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  1. Awesome done, and first time trying the challenge but seems fun trying to build outside of my usual go-to heroes.
  2. Still have to figure out how to input results but I subbed in Tactics Aragorn into my Elrond/Gandalf deck and took on Weather Hills and beat it without needing any tokens first try. Not sure which hero I'll pick for Mount Gram but we shall see as they all sort of need their attachments.
  3. Found this on kickstarter, awesome high quality Star Wars-themed sci maps. I have several other of his map packs and they really help add location variety and campaign travel options to our campaigns.
  4. Found this on kickstarter, I have a bunch of his maps already and they make awesome set pieces to our campaigns. Definitely check this out!
  5. Same here! I still play the SWM game occasionally but it's nice to have second life for them in IA!
  6. GILLIES291

    Does Boromir Leadership affect Heroes?

    Crazy, that's good to hear about Visionary, but it means you probably don't have to build around the Gondor hero theme, just the allies. Thank you!
  7. Does his ability only give +1 to Gondor ally cards? Or does this affect Heroes with the Gondor trait too?
  8. GILLIES291

    Playing Event Cards for Bo Effect?

    Awesome thank you and makes sense
  9. Can you play event cards for no effect? Example being South Away, can you play the card even though there are no locations in play? Mainly I ask because I was looking for another 0 cost song for a love of tales deck I'm working on.
  10. GILLIES291


    Hard to say for me because my wife and I have only played through all of the Sagas and the Mirkwood/Angmar cycle. And the best quests I have played are all Saga Quests (5 armies, Pelenor, Helms Deep, Breaking of the Fellowship). But so far for replayability I think for me it comes down to quests that turn your best laid plans on their head, challenge the traditional "stall and build up" tactic and that have varied experience with each play through, oh and final point is not being insanely unfairly hard *cough carn dum cough* That being said the Angmar cycle is very strong for its use of side quests and how they change up the game and make each quest quite different. I would recommend grabbing that core and picking up Treachery of Rhudar (times mechanic so you have to play fast and clear side quests to get clues and grow in power for the boss fight), Across the Ettenmoors (different random starting side quest and epic massive enemies), or Escape from Mount Gram (remember that deck you built to work around the heroes you perfectly selected, yeah no that's gone, good luck!). Massing at Osgiliath is also a lot of fun for a one off that doesn't require a deluxe box as it's a great combat-heavy quest with cool location crossing. Those are my thoughts so far but my wife and I are only getting started on our journey.
  11. GILLIES291

    Happy Pelennor Fields Day!

    That's awesome! Happy Riders of Rohan to the Rescue day to you today! Haha
  12. GILLIES291

    Elena hero?

    Yep printed Lore would make the boost pretty solid for Glorfindel. Cool idea, alternatively for Elena you could have it say: "Response, after you play a song, search your deck for another song and add it to your hand, then shuffle your deck. Limit once per round." Then she is constantly jamming out elvish tunes for your heroes.
  13. Well LOTR LCG is my current favourite game and there is no dice in that, just savage unknown encounter/shadow cards to mess you up. So I'm down with it. Also while I love dice in Fallout (best dice ever for a game!), X-Wing and the savage XCOM dice, I also really enjoy other games without dice as a major aspect like Star Trek Frontiers, Legendary and the aforementioned LOTR LCG.
  14. Well sheesh I feel edgy playing Grima Hero and Saruman Ally already haha. It's an interesting thought and personally I'm plenty happy playing the heroes against evil and would do so until the end of time if they keep putting out expansions. For the sake of discussion I can think up a few routes though: 1. More "dark heroes" Saruman (readying off of Doomed effect and being able to search for and/or play Doomed event cards of any color so he can cast all his spells, Gollum (able to hide from an enemy or avoid an attack and maybe helping with locations but at the expense of threat for either or both effects and maybe must have a character named Frodo in play or he scurries off and leaves). 2. Shadows of Mordor, or if they don't have that license (but they do have a few video game ones already), then something like that. So a Mordor cycle where you can bribe or have a couple Orc/Goblin objective allies or even a special hero that is one trying to seek redemption, ok more likely profit haha. And causing harrying campaigns against other war chieftains. 3. Straight up new core set/different game one shot. Except your threat starts at 50, you minus off your dark heroes and when you reach 0 you are no longer threatening and lose haha. Then you could have either an entire mirror campaign/alternate reality story where you are blocking the efforts of the fellowship or else just separate storyline. Though imagine one where you are the Balrog trying to catch a fleeing party in Moria, leading a pack of Uruk-Hai to take out Boromir and catch some Hobbits and so on. Anyways I would prefer them in that order but as I said I'm happy to play my Grima/Eowyn/Erestor decks and keep on summoning Saruman ally to help as far as playing as the bad guys goes. But always down for more LOTR, I just like the good guys more here. Now if this was Star Wars and it was play the Empire or Rebels... different story hahaha.
  15. GILLIES291

    Guarded Player Cards and Multiplayer

    Awesome thanks! So someone else can do the dirty work for you but it's still your card haha