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  1. 1. Ghost 2. Ebon Hawk 3. Outrider 4. Falcon 5. Moldy Crow (I would love to see a Rebel G-6 "Twilight" in the game with Ahsoka and Rex as pilots, could have mobile firing arc)
  2. So some ships we love (gunboat for many, Interceptors for others, Ghost for me) and some we hate because they are overpowered (Denger for many, Nym for others, Jumpmasters for me). But once in awhile a ship comes out and you are like: "What the heck? A wooden gunship? This thing is so ugly, why? And all of the unique pilots sound like noises someone makes when they are talking chewing while. I don't care that it's strong, why does this exist?" Hahaha. (Disclosure I'm a rebel player but a repurposed Clone Gunship or alternatively using the statline/ firing arcs would have made a way better u wing) Sorry back on topic, the challenge is to design a ship, not yet in the game, or if you aren't feeling super creative then an Aces pack for existing ships with a new pilot that you absolutely do not want to see for any reason. And then we will appreciate what we have. Here is mine (hopefully atmospheric craft do not become a thing): Ewok Hang Glider Hull 1 Shields 0 Agility 1 Attack 1 Actions: Focus, Barrel Roll Wicket: When completeing your maneuver, you may attack each enemy ship your maneuver template passes over. Cost 5 This, or anything like this would end the game for me hahaha. So come on show me your worst
  3. Hahaha for added effect just yell "get some, get some!" As you make laser machine gun turret sounds and pretend to be swivelling all over the place.
  4. My favourite one too! It doesn't dominate the view and distract you and looks super cool. I really like the Starkiller Base one too but couldn't find it anywhere so had to pick up Endor
  5. Buy three more first wanted packs, and then four TLTs, enjoy hahaha
  6. We had an awesome local tournament last weekend and not a single Dengar or Nym showed up. (Or RAC/Kylo for the people that think he is a problem). There were only one scum (Bossk and Slave 1 Bomber) and one rebel team (Myself in a Ghost with Ahsoka TIE) and the rest were a mix of Imperial Interceptors, Bombers, Defenders and Fighters. Great times were had by all and we are already planning the next one. Play with people that make it fun and I don't know, fly casual!
  7. Locked Out Furball: Standard furball set up to individual flavour: example 40 points, small ships only, etc... Special Rules: After an attack from a player's ship hits an enemy ship, assign a red target lock to that ship and a blue target lock to your own ship. You cannot attack any ship that you have a target lock on. This way you have to keep engaging different players and target locks are out of the game. First ship to score 2 kills wins.
  8. By "fighter" I assume smaller starfighters only, if so here is my list: 1. Vulture Droid (also my favourite ground vehicle too when it's walking around, love this thing in WOTC Star Wars Miniatures and hope to one day see it in X-wing) 2. Scurgg 3. Tie Bomber 4. Tie Punisher 5. Arc-170 If you mean X-wing only then bump up the list and add the TIE fighter
  9. Because the Ghost, that is all. I'm a sucker for Clone Wars and the Rebels show and that's what got me to finally try out X-Wing. I stay for the fun and challenge of flying my favourite ship despite what's good and not, and branching way out past just Biggs. Also my wife enjoys flying circles around me as Imperial Aces and if I can get my wife to play board games with me then hey awesome!
  10. Kanan and Ahsoka can be added to that list to, their abilities are always useful for Imperials Tomex, Vader and Fel still does well when flown by the pros Classic Han in the Falcon also really rocks and can I say academy pilot? Haha
  11. We have swarm leader, so how about an EPT called "Swarm" Non-unique Pilot only: Increase your pilot skill by 1 for each other ship with Swarm in your squad. During the Perform Action step, if another friendly ship with Swarm is at Range 1-2, you may perform one free action. Cost 3 Could also make it Imperial Only for "it's about time's sake"
  12. It is super fun
  13. How did the Rebels capture you?
  14. There are Advanced Pilots other than Vader? Hahaha
  15. Yep what you said, I agree and think they would be sweet. But I feel like people keep wanting random SW Galaxies releases forever instead haha. One day maybe we will expans the eras to include CW, KOTOR and the classic NJO era. Sigh, I can dream haha.