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  1. GILLIES291

    So has anyone tried out 5 X-wings yet.

    But can it beat the TLT Bomb beat?
  2. GILLIES291

    The big Clone Wars thread.

    Calculate and the Force are the prophecies for the greatness of the Clone Wars that awaits us!
  3. Hardest: Non-biggs/Ahsoka/Finn Ghost squads, regularily flew against Imperial palp Aces and lost many many times. Easiest: 3x TIE Aggressors with TLT/LWF and Captain Jonus commanding. High Attack and defense, mods for days on every shot.
  4. GILLIES291

    There And Back Again

    As someone who has never played the game but always wanted to and play a lot of IOS board games I am very interested in this for the above reason. Pricey though but cool dual concept.
  5. GILLIES291

    What fun lists are you going to fly before 1.0 ends?

    For a fun farewell: "1.0 Last Flight (100)" Lothal Rebel (37) - VCX-100 Sabine Wren (2) •Captain Nym (33) - Scurrg H-6 Bomber Adaptability (0), •Bomblet Generator (3), •Havoc (0), •"Genius" (0) Crimson Squadron Pilot (30) - B/SF-17 Bomber Trajectory Simulator (1), Ordnance Silos (2), Seismic Charges (2) For Glory: "Frack-off Harpoons(100)" Lothal Rebel (42) - VCX-100 Sensor Jammer (4), Autoblaster Turret (2), Wookiee Commandos (1), •Ghost (0) •AP-5 (16) - Sheathipede-class Shuttle Inspiring Recruit (1), •Phantom II (0) •Poe Dameron (42) - T-70 X-Wing Expert Handling (2), •R2-D2 (4), Advanced Optics (2), •Black One (1), Autothrusters (2)
  6. GILLIES291

    Double Check Saw's T-65

    That new multispectral cloaking is amazing!
  7. GILLIES291

    Friday....., Imps or Rebs?

    100% this. If it's for 2.0 then it's the Rebel pack but Reaper/Krennic is amazing for 1.0.
  8. GILLIES291

    Best setting for a new campaign?

    Clone Wars Outer Rim
  9. GILLIES291

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    For everyone on about scale, the Beth's short-lived WOTC starships game had an executed and mob calamari viscount ship as its largest class and it didn't feel too weird next to similarly sized SSDs. It was probably one of the most beautiful models in that game and I would love to see it in Armada. Closer to home the scale is already a soup sandwich for Armada and by principle alone the Squadrons make it all wacky. So I think it would be fine to have as simply double to triple the size of an SSD. I agree about the costing and make it: 240 points 22 Hull 8 red, 4 black, 4 blue out of front arc 4 red, 2 black and 2 blue out of sides 2 red, 1 black and 1 blue out of rear Anti-Squadron 1 each of red, black and blue And then give it two of each upgrade slot. Command 7 Squadron 7 Repair 7 Shields: Front 6 Side 5 Rear 4 And give it the ability: At the start of the ship phase place add one TIE Fighter or TIE Bomber squadron to the play area adjacent to your ship. OR Once per round after a friendly TIE Fighter or Bomber Squadron is destroyed, instead remove all damage and place it adjacent to this ship. Now that, I would fly
  10. GILLIES291

    Separatist Holdouts

    You drive a hard bargain, but deal!
  11. GILLIES291

    Separatist Holdouts

    Yes bring us Clone Wars!
  12. We do not speak of the greatest evil. *Indiana Jones voice "Don't look at it! Keep your eyes shut!!!"
  13. Beware, what is seen cannot then be unseen.
  14. Why can't we all just get along and hate on the Ewok movies? Hahaha