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  1. I think it should cost twice as much pma tuesday, unless it's raining, then it actually drops the points of your ship by half.
  2. Yeah we are playing them slightly out of order. Keeping the deluxe expansions with their Adventure packs as best we can. But you do what you can and it's easier with the first three cycles as the story wasn't as well developed as the later ones, so missing a pack isn't a huge deal.
  3. Still awesome though, very pumped for the Brown wizard to make his appearance and become a staple of my Boromir Eagles deck
  4. Truth but he isn't a creature. Don't they have to have the creature keyword?
  5. Can't Radaghast only return a non-unique creature to the staging area? So hill troll wouldn't work.
  6. It may be easy for you to say that and we will keep playing the old way because I won't tell the more casual players about the errata. It does make my wife and I feel bad and annoyed because as dale points out it's like the developers have stated "oh this card is too strong, even in its progression style, because they altered the cards in the packs that contain it. This is how the card should have always been." A new player that picks up burning brand and eventually progresses to Carn Dum is going to have a **** of a time trying to win against that scenerio without it being the old way. And why would someone want to make up different rules for their new card as it's printed? How would casual players even know they have the option to change the text on their cards to something more favorable that used to be? And would they want too? Or would it feel to much like cheating? We experienced this in Star Wars Imperial Assault where on the second mission I was controlling the Imeprials and the Rebels could not get through this locked and reinforced door. They were attacking it with everything they had and could at most do 1-2 damage against it a round. They lost utterly. I was so perplexed as to why it was such a hard mission for them and then after looking into it later I discovered that they had errata-ed and toned down these rebel saboteur characters to no longer be able to pierce through the doors defenses. They had done it for the competitive scene and it worked for that. But for the mostly cooperative game it imbalances it to the point of being actually near impossible to achieve, and completely impossible if this specific mission was randomly selected as the second mission. There was no guide saying "oh by the way this is what this card used to say, feel free to change it for this mission" anywhere. Back to LOTR: It took me many many many tries to beat Carn Dum and a sentinel multi-readying Song of Wisdom Burning Brand Boromir is what finally helped us get through it. And even then it was still not easy. Now officially those things are no longer allowed. And for newer players with the new text on Boromir and Burning Brand... God help them against that scenario when they get there progression-wise. Yes I'm sure you or someone else will say you can build another tailored perfectly tuned deck to take on a particular scenario, but that's not fun for us. Part of the enjoyment of this fantastic game comes from playing who we want to and with whatever decks we want. We can control our own difficulty levels and can help balance out some of the much weaker hero choices through strong "OP" cards like Burning brand. And if that's too much for other players due to the rare competive versus events then add a restricted list to that rules set. That would be far far more easier then buggering up everyone else's game, taking away fun combos to help out newer or less hardcore players, and not adding mental fatigue to an already heavy game. Seriously how clean would a simple "When constructing fellowships for competive mode, the following cards are not allowed to be chosen/have the following restrictions/have their cost increased by # : boom insert list here" That way you guys going to play the competitive event could have the upgraded challenge but you wouldn't make my more casual group forced to make a choice between following the rules or feeling bad because we are making up our own rules and trying to justify it.
  7. I think we are just disagreeing on the comparison or perhaps definition of vastly underpowered. I'm comparing that card to that card as for newer players we don't have the whole card pool so we are limited to resource generation from things like Horn of Gondor and the like initially. You are comparing it to the pool as a whole. I stand by that Horn of Gondor is vastly underpowered compared to original Horn of Gondor. Likewise with the new versions compared with the original versions of Boromir, Hama, Caldara, and the other erratas. So if one only has the dead Marshes as a first expansion, then Horn of Gondor and Boromir for example are vastly underpowered compared to what they would have been for a new player. But power levels are subject to persona opinion so we can agree to disagree. I definitely played somewhat progression style as we were getting started. Picking up the first cycle and playing through that with just those cards. We diverged to pick up and play through the Sagas but we have been fortunate to get things in order so far.
  8. But I literally said: "And newer players that buy a new pack will have no choice but to play vastly underpowered versions of those cards" For sure there are other cards out there, that are comparable to what the post errata cards are. But how many of the more senior players here had Boromir save their hides more than once by being able to ready more than a single time per phase? Or had the extra resources from Horn of Gondor to afford the key cards and pull off a win. Or just actually use Master of Lore in a deck? Hahaha. But seriously we are finishing a saga campaign right now and the two brand new players pairing up with my wife and I are using strong Dwarf decks with all of these recently errata-ed cards. And now my whole play group loses out on what was helping us scrape through with our limited card pool because people couldn't regulate their playing experience and FFG didn't want to create a restricted list for the rare competitive game nights that they have. These errated cards are vastly underpowered compared to their original incarnations. And in a competitive game I can see why there is a need for errata, in a cooperative game I can't. If you really wanted to break your game with the master of Lore loop then go on. Doesn't sound very fun to me. But it literally affects no one but the person playing it. Where errata-ing something every time a player finds a new combo is just silly to me as it only does the following: -starts to complicate newer players getting into the game -increase the difficulty for players like me that don't have the whole card pool to utilize on older scenerios that were balanced with those player cards -add mental fatigue to keep track of changes to be playing "legit". -take away strong combos for newer or less hardcore players that don't enjoy getting the floor wiped with their depowered heroes by Carn Dum and the like. I think erratas are really just a lot of rubbish that don't have a place in a cooperative friendly game. At this rate are we going to rebalance every card in the game? I'm sure everyone can list off dozens of cards that could be toned down, so where does it stop? Vilya? Gandalf? Elrond? Warden of Healing? Steward of Gondor? Sword that was Broken? I could go on and on but the line must be drawn here! Nah we won't be following the errata anyways but it sure is annoying that people feel the need for errata because they can't regulate their own experience and the developers then have to create continuous errata.
  9. Dale hit it right on the head, tactics I would argue is the most resource-starved group in the game. And has some very expensive allies to pay for.
  10. Errata by its very nature will often cause someone to lose enjoyment. It's changing the rules, dethroning common favourite cards, and presenting the option to either play with our own made up rules (which we see as the old and original way) or lose out on favorite heroes and key player cards. Sure I could use heroes other than Boromir, and I have. But he is my favourite hero and thematically raising your threat to try to help multiple times in a round was always great fun. Then when I found out he had been changed it dimminished and spoiled a lot of that fun. For those of us that want to play by the rules and updates, it's hard when thing we enjoy get the nerf bat. Especially when often it's because one player just made a super powerful combo and was abusing it and publicizing it. You can break a lot of heroes and cards in the current game with the right set ups. But now it almost makes you not want to publish powerful and interesting new decks for fear that your design will inspire a future errata. And it all boils back down to a cooperative versus a competitive game. Comepetive games needs it more because of large group events and LOTR is recently been straddling the line especially with the latest POD packs being versus ones. Which is why I think those events or scenarios would benefit from a banned list rather than physically altering the vast majority of everyone else's games and enjoyment. So you can't please everyone and erratas targeting old cards, when most of us New players only have a few and older cards, really just ramps up the difficulty and hurts our gameplay. Yes I know you said we shouldn't feel bad playing by the old way, but we do. And newer players that buy a new pack will have no choice but to play vastly underpowered versions of those cards. I can say that the Horn of Gondor errata made trying to play a pure tactics fellowship with just the core set that much harder. My first adventure pack I picked up was Dead Marshes to get Boromir and thankfully I didn't know about his errata and the version I have doesn't have those changes so I was able to enjoy the fighting chance he gave my tactics groups with the limited card pool against difficult scenarios. Same with Hama who was just being a fun option that is difficult to abuse going to "well he is pretty much garbage now, it's not like he could really do anything other than getting feint or eagle searching back". Caldera doesn't actually make sense for us to play even written the old way because we hardly have any high cost spirit allies, limiting her to once per game just made us laugh and put her in the will never play anytime soon pile. Which is unfortunate. So those three heroes are borderline unusable to us average new players unless you had tons of adventure packs and could try to build something still semi-good but limited and specific.
  11. I appreciate you taking the time to explain it a different way. And while I still don't like erratas in this game, I get where you are coming from. I personally will keep playing the old way and continue trying to grow my collection. I just hope I can keep my wife and friends interested as their staples get nerfed down and we have to try to ignore rules changes, and not get too affected by it myself. It really does suck to have to feel like you are making up rules to play the game and use things you enjoy especially as newer players who don't have everything and/or are the target audience for these aggressive erratas.
  12. Good to know! And nice find!
  13. So cool! Wish they had the Ghost!
  14. I disagree with your statement 1 as a statement 1 guy. I would counter that if a player has a card that is printed with an errata it's harder to play it a different earlier pre-errata way. It feels almost like you are cheating. And if you are playing in things like the solo league then you feel dishonest playing it that way. And it's similar and even worse if it's an unprinted change. In another game, X-Wing, which my wife and I used to play before this game, my wife's favorite build was Palpatine in a Shuttle with two wingman. She played it dozens of times against me. And we almost always played just the two of us. Beat me many times and I beat her a few back. But she was still getting into the heavier games at that time. Then one year they nerfed Palpatine and changed his effect to be "more balanced", we could still play the old way and we tried to but it ruined it for her and she eventually lost interest in the game. It felt like we were cheating or playing it wrong or making up your own rules to make it easier. And destroyed her favourite squad while at it. This has the same effect on us. My favourite character is Boromir and when I read they changed his to once per phase I felt similar and he became less fun for me because I felt like I was again making up my own rules. We didn't and still don't have even half of the card pool so threat reduction isn't really possible so he wasn't abused. And even if I had everything and could make him raise his threat forever and the game gets too easy then I just change it up and play something else, it's a cooperative friendly game. But still when I play him now either I'm looking at his card and mentally attaching restrictions to him which is lame. Or I'm playing him with my "made-up" rules of no limit and feel bad. Kind of ruined the entire card for me. So do we keep playing him the old way? Sure but it's definitley become less fun using him and I feel like I have to play him a different way if I want to be legit. So = less fun to do as you said and be statement 1. I don't want my wife and friends to lose interest in a game as their favorite combos are altered. That's not enjoyable to any of us and actually detracts from and ruins parts of the game because it's more to keep track of and you feel bad when you play it the old way. Also how many erratas do you really want? If they changed every single card in the game would that actually be ideal? How is one supposed to keep track of all of that and wouldn't you feel bad if you won with a certain card or cards and afterwards realized/remembered it doesn't play like it has been changed to? I know we would. What would be far far better in our opinion is just coming out with OPTIONAL restricted card pool/hero lists or specific erratas for an event. It lets guys that for some reason need help balancing a cooperative game be able to have alternate worse cards. And keeps things simpler and more fun for the casual players like us that help grow the gamer base instead of getting overwhelmed with extra text to remember or have to feel bad because we aren't playing it right, or not come out to larger events because the way we play is different then the way it's supposed to be now. Either way we reject erratas on player cards and hope they stop with them or change it to optional perhaps rotating lists and leave our physical cards and games alone. And we'll keep playing the old way while trying to not become disenfranchised with the game because of these changes.
  15. What is a bit annoying about all this is also that the errata is taking place after so many cycles have been released and most of you veteran long time players have already got to use the "game-breaking OP awesomeness" or conversely used heroes during their normal progression release before certain attachments or combos made those cards stronger. So for new players it's like "here are these same quite difficult scenarios but we are taking away the tools your longer-playing peers used to beat them or just straight up bypassing a particular cards moment in the light. Like when I opened and first looked at the new version, as well as the only version (since it's printed on the cards) of Horn of Gondor or Master of Lore. And they are kind of lame and not great instead of being able to try to experiment and have awesome shenanigans with said cards. I get that to some of you guys there is an organized play scene but I would counter and argue that the vast majority of players do not partake in that scene, and thus the balancing that they "needed" for certain cards would be much better suited with a restricted list, banned list, or alternate versions of cards for that specific one to two times a year event. Do that instead of making the vast majority of the player base's experiences more difficult by physically changing cards in new reprints. It's just harder, more confusing or just outright weird. But meh either way I don't much care, for me and my players Boromir will continue to blow his horn whenever I want to raise my threat. Just like Burning Brand will be able to be used multiple times if you have the readying. I'll play what's on the cards because it's simpler and more fun and as adults playing a cooperative game we can regulate our experience by changing things up if something is too strong or boring.
  16. In regards to Path of Need: Shhhh don't give the Errata people anymore ideas. Ah who am I kidding we don't play with the erratas anyways.
  17. Agree with you. Would be nice to see scouring but I feel like that would be the final pack after the Mordor cycle maybe?
  18. I don't get the purpose of errata for a cooperative game. Just play it however you want to. If you get enjoyment from finding a strong broken combo then fill your boots. If you want to make things really hard for yourself play Fatty solo against Carn Dum. Play however you want to, its just you and a few really close friends. If you go to an actual event then for sure agree on whatever restrictions or errata you want. But in my opinion unless something is legitimately misprinted like an encounter card or quest being impossible to finish I don't see the need for any errata. I'll keep playing Hama, Caldera and Boromir the way they were designed originally and not worry about an extra level of complexity.
  19. We probably won't ever have that issue because we only play with my set of cards. But if we did it's easy enough to say they work differently from each other, agree to use the errata or agree not too. It's a pretty casual chill game haha. Heck my wife and I when playing 2 player as well as our 4 player group plays sleazy mode with the extra resource at the start.
  20. Yeah I won't be playing the errata, I play what's on the cards.
  21. I would choose not Attack on Dol Guldur as I currently only have half of the PODs. I'll keep my eyes open for murder at the prancing pony though haha.
  22. I would vote for Hobbit as well. Followed by whatever green packs you can find.
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