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  1. Adrenaline Rush, I did six years infantry and deployed overseas, and now work in EMS/Fire Fighting; so very much in love with the adrenaline rush hahaha My wife is Calculation, a brilliant science/math teacher who can outfly me any day.
  2. My wife is just getting into flying them and the SF. She traditionally flew Interceptors, the Inquisator (now there is a guy that isn't played anymore) and Vader. But she's branching out into the more shielded imperial ships.
  3. This is a really good list! I would also really like to see a two-faction Rouge Shadow
  4. Rebel: New A Wing, Heroes of Scarif X/U Wing pack and finally K2-SO, Baze and Chirrut Imperial: TIE F/O Bomber, any shuttle and Thrawn/Constantine/Pryce/Krennic, this would be an awesome fit with a campaign edition game where you have to locate the Rebel base and dispatch Imperial patrols Scum: no more ships please. Hahaha I don't care an epic or vulture Droids or something, I don't buy any scum so doesn't matter to me.
  5. Haha thanks it's my favorite build at the moment
  6. Also a massive Ghost fan here. To the point I exclusively fly the Ghost or Phantom in every tournament I go to, but I have to change up the specific list each time for my own sake and challenge. Won the last tournament with: GHOST RECON Kanan, Sensor Jammer, TLT, Recon Specialist, Rey, title, Engine Upgrade with Zeb docked and Chopper crew and an auto blaster turret equipped (a nasty surprise for aces in the end game) wingman is Ahsoka with VI, Captured TIE, and Recon specialist on board. Fly them close together and the Ghost becomes crazy survivable with sensor jammer forcing enemies to spend their focused or shuts down shots, and has combat round quasi-skill 12 repositioning with Ahsoka triggering a boost. Very deadly fun That said I am also a huge fan of running a bare bones autoblaster/Accuracy corrector/wookie commandos as a wingman. I'm really looking forward to the end of round coordinate shenanigans that the new Phantom will give the Ghost. And can see a nearby Black One Poe being a great candidate for coordinating.
  7. Pretty sure I'm going to pass on the Resistance bomber, and definitely not the scummy scum bit. But a phantom 2, Silencer and gunboat whenever they eventually get them in this far north
  8. One other nice thing about IG88 over Kylo is that our droid friends normally cumbersome large base is immune to the movement part of tractor beam and is slower to be ion cannoned. Which are very nice features to have these days. Now the new Debris gambit is actually an interesting upgrade for them as well, being large they are often in range of more things, obstacles included, if you have the skill to fly well. So is Kylo a better dodger? Sure. Better ship? No, just different. I still wish Crew IG let your other ships use the ship he's on ability as well but alas can't have it all.
  9. This. Hahahaha
  10. Absolutely plan to use it both ways. Really like the idea of tossing it onto a ghost with Leebo and Experimental interface. And then bringing wingman Ahsoka. Start of combat round reposistion them both and out ace the aces.
  11. +1 here and what I'll be calling it haha
  12. Huge +1 That is exactly what I'm hoping for too. But with some rear arc action as kind of a wookie Gunship/TIE SF mash-up
  13. As a token Rebels show player I unfortunately can't bring my favourite Ghost but here is my secondary picks: Hera Attack Shuttle Veteran Instincts Autoblaster Turret Navigator Engine Upgrade TOTAL:32 points As long as you go last you will always be able to change your dial and either barrel roll or boost to get close for an autoblaster or get out of arcs. For another fun Rebels build try Sabine, Push the Limit, Ion Turret and Kanan To balance it out with some super-fun Imperials tech: Deathrain with Advanced sensors and Bomblet Generator
  14. Some CIS Epics: C-9979 Landing Ship (classic phantom menace style lander) If they fudge the size a lot: Recusant-class light destroyer Trident class assault ship (giant mechanical squid) Aurore Class Freighter (Zygerrian Slave Ship) Or another Gozanti hahaha, the Seps did use them Also for Republic they should really have their stealth ship for an epic. Imagine an epic with cloak! Haha
  15. Would love to see: -a HoTAC-style AI -new campaign/missions -and if they really wanted to make some money off me, being able to play even a basic version of the game on our phones. What would you like to see?