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  1. GILLIES291

    Join the Wave 2 Chant!

    What did I just watch?????? And why did I watch all of it??? What just happened here hahaha
  2. GILLIES291

    What are the differences between factions?

    Republic: If you are a treacherous Jedi Dog or puppet clone trying to suppress justice with dogmatic corruption. Empire: A failed shadow of the Republic trying to save money on shields Rebel: Treasonous space hippies and their stolen ships Scum: Literally the scum of the galaxy and their ugly ships First Order: Fanatical fools losing against the diversity crew because they ruined their camouflage with white paint Resistance: future treasonous space hippies who have glued more antennas onto their Rebel ships And at last, the glorious Confederacy of Independent Systems. Hailed as Separatists by those that fear us. We are the future incarnate. Freedom embodied. Vigilant and valiant heroes of a galaxy that despises and fears our power! We are the noblest and most powerful heroes leading an infinite force of automata that will finally fix th galaxy once and for all under our durasteel fists!!!! Oh man sorry got a bit tearful and patriotic there. Yeah they're all good pups, fly what you like.
  3. GILLIES291

    Trying to build a list around the VCX-100

    That's very clever, and it seems legit rules-wise! Intentionally failing a maneuver to get composure is sweet
  4. Very cool new challenge and hope to see the whole saga covered this way
  5. How is it for cooperative players though? Still fun and interesting? I'm thinking increased variety for more replay value.
  6. GILLIES291


    Also not a bad choice though they do seem more mass-produced then the specialty B-22. All in all super pumped for Confederacy!
  7. GILLIES291


    Still fits for my comparison haha. I see the Vulture as kind of a MIG, old but gets the job done. And they look like a cheap fighter. I agree and have always been for multi-era factions and let the game and simplicity take precedence. Just pointing out that "old technology shouldn't be equivalent to later" isn't necessarily true and some our world examples. Personally hoping Grievous's fighter is the Uber fighter for the Confederacy that the Defender/E-wing are for their factions
  8. GILLIES291


    Sorry 41 years than haha. But that helps my point even more. Old tech doesn't mean that's still not useful many years later. And the time gap between the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil war is like 20ish years? Plenty of other ships are still used and hold up well like the N1-Naboo, ARC, Y-Wing. So a super advanced cutting-edge air superiority custom-tweaked craft built for the leader of the entire Confederacy at the height of their economic power could conceivably be able to go toe to toe with most Galactic Civil War ships. But time will tell what FFG will do with it. They probably need some more costly ships to balance out the no-doubt extremely cheap Vultures.
  9. GILLIES291

    A New Type of TIE?

    I would also love to see a TIE Droid as the next TIE
  10. GILLIES291


    But it's 2018 and the USA are still using the A-10 which came out in 1977 as a heavy hitting and tanky aircraft. So 40 year old aircraft still holds up today, which is much more time than between the Clone Wars and the end of the ROTJ. Also it definitely does some barrel rolls in the show/game so could have that. I'm very curious to see where they go with this fighter.
  11. GILLIES291


    Could have no shields and something like 5/6 hull and the Soulless One adds the two shields? Will be interesting either way!
  12. GILLIES291

    Trying to build a list around the VCX-100

    As a huge fan of the Ghost I too have been trying to make her work at all in her super needed state. Honestly it's just way overcosted for what it does now and it's double tap is a joke and easily done better on a Y-wing/HWK. Putting too many points into a 0 agility ship that now has less shields is not a great idea as it can melt in a single round against TIEs. So run her cheap and basically only run Hera as she is the only decent pilot in 2.0 (Kanan is almost half your list before adding a docked ship and upgrades, and he can't even work on himself, Chopper is meh because Jam tokens aren't great and you will probably only get one block if any off a round. And the Lothal Rebel I will always pay the 7 points more for Hera's ability and initiative 5) So all that being said, this is literally the only thing I've found that's at least ok: ".50 Cal" (76) Hera Syndulla (0) Ghost (5) Chewbacca (8) R2-D2 (1) Trick Shot Points 90 (52) Wedge Antilles (0) Servomotor S-foils (6) Outmaneuver Points 58 (42) Jan Ors (4) Squad Leader (2) Tactical Officer Points 48 Total points: 196 Decent bid to be able to go last, and all 5 or 6 initiative. Jan white coordinates either Wedge or Hera for a target lock and they pump out a massive shot with the other shooter contributing their solid attack as well. Usually let's you take out a smal ship a round. R2/Chewie and Reinforcing help keep the Ghost in the game and trick shot is just fun. The Zeb/Intimidation is fun as well but I find you lose your action since Hera goes after usually and you get shredded by swarms still, where blocking some and shooting others at range 1 is your only chance to survive a swarm. And Nien is a great crew pair up with her but I like the regen option.
  13. GILLIES291


    Good points about the only two shields. I'm going to change Stat-line guess to: 3/3/5/2 Though it could he only 2 Agi as well. Something else to consider is this quote from Star Wars wiki: In order to remain in touch with his forces while flying his fighter, a powerful but compact HoloNettransceiver was installed onboard, allowing Grievous to slice into legitimate and piratenetworks.[2] He also outfitted the Soulless One with a deflector shield, and had the entire hull coated in a thin layer of impervium, making the fighter impenetrable to all but the heaviest of enemy fire. So maybe a Soulless One title where it loses the device slot and gains extra hull and coordinate? And it was meant to be a "future warfare" advanced starfighter with the General's version being heavily customized.
  14. GILLIES291


    I'm expecting it to be the E-wing/TIE Defender of the Separatists. A heavily shielded/armoured heavy hitting triple Cannon potentially bombing type ship. The only card I can see is Grievous's and it looks like: "When you perform a *something* you may *do that something again*" double tap? Double coordinate? Double Evade? Thinking stat line of: 3, 2, 6, 3 with target lock, but then the question is focus or calculate? And force points?
  15. GILLIES291

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    This, exactly this