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    GILLIES291 got a reaction from General_Grievous in Ship of the day: VCX-100   
    I got into X-wing specifically because of the Ghost and have flown it in 1st and 2nd edition a ton and almost exclusively. Second edition Ghost is a lot harder to use and did get depowered a ton. So before you get into builds it's good to look at what changed and what it's trying to come back from.
    For almost the same cost as it was it:
    Lost rear torpedo arc
    Lost two Shields
    Decreased its 5k to a 4k flip
    Lost the system slot (but gained it back later woot!)
    Went from a 4 die rear arc to a 3-2 die 
    *Attack shuttle Docked* Went from gauranteed Double-tapping Turrets to a weak 2-3 die situational shot 
    *Sheathipede docked* Went from end of round coordinate to mid-round coordinate
    And that's just the VCX, not to mention that Kanan massively increased in points and can't even use his ability on himself.
    Chopper replaces his brutal stress for situational Jam tokens.
    Hera on the other hand became the best pilot in the new edition, rightfully so. Her rise up also reflects the Ghosts new role as more of a limited "arc-adjuster" heavy jouster/support vessel instead of the "One-Ship list" it used to be. I find if you try to load up the Ghost like in first edition and make her the focus of your build you tend to lose but if you fly her cheaper and in tandem with some other decent mid-cost fighters she excels, or at least does better as she takes hits while the other 1/2 to 2/3 of your fleet is putting some damage of their own on. Also other than AP-5 or another cheap sheath shuttle for the composure/extra action trickery there is no reason to dock anything to it. The attack shuttle's boost is garbage especially when the ARC-170 does the same thing much better and cheaper. And why pay that much for a bonus attack when VTG and a turret does the same for cheaper and better.
    So practically I've had the most luck running it with Jan Ors and Wedge but that was before the points update. Here is the old build, very illegal now:
    ".50 Cal"
    (73) Hera Syndulla [VCX-100 Light Freighter]
    (8) Magva Yarro
    (1) Crack Shot
    (2) Hull Upgrade
    Points: 84
    (52) Wedge Antilles [T-65 X-wing]
    (0) Servomotor S-foils
    (1) Crack Shot
    Points: 53
    (44) Jan Ors [HWK-290 Light Freighter]
    (12) Squad Leader
    (2) Tactical Officer
    (18) Moldy Crow
    Points: 76
    Total points: 213 (formerly 200)
    Hera was also good with a pair of Y-Wings when protorps were still cheap. Currently in this Leia-points cycle my favourite is:
    "Asher's Ships" (named after my toddlers favourite ships)
    (73) Hera Syndulla [VCX-100 Light Freighter]
    (0) Ghost
    (4) Ion Cannon Turret
    (6) Veteran Turret Gunner
    (8) Magva Yarro
    (2) Leia Organa
    (1) Composure
    (2) Fire-Control System
    Points: 96
    (32) AP-5 [Sheathipede-class Shuttle]
    Points: 32
    (56) Wullffwarro [Auzituck Gunship]
    (4) Chewbacca
    (8) R2-D2
    (3) Hull Upgrade
    (1) Crack Shot
    Points: 72
    Total points: 200
    Composure let's you get a focus and reinforce token each round by failing the free coordinate. Leia is a given while she is costed low. Wullffwarro is a tanky ship as well and can help pull its weight.
    Basically the Ghost functions best in 2 or 3 ship squadrons where it's not the star of the show. Hera, Magva and Leia are the core components I've found, though Nien and Saw are fun alternatives too. She's not the best, but with Fire control system and the drop in points for turrets, VTG, and Leia she is somewhat good. And I still love her and will fly her regardless haha.
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    GILLIES291 got a reaction from Preotet in Different cards with the new reprint?   
    I disagree with your statement 1 as a statement 1 guy. I would counter that if a player has a card that is printed with an errata it's harder to play it a different earlier pre-errata way. It feels almost like you are cheating. And if you are playing in things like the solo league then you feel dishonest playing it that way. And it's similar and even worse if it's an unprinted change.
    In another game, X-Wing, which my wife and I used to play before this game, my wife's favorite build was Palpatine in a Shuttle with two wingman. She played it dozens of times against me. And we almost always played just the two of us. Beat me many times and I beat her a few back. But she was still getting into the heavier games at that time. 
    Then one year they nerfed Palpatine and changed his effect to be "more balanced", we could still play the old way and we tried to but it ruined it for her and she eventually lost interest in the game. It felt like we were cheating or playing it wrong or making up your own rules to make it easier. And destroyed her favourite squad while at it.
    This has the same effect on us. My favourite character is Boromir and when I read they changed his to once per phase I felt similar and he became less fun for me because I felt like I was again making up my own rules. We didn't and still don't have even half of the card pool so threat reduction isn't really possible so he wasn't abused. And even if I had everything and could make him raise his threat forever and the game gets too easy then I just change it up and play something else, it's a cooperative friendly game. But still when I play him now either I'm looking at his card and mentally attaching restrictions to him which is lame. Or I'm playing him with my "made-up" rules of no limit and feel bad. Kind of ruined the entire card for me. 
    So do we keep playing him the old way? Sure but it's definitley become less fun using him and I feel like I have to play him a different way if I want to be legit. So = less fun to do as you said and be statement 1.
    I don't want my wife and friends to lose interest in a game as their favorite combos are altered. That's not enjoyable to any of us and actually detracts from and ruins parts of the game because it's more to keep track of and you feel bad when you play it the old way.
    Also how many erratas do you really want? If they changed every single card in the game would that actually be ideal? How is one supposed to keep track of all of that and wouldn't you feel bad if you won with a certain card or cards and afterwards realized/remembered it doesn't play like it has been changed to? I know we would.
    What would be far far better in our opinion is just coming out with OPTIONAL restricted card pool/hero lists or specific erratas for an event. It lets guys that for some reason need help balancing a cooperative game be able to have alternate worse cards. And keeps things simpler and more fun for the casual players like us that help grow the gamer base instead of getting overwhelmed with extra text to remember or have to feel bad because we aren't playing it right, or not come out to larger events because the way we play is different then the way it's supposed to be now. 
    Either way we reject erratas on player cards and hope they stop with them or change it to optional perhaps rotating lists and leave our physical cards and games alone. And we'll keep playing the old way while trying to not become disenfranchised with the game because of these changes.
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    GILLIES291 got a reaction from Sasajak in Solo play?   
    Yes it's pretty cool you get Bilbo (for the Hobbit), Frodo (for missions where he is the focus) or Aragorn (for his great battles). It's pretty cool and definitely helps against the harder difficulty of those scenarios. And you get cool boon cards that are upgrades or special weapons that stay with you.
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    GILLIES291 got a reaction from TheSpitfired in Khazad-Dum   
    Related note I love breaking theme hahaha. Eagles are everywhere, they found a hole in Moria's roof and they are sweeping down for some middle earth orc bunker buster air strikes. 
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    GILLIES291 got a reaction from alcuin18 in Print On Demand   
    But it's so hard! Hahaha.
    I vote Massing at Osgiliath but only because I have just played a handful of them. Murder at the Prancing Pony is highly spoken of and the one I'm most looking forward too.
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    GILLIES291 reacted to Seastan in Go-To Power Heroes   
    My most powerful deck uses Elrond, Arwen, and tactics Eowyn, which I consider to be the strongest heroes in their respective spheres. For leadership, I'd go with Denethor as the strongest. I think Dain is more powerful than Denethor if you build an entire fellowship around him, but when you get to the point of designing multiple decks to work in harmony, some crazy jank can start happening. For example, there's a two-player fellowship I have that trivially beats every quest and is centered around lore Bilbo of all heroes.
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    GILLIES291 got a reaction from mttrchrds in Khazad-Dum   
    Related note I love breaking theme hahaha. Eagles are everywhere, they found a hole in Moria's roof and they are sweeping down for some middle earth orc bunker buster air strikes. 
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    GILLIES291 reacted to alcuin18 in Print On Demand   
    My family recently completed our entire collection of regular scenarios and saga expansions and now we're thinking of moving on to the standalone quests. Other than Fog on the Barrow-downs and The Old Forest which I know are part of the saga campaign mode, which of the other standalone quests would all of you say are the best for a group?
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    GILLIES291 reacted to Nickpes in Go-To Power Heroes   
    Usually it Will be Galadriel, Cirdan, Spirfindel (I might change Cirdan to Gandalf)
    Also Dunedain with Aragorn (either Lore or Tactics), Halbarad, Amarthuil 
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    GILLIES291 got a reaction from wernerkellens in Solo play?   
    Yes it's pretty cool you get Bilbo (for the Hobbit), Frodo (for missions where he is the focus) or Aragorn (for his great battles). It's pretty cool and definitely helps against the harder difficulty of those scenarios. And you get cool boon cards that are upgrades or special weapons that stay with you.
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    GILLIES291 got a reaction from Vince79 in Solo play?   
    Yes it's pretty cool you get Bilbo (for the Hobbit), Frodo (for missions where he is the focus) or Aragorn (for his great battles). It's pretty cool and definitely helps against the harder difficulty of those scenarios. And you get cool boon cards that are upgrades or special weapons that stay with you.
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    GILLIES291 got a reaction from wernerkellens in Solo play?   
    Chalk me up for solo one-handed only. I just find it War simpler and faster to play. If you want options play tri-sphere with Grima and sword Thain the missing sphere haha. Or find heroes that have two spheres naturally or play Sagas where you have an extra hero. 
    Now all that being said a great way to play when getting started is start with an extra resource on each hero as a harder version of easy mode. 
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    GILLIES291 reacted to Vince79 in Solo play?   
    I've always played "pure" one handed solo.  Never seriously considered doing otherwise, I've enjoyed the challenge of playing one handed.  You make a good argument though.  Each sphere has certain valuable attributes, and if you're playing one handed you're just going to have to do without some of them.  And that can be a pretty noticeable gap.  Also, I've been playing some solo "Journeys in Middle-Earth", and you essentially play two handed in that, since you control two characters.
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    GILLIES291 reacted to Vince79 in Khazad-Dum   
    So I finally got back to the game after finishing the Mirkwood Cycle and getting distracted by the Journeys in Middle-Earth game (great game).  
    I started the Khazad-Dum Expansion with the first scenario Into the Pit.  I found a dwarf deck online somewhere that I've been using (I wanted to be true to the theme).  I play true solo and it's a three sphere deck, which I've never tried before.  It has a lot of different cards in it, which is something I would normally avoid.  Usually I figure you should just take the best cards, and take three of them.  But I guess the variety of cards helps the three spheres run more smoothly.  In fact, it works surprisingly well. 
    It took three tries to beat Into the Pit though.  I then switched to my tried and true Leadership/Spirit Aragorn/Eowyn/Theodred deck, and I've lost three in a row, and I considered that a pretty dominant deck.
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    GILLIES291 reacted to Trumpet95 in Hobbit Saga - We Must Away Ere Break of Day - Problem with the ending!!! (spoilers)   
    Are you aware of the errata?
    They have added "If Troll Key (Purse) is discarded, add it to the staging area"
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    GILLIES291 reacted to dalestephenson in Hobbit Saga - We Must Away Ere Break of Day - Problem with the ending!!! (spoilers)   
    I sympathize with you, but after the trolls are killed/frozen there's really nothing left to fight, so it would be anticlimatic if you were allowed to "discover" the cave and quest to it at that point.
    One minor point -- if the troll *did* have the Key when turned to stone it would be problematic.  They were only able to get in because the troll had lost the key.  From the Hobbit:
    ...they came on a big door of stone leading to a cave.  But they could not open it, not though they all pushed while Gandalf tried various incantations.
    "Would this be any good?" asked Bilbo, when they were getting tired and angry.  "I found it on the ground where the trolls had their fight."  He held out a largish key, though no doubt William had thought it very small and secret.  It must have fallen out of his pocket, very luckily, before he was turned to stone.
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    GILLIES291 reacted to tripecac in Hobbit Saga - We Must Away Ere Break of Day - Problem with the ending!!! (spoilers)   
    I was finally doing well in the first Hobbit saga scenario (after 3 failed attempts).  This time, I was in Stage 2, had massive armies on both sides (I play 2 handed), had killed 2 trolls, and was itching kill the 3rd.
    Bilbo had Troll Purse attached, Troll Key was attached to the last troll, and Troll Cave was in the staging area.  So, all I had to do was grab the Troll Key, travel to the Troll Cave, and explore it.  That would take 2 turns max.  Bilbo was ready, and all I needed to do was damage the final troll with an attack.
    The first encounter card forced the troll to engage the player with Bilbo.  It sacked 2 characters, but I had so many that it didn't matter.
    All I needed to do was hit the troll.
    But then, when I resolved my questing, I saw that I had so much willpower that it completely emptied the encounter deck.  This forced me to go to Stage 3.  Which immediately ended the game.  Yikes.
    Since Troll Cave was not yet in the Victory display, my understanding is that this means I cannot discover Sting, Glamdring, and Orcrist, correct?
    This stinks!  I was doing so well... but I guess I ended up doing "too well"....

    And then I realised: this ending doesn't make sense.
    You see, by questing too well, I forced dawn to arrive, which froze the trolls. Okay, that's a little weird, but I can accept that. 
    However, what I don't like is this next bit:
    According to the game, since the trolls froze before I had explored the Troll Cave, I didn't have a chance of discovering the treasure.  No chance.  Zero.  Zip.  Never mind the fact that we had the purse, the last troll had the key, and the cave was right there in front of us (in the staging area).  It's as if the dwarves, in a fit of idiocy, decided to simply drop the purse, ignore the key, and ignore the cave.  "Oh well, job done, nothing more for us here, on to Erebor!"  No curiosity whatsoever.
    But this is opposite from the book!  In the book, the trolls were frozen before the cave was even discovered, right?  After the fight, the Dwarves explored a bit, and *then* found the cave.
    So why can't we explore the Troll Cave *after* eliminating the trolls?  That's what I was expecting to happen anyway, since it's consistent with the story.  (This was my first time seeing the third quest card, so the fact that the game ended immediately was a nasty surprise).
    I don't understand why the game forces us to explore the cave before finishing off the trolls.  That's just such an unexpected deviation from the book.  And, since familiarity with the book is part of the appeal of the saga expansion, it seems strange that the game would try to "trick" us like this, almost as if it is punishing us for trusting the book/lore too much.
    Is this why some people don't rate the Hobbit sagas highly?  Do these sort of thematic/gameplay conflicts recur throughout the Hobbit saga?  Or is this the worst offence? 
    Or did I completely read the game/quest wrong?  Am I missing something here?
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    GILLIES291 reacted to Durins_Father in Legolas Alternate Art   
    The PODs you can order after GenCon or the Fellowship event indeed do not include the alt art hero. Else there woudn't be such a high demand for them. Legolas should be relatively easy to find online, as there were a lot of copies of him made. Gimli is a lot more difficult to find, and a lot more expensive as well, since he was only released at GenCon. 
    I would suggest keeping an eye on Ebay for a copy, they usually sell there together with the POD scenario as well, and perhaps even the mat if you are lucky. Posting across other groups will help spread the word, allowing you to find a copy quicker. Good luck in your hunt!
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    GILLIES291 reacted to player3351457 in Go-To Power Heroes   
    Yes tactics aragorn. It takes a leap of faith on both sides. I quest with everyone, he will only quest with Halbarad if he is engaged with someone. 
    Erestor outlands... interesting! I recently ran a solo hirluin, prince imrahil tactics, denethor leadership and that was a lot of fun. I like eleanor blocking the wiping treacheries 
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    GILLIES291 reacted to NathanH in Go-To Power Heroes   
    Caldara, Arwen, Beregond.
    But if we really want to disgustingly dominate almost any encounter deck, our strongest team has been pairing (Purple Denethor, Erestor, Balin) with (Sam, Green Aragorn, Blue Glorfindel). Challenge: work out what we are doing with this fellowship.
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    GILLIES291 reacted to Calvadur in Go-To Power Heroes   
    My go to deck is Treebeard/Denethor(L)/Galadriel. It's the best deck I ever build completely by myself. It carried me through the Haradim cycle and even held it's ground in a 2-player-NM-campaign (at least for the first to quests, we never managed to try the third one as my friend moved away).
    If i'm really annoyed I just bring out a Vilya deck. These things are insane.
    If we are just talking heroes:
    Leadership: Denethor
    Tactics: Beregond/Legolas (depending if I need attack or defense)
    Spirit: Arwen
    Lore: Elrond
    Colourless: Gandalf  
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    GILLIES291 reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Go-To Power Heroes   
    Leadership Dain, Thorin Oakenshield, Ori.
    Elrond, Spirit Glorfindel, Gildor.
    Lore Aragorn, Spirit Eowyn, Spirit Glorfindel.
    If I can beat a quest with none of these, . . . Well that hasn’t happened, so I don’t know what I’d do.
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    GILLIES291 reacted to silverthorn in Go-To Power Heroes   
    My go-to powerhouse deck is a Elrond/Gandalf/Sporfindel deck with Vilya for game breaking awesomeness
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    GILLIES291 reacted to player3351457 in Go-To Power Heroes   
    I've flirted with the idea of this but the thought of being 10 away from elimination in a "toys" deck scares the heck out of me.
    I know you are referring to solo play but I mostly play two player and our SHTF decks are aragorn-halbarad-amarthiul and cirdan-eowyn-arwen/galdor (depending on whether healing is necessary). The former does an excellent job keeping enemies out of staging (and killing if necessary) and the latter quests and clears locations exceptionally well.  
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    GILLIES291 reacted to GrandSpleen in Hobbit Saga - Man this is hard!   
    Maybe the best idea is to sleeve Eleanor, draw a beard on her on the sleeve, and rename her Dis.
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