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  1. 3rd Party Sci-Fi Maps

    And he just updated a new pledge level to make your own custom map, if you ever wanted a custom base/ship for your rpg definitely consider that. I've backed that level a few times and ended up with a sweet Mortis temple map, coruscant terraformed map and the new one coming out crashed ship on beach.
  2. Buzzsaw U-wing and thoughts on meta

    If renegade refit allows two mods that could make the U-Wing into a solid blocker with both anti-pursuit and ion projector.
  3. New Upgrade Cards You Would Like to See

    There are tons of fix threads and some really great stuff, I'm also sure one like this has been done before but today I want to get away from titles and ship specific mods and talk about upgrade cards in general. Sometimes something new comes out with a brand new ship and yet makes old ships better at the same time. Some examples are Lightweight Frame, Extra Munitions, Guidance Chips, Stealth Device, Bomblet Generator, Unguided Rockets and the new Krennic (very pumped about this guy!) These cards helped out with the ship they came with but also helped boost up older models, and I think something generic like this with specific restrictions or stipulations can add to the game but also help out older more obselete ships. So challenge for you guys is to come out with generic upgrades that fill certain roles and help out more than just one ship. Some I would like to see: these two are for the Lambda, Punisher, and U-Wing specifically. Systems Upgrades: Electronic Countermeasures You cannot equip this upgrade card unless you have a printed agility of 1 or less. After dice are rolled for a bomb detonating at range 1-2 of your ship you may recieve a jam (or possibly a stress or Ion) token to change one of the die to a blank result. Cost 0 Communications Suite You cannot equip this upgrade card unless you have a printed agility of 1 or less. Whenever you assign a focus token to your ship, you may assign one focus token to another friendly ship at range 1 if they do not already have one. Cost 2 Crew VIP Limited Once per round, when an enemy ship deals damage to your ship, one other friendly ship with that enemy in their firing arc may make an immediate attack. That ship cannot modify their attack dice. Cost 4
  4. An idea for unshielded TIEs

    Really like this idea, make it TIE only and call it something like: Chaff Countermeasures TIE only When your ship takes damage from a non-primary weapon attack you may discard this card to reduce the damage recieved by 1. cost 0 Some good points were raised about the player fatigue as well, and I think that's a natural balancer for TIEs though I do think the powercreep is starting to leave them behind, at least the pure 8 ship swarm. But there's something epic about playing against a massive swarm if he opposing player is going to bring it. So a couple super crazy yet simple ideas I would like to see is: A straight -1 or -2 Cost title, then you could bring in an additional ship or two, bigger swarm, still balanced by being even harder to fly but more firepower without actually buffing anything. OR: Title Flight Leader -unique If you equip an elite upgrade card, it's squad point cost is reduced by 3 (to a minimum of 0). When your ship would receive a damage card you can instead assign that card to another friendly ship at range 1, then flip that card face up. You cannot equip this card unless your squad contains at least 5 of the same ship types Cost 0 Advantages here, it is multi-faction. Helps keep Swarm/flight leader alive. Doesnt help out the currently stronger 4x Agressors/Y-wings TLTs or 4x Wookies only cheaper arc-based ships. Allows essentially free Swarm Leader upgrade so classic 8 TIE swarms can now fit in a boosted howlrunner to lead the pack. To get the damage spreading effect you have to fly close together which is already countered by the sea of harpoons and bombs.
  5. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    I think just dropping the whole secondary weapon's don't give extra Defense die bit from turrets as it would literally only affect TLTs and would help all sorts of ships.
  6. Director Krennic

    My wife whose a huge empire player but not a fan of the First Order stuff is really excited about this piece. Being able to boost up old Galactic Empire ships may actually be enough to put them on the table. And can you imagine how awesome it will be to have interceptors/phantoms/tie advanced flying against X-wings again? This is what we have always wanted. Well done FFG, well done. Also put me in the group of people that are really hoping he adds just one more effect in all of that crew space. Auto dodge or reroll against a bomb maybe?
  7. 3rd Party Sci-Fi Maps

    No problem and same here, beautiful locations for our groups adventures.
  8. Found this on Kickstarter and looks like some great Star Wars-style settings for sessions:
  9. Found this on Kickstarter for those looking to add some environments to their sessions:
  10. For anyone interested, just found this beauty on Kickstarter. It's a map pack for the old WOTC Star Wars miniatures game but has a cool sci-fi theme and looks pretty compatible with IA size-wise if you ignore some of the line highlighting.
  11. The Role of Boba

    His best role is as a super cheap crew upgrade that can permanently destroy another ship's key gimmick. See you later TLT, Title card, R2.
  12. Punish me Harder

    I would like to see the Ordance Silos upgrade card on the Punisher as is. But I will say that Deathrain, advanced sensors and Bomblet generator are a match made in heaven.
  13. I'm in X-Wing!!

    And for my wife: Amanda Tie Interceptor Skill 9 At the end of the activation phase you may perform a free boost or barrel roll action. She is all about out-maneuvering me in game and as a junior-high school teacher she has to always stay one step ahead of her students hahaha.
  14. I'm in X-Wing!!

    GILLIES 291 VCX-100 Skill 0 Whenever you recover a shield, recover one additional shield. Cost 30 May actually see some use for Reinforced Deflectors! This piece fits me as being well planned, thick-skinned, a lousy pilot, but at least strongly defensive hahaha.
  15. Outer Rim Patrol Pack

    I would also love to see a Tie Interceptor boost aces pack, but they could tie it in with a generic boost for all imperial ships with no shields. EPT - survival instinct - after rolling for defense or bomb damage, you may change one die face to any other result. And for the large ships if it's a Decimator boost: Upgraded sensor suite modification Imperial Large Ship only. Gain the Systems upgrade slot if you do not already have it. Cost 1 Explosive Countermeasures systems slot Action, prevent any bombs at range 1-2 from detonating. Cost 1 could be helpful for the Punisher too