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  1. They are great, a wonderful way of foreshadowing my imperial battlefleet moving into the sector by them accidentally dropping into the staging ground. hehe
  2. Tweak the crafted cybernetic prosthetic to serve as a robotic body and give it to the character as having succeeding the crafting check with one success. No mechanical benefits while also giving her ion weakness. Then go from there.
  3. They plugged a hole in their ship with bodys of their would be boarders and I was too tired to apply science.
  4. I cant use oggdudes due to me using the pitiful MAC
  5. Well scale it to FFG standards, remember that ISD's weapons are nerfed to all heck. Do the opposite the Centurion.
  6. I'm making a few homebrew specs and Im looking if theres any blank spec trees that can be filled in or anything else people have set up before?
  7. Talk to them individually and try and figure out why they do it. Express you dont like the practice and try to come to a understanding. If the players dont like or are not interested in what your running, ask what they want to do. The best adventures come from the ones that a player motivated.
  8. High charactristics, soak, and most importantly ranks in durable. Nemesis's need to have at least 5 ranks to not get KO'ed in one shot by everyones favorite crit build. And if the enemy is a force user dont be afraid to pull Kylo Ren and throw back the 20 dmg laser bolt that the sniper just chucked at them.
  9. Because on a deep dark level thats what most humans want to do. When players come into a session and are not engaged or interested they will either make their own fun or disengage. Their own fun consists of what they cant do in IRL, Murderhobo.
  10. "Its not a warcrime if we dont report it." "No ERP!" GM: "You find the words, The Reginald scrawled across your H-wing in purple paint." "Darshaq goes to the bathroom.... again." "I start speaking Elvish" "This isnt star trek"
  11. Pretty much, get up to troublesome minion groups and cut them down to size with blast along with providing a obvious target while DPS's and Skill monkeys do their thing. Also controlling init.
  12. So I took a deeper read through of Fully Operational lately and stumbled upon the suggested campaign of Operation Shield Bash. Those who dont know it TL:DR PCs pose as civilian contractors as they rebuild a old clone wars defense station and then use it to inflict massive damage on the empire. I want to run it, as it has the potential for Engineering, Social, and some spy/combat encounters over the course of a probable 10-15 sessions. My problem is the suggested ending, the world that they rebuild the station over is on the outer rim with some imperial presence. The attack is supposed to inflict massive damage to imperials before abandoning the station as waves of imperial navy reinforcements overwhelm the defenses. This ending, while having the satisfaction of completely obliterating of any Imp nemesis along the way, in my opinion takes all the work the PCs did and says "Thats great, its all gone now". I would like to adjust it to basically be a sudden coup on the planet where the station attacks the imps in space and a uprising throws off the imps on the ground. Then the rebel fleet and the station fend off reinforcements trying to hold the line before the Imperial Navy gives up throwing so many resources at a distant outer rim planet and settles to just guard the hyperspace routes in and out. My problem is how do I go about doing this with out stretching the number of sessions to the triple digits. Is the possibility of establishing a rebel fortress world like mon cala is even possible? Would the rebel fleet need convincing to under take such a tremendous effort?
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