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  1. Well shoot still on the fence about needing to pick up this set or not then. How do the quests rank for enjoyment, challenge and theme?
  2. Same question, and are the enemies the same? As in could a player with the old core play these new quests?
  3. GILLIES291

    Is 2.0 aimed at casuals, competitive players or both?

    I would have said competive and my small group was going to just stick with 1st edition. Especially since it's just reboots of OT Ships which most players already had the ones they wanted, or new ST ships which most of us didn't really care to play. But then they came out with the announcement that changed everything. Clone Wars is coming. Now if I want to play an awesome Clone Wars dogfighting game, I need to keep going haha. Still wish it was coming sooner as I mostly just want to play with the ships I have and only buy new Clone Wars content including any starter that they have for it. But FFG is a business after all and they are very good at making money. TLDR: If you want to play Clone Wars or Sequel trilogy space battles, 2.0 is the only way. If you guys are cool with 1st edition ships out (which is basically all OT ships) and no one flies broken combos then carry on with the current edition.
  4. GILLIES291

    Is the 2.0 Core Set really required?

    Northern Alberta Fort McMurray. So unfortunately not near those but if the envelope shipping is cheaper then a full core I'm still game haha. Again thank you to everyone offering help and ideas to consider!
  5. GILLIES291

    Is the 2.0 Core Set really required?

    Do you happen to know where those printable damage decks are? We are pretty laid back in our remote area.
  6. GILLIES291

    Is the 2.0 Core Set really required?

    Thanks everyone! Fair points, forgot about requesting to share templates. And I have nice acrylic ones too so even with the new line down the middle ones I would rather just cut a line on mine and use that instead especially since it's just for the 1 template. So I guess anyone that's using a fancy Gencon damage deck want to sell off a cheap normal 2.0 damage deck to a guy with kids strapped for cash haha.
  7. GILLIES291

    Is the 2.0 Core Set really required?

    With the Clone Wars announcement I'm anticipating a starter pack for that era as well. So not really wanting to pick up a core set this time but want to grab the conversion kits and keep playing. Is anything really required out of there? Rules are available online. Templates I can just draw a line on, and tokens I'm fine to use the existing 1st edition tokens. Tricky one is the damage deck because that is pretty different, but is that the only thing needed from the core to keep playing?
  8. GILLIES291


    I got all excited seeing 0 cost shields on my Ghost haha
  9. GILLIES291

    Favorite Hero Cards

    No offense taken, just different points of view. I will concede I call it the old true way of the men of Gondor. I mean he did have to single-handeldy take Osgiliath so you know he was refreshing more than once a phase hahaha
  10. GILLIES291

    Favorite Hero Cards

    Truth! Grima is my second favorite and tactics Boromir my favourite. And we still play him the old correct way not the new errated one. Mostly because to run the two heroes together is madness haha
  11. GILLIES291

    Radagast and Saruman

    Cool ideas here, put me down for wanting a Saruman hero as well. I would love to see something like Saruman 12 Willpower 1 Attack 4 Defense 3 Hit Points 5 Istari, Isenguard Ranged Action: Exhaust Saruman and spend all resources from his resource pool to put the top card from your deck into play, this does not require a resource match. That card gains doomed 2. Whenever you raise your threat from the doomed keyword, deal 1 damage to an enemy in the staging area.
  12. GILLIES291

    Player Meetup Megathread

    Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
  13. GILLIES291

    Hero Addiction

  14. GILLIES291

    Wave 2 factions: how many are converting?

    Add me to the none list as well. Especially with the Clone Wars factions announced I'll be playing original trilogy and prequels only. I have one of each FO ship and the resistance bomber/TFA core for Resistance, but I suppose I could say goodbye to those ships as I quote Kyle Ren here in reference and say it's time to let the past die, destroy it if we have to hahaha.
  15. I'm a brand new player and just bought this pack as my first one post core to get Boromir because hall of Boern said it was in it, should have read this post first. Hahaha