  9. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    @Rakaydos Since I have a rank in Shortcut can I make checks to get there faster? (roleplaying the Hotshot
  10. "Not wanting to be the slow poke Charlie comms his wingman "Hey Spade 6, try and keep up" grinning like a mad man he comms to FX. "Umbara if you will FX" FX understanding the code braces it self while preparing for Charlies Antics. "WOOOOOHOOOO" screams Charlie as he throws the aging Y-wing into full throttle! Charlie uses the Fly/drive maneuver increase his speed to 4 causing 2 SS Due to High G training 1, Accelerates too range medium 2 FX is going to attempt to fix the SS as the Y-wing accelerates Repairing the SS: 2eP+2eA 4 successes having been used too Charlies antics, FX bleeps away as he quickly repairs frayed wires and sparking panels. Charlie glancing at the controls as he rockets ahead says "Always could depend on you pal". He blasts ahead wooping all the way. Charlie converts his Action to a maneuver and uses the Fly/Drive maneuver to move to medium range. "Excuse me Spade 1 as he rockets by."
  11. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    @Rakaydos When changing your position how does it factor in with your speed.
  12. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    Since I failed can I attempt to open a private channel with Spade 2 to gain the coordinates? A computer check?
  13. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    then ill spend my advantages to give myself a boost dice on the next role and give R2-FX a boost dice (Ill spend mine with future dice posts in the future)
  14. Scanning over the computers looking bored, Charlie says "Spade 3 standing by": 2eA+2eD+1eB+1eP 0 successes, 3 advantage "what are we doing here Spade 1,the empires not shooting space dust." still scanning the clouds, Charlie starts getting frausterated" Even though he doesn't want to admit it he isn't getting anything on the Scanner. "FX can you get anything" The astromech tries its best to get a bead on the Scanners but not much luck. "what a great start to mission". The early failure inspiring him to show his stuff in future events.