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  1. Well there's me,
  2. I think we are using emperor Norton's house rules.
  3. Im gunna love this game.
  4. well remember I'm trying to balance things out so a single Y-wing can just launch some torps and kill a squadron of ties or knock a corvette down 1/3 of its health with a lucky roll without even trying, remember we can always tweak some rules to fit the game. Im just trying to balance the game.
  5. Are we going to use emperor Norton's house rules because those fix alot of broken mechanics and makes snubfighters actually useable in large combat encounters with capital ships.
  6. I've ran a small capital ship fight and 3 fighter encounters. I just need a tracker to keep the range in check
  7. There capped at two ranks per skill in character creation you right.
  8. @Cartergame welcome to the team and now since we are with into some introductions here goes my crappy attempt at grammar. Found floating in the remains of Z-95 headhunter that just happened to be rammed into the bridge of Neutron Star Bulk Cruiser that was being used by pirate, Chear-Liey or Charlie is the luckiest son of a Sarlaac in the galaxy. While claiming to be part of local vigilante gang, rebel intelligence found out he was doing it just for kicks and the pirates took his favorite droid R2-FX. The two are inseparable and after little encouragement Charly eagerly signed up to the Alliance Starcorp for reasons to be yet known. some say he's just a pay jumper, others say he hates the empire because of the scars on his back and doesn't want to talk about them, while some suggest he just does it for kicks. Often times personnel had to pry the two scoundrels from the bowels of engine to keep them from "fixing some flaws". Either way Charles skill as a pilot is undeniable and somehow R2-FX manages to keep whatever he's flying from vaporizing. He also never wears socks, we don't know why just yet but talk to him for a bit and he'll go on a tangent about something and maybe you'll learn something from the little guy.
  9. I'm the hotshot he's talking about
  10. I was going to play a hotshot.... Didn't you see my character? I've yet to create the astromech
  11. Ill get my astromech up tonight
  12. Starship shenanigans, sounds about right when are talking about this system.
  13. I see I'm just a little scam weary, I ordered like 5 X-wing Z-95s to find out they all fake. Excuse my ignorance
  14. I'm seemingly puzzled by this. What is your motivation to this. If your receiving money from ffg I can sorta get it however this is your site with products on the website. In other words why tell us of this