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  1. Would be cool to see that set up Seastan! And those are some strong hero choices. Curious on Arwen though, why her out of all of the resource generating heroes? Stronger than Galadriel, Glorfindel, Spirit Eowyn and Eleanor?
  2. Related note I love breaking theme hahaha. Eagles are everywhere, they found a hole in Moria's roof and they are sweeping down for some middle earth orc bunker buster air strikes.
  3. But it's so hard! Hahaha. I vote Massing at Osgiliath but only because I have just played a handful of them. Murder at the Prancing Pony is highly spoken of and the one I'm most looking forward too.
  4. Yes it's pretty cool you get Bilbo (for the Hobbit), Frodo (for missions where he is the focus) or Aragorn (for his great battles). It's pretty cool and definitely helps against the harder difficulty of those scenarios. And you get cool boon cards that are upgrades or special weapons that stay with you.
  5. Chalk me up for solo one-handed only. I just find it War simpler and faster to play. If you want options play tri-sphere with Grima and sword Thain the missing sphere haha. Or find heroes that have two spheres naturally or play Sagas where you have an extra hero. Now all that being said a great way to play when getting started is start with an extra resource on each hero as a harder version of easy mode.
  6. It's definitely a more combat heavy scenario, Beorn and Boromir like it especially. But dwarves are very strong in general and can handle most quests. You are playing basically the three best heroes in the core set with your second line-up so they should do alright for you as well. But I find if I keep smashing against a wall and getting nowhere that it's time to switch up decks. I've lately been trying to take a trap deck into the Sagas and it's not happening, Nazgul don't care about my traps hahaha
  7. I am loving him in my Mono-tactics deck with Eowyn and Theoden as a solid quester that can still fight. As well as in a Legolas and Radagast Eagle deck as a super defender while Legolas is the super attacker. And being able to exhaust for all sorts of effects is still helpful if you play the errata version. We play the original Boromir and he's much more fun and helpful on the more banging your head against a wall hard difficulty quests that exist out there.
  8. Haha yes I have to keep lots of threat reduction going but it's worth it to play Path of need and all of a sudden have some of the strongest heroes in the game be able to never exhaust. Gandalf and Elrond work so well together and Elrond's boosted healing really helps keep Treebeard questing and hitting for crazy. That sounds like an awesome combo, is that Tactics Aragorn you use? And if it was two player I run Legolas, Glorfindel Spirit and Eleanor alongside my wife's outlands Lore Aragorn/Erestor/Hirluin the Fair. Few can stand against that, and Eleanor helps deal with the Outlands main weakness.
  9. Just curious who everyone's go-to heroes are. Who do you call on when your experimental Dunedain deck or highly thematic Gondor build is repeatedly failing you against the most basic of scenarios, I mean *cough cough* Carn Dum or something more epic and hard haha. But basically what is your most powerful combination of three strongest heroes that always wins when you need them too? For me I've had a ton of luck with Gandalf/Treebeard/Elrond they are my nuclear weapon fellowship I named "Legends of the Light". Though I will add that Legolas/Boromir/Radagast is slowly becoming my new super-powered deck to call upon. Maybe because I just used it to slay Into Ithilien, but it hits hard, can take a punch, and Eagles are awesome and always thematically show up to save the day in our darkest hour (Am I right Hobbit and Return of the King finales?). But curious to see what more experienced players use as their all powerful deck.
  10. Does anyone know where I can pick up one of the Legolas alternate art cards? It came in the Murder at the Prancing Pony Fellowship Deck, but not sure if the POD ones you can buy off the shelf have him or not? He's my favourite character and I love the art!
  11. A trick I haven't seen mentioned yet is the following. Gandalf is immune to all of the sacked cards. So make him your main character and load him up for Troll killing fun. I recommend a low threat build with the new Gandalf Ally that comes in the same box. Throw all of his attachments on him (staff, ring, horse) and he becomes a monster. Another good option is bringing Eleanor my third favourite hero in the game who single-handedly saves you from that game ending "discard all non-treasure attachments". Especially in solo she is great since it's incredibly rare to draw that card again as the replacement one. She is a lifesaver in quests with bad treacheries. Also you really want to get and leave troll camp in play and never spend Bilbo's resources so you can free your characters. Here is the solo deck I beat it with: https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/12768/arrowsinthedark20-1.0
  12. Heck yes one of the most badass lines ever! And just make sure no one buys Marvel and keep selling out LOTR everywhere haha.
  13. That's fair and I feel like he'll come out soon. Especially if Doom and gloom Sayers are right and this is the last cycle then Spirit Aragorn and Saruman are sure things haha.
  14. Valid point forgot about The Seeing Stone. And still not sure about him helping the others with threat thematically, but your version is solid gameplay-wise and would really help the Doomed mechanic, especially since a lot of the Doomed effects are greater than 1.
  15. Cool Saruman. I like him being able to play any sphere because he was "Saruman of Many Colours". And only thing I would do differently is have him ready himself from playing Doomed cards (limit once per phase) and have the Palantir exhaust to search your deck for a doomed event card. Showing him casting his spells but hurting while helping all of the other players the whole time. But I really like the staff, you could even add in/switch out a part to the staff that lets you drop another player's threat by 1 or 2.
  16. GILLIES291


    Alright that's pretty awesome. Does this mean I actually need to pick up the scum Gozanti now to fly with my beautiful Separatists?
  17. I would have totally been in but I only have 5 of the PODs, Laketown, Osgiliath, Annuminas, Old Forest and Barrowdowns. Still working on collecting more but only have up to the end of the Angmar cycle for deluxes. I do have all Sagas so in for that haha.
  18. Nice! Tempted to pre-order now. And I'm guessing we are getting a new Gondorian ally now too based on the other two being player cards?
  19. That's fair and he does work well for his other tricks as you pointed out. Just a top tier hero
  20. But I just mean why not bring his super strong ring in? Haha. All sound reasons though and he rocks, being able to pay for all colored allies is great too
  21. That is super cool! And Elrond without Vilya? What does that look like? Haha. But that is a very thematic team there.
  22. Even more confusing for me when I clicked on the "discuss in forums" and it took me to a Ghost page of dead threads. Had to read the top to find out I wasn't in this forum.
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