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  1. Or just say screw green dice and fly the Ghost like I do! Haha
  2. Come on give me something here, the VCX is terrible otherwise we need this hahaha
  3. Nice to see some Grievous boosts! But also my Ghost laughs at the strain tokens!
  4. GILLIES291

    Roster of characters

    Great lists! Would also love to see some Shire action. Either as a new story or as a "final saga pack" that contains Burning of the Shire and the whole counter attack over three missions and with new Sam/Frodo hero characters and Merry/Pippin allies. That or Mordor, Mordor would be sweet.
  5. GILLIES291

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    VCX gets systems slot back! #bringitback! Woot! Ok literally anything on that ship would be an improvement over its current state of slow awkawrd overcosted target practice.
  6. It's the very first picture in the article. The one with the whole game displayed. It is the artwork of Aragorn as a Lore character from the LCG.
  7. GILLIES291

    Woodmen's clearing and Quickbeam

    So dark hahaha
  8. Well there is an Aragorn hero sheet in another preview picture and he's all about his multiple weapons so I think it's safe to say that's him on the far left, Beravor for sure for the next, three middle are Bilbo, Gimli and Legolas. The last one I'm not sure of, maybe Arwen. But she felt like more of the support healer type instead of the dual sword combat piece. Eleanor, Mirlonde, Idraen, Rossiel, Caldara, Lanwyn, or Na'asiyah are some other FFG-created female characters that could be options. Of those if not elven-battle-princess Arwen, then Idraen or Caldara are the most sword-wielding types. But yes for sure expansions in Gondor with Boromir/Faramir/Denethor, Shire with all the Hobbits and Rohan with Theoden, Eomer, Eowyn, (and Grima! Come on woot!) are expected.
  9. Also very interested, core set makes me think it's probably going to be more similar to Imperial Assault as far as expansions go. But awesome to see the LCG's art being used again. Looking forward to hear more.
  10. GILLIES291


    I have spotted a celembrior's secret recently at a local store if someone still needs that. I'm currently looking urgently for Mountain of Fire and the Hobbit Expansions. Though if anyone knows where to find a Watcher in the Water or Shadow and Flame also please let me know haha.
  11. GILLIES291

    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    As someone who is planning to get into the Confederacy pretty heavy I'm pretty disappointed in Grievous's incarnation. Seems like he has an ability that wants to be high PS but will just be useless against most squadrons he faces. That being said the other pilots are really good for helping the swarm and will make for better commanders than the General himself. Maybe Soulless One will be amazing? Or probably just add a coordinate. Here is hoping they cost Grievous incredibly cheap or he is dead on arrival. Vulture droids seem interesting though, aside from the aforementioned weakness to the already strong seismic charges they look like they will be a lot of stationary gun platform fun. And if they are cheap enough you could run 7 plus a hopefully Grievous in a flight and increase the chance of getting off a bullseye shot. Points are truly the other half of the equation though.
  12. GILLIES291

    Happy first Friday 2019

    Flying my Ghost like it's still good... hahaha
  13. Just got into the game in September and easily logged close to 70 games in a combination of solo, coop with my wife and multiplayer with another couple. We are loving it and have picked up all of the first green core cycle and the Lost Realm cycle as well as all of the Sagas we could find (mountain of Fire still eludes us!). Been enjoying reading your blog as well as Beorn's and a few others and I'll try to keep track of my 2019 plays. Easily the best game ever made, quick set up and tear down time (we have infant and toddler and are therefore on house arrest for going out and this game has become our favourtir past time hang out), interesting thematic quests with great story, beautiful art, excellent cooperation, great mechanics and all in all an excellent game we are highly enjoying. Happy New Years everyone!
  14. GILLIES291

    Most Powerful Cards in Each Sphere

    Tactics: Hero: Boromir (especially if you ignore erratas for a cooperative friendly game such as this ) Mablung is also great. Player Card: Support of the Eagles/Eagles of the Misty Mountains TIE due to combo Lore: Hero: Grima (sweet sweet cost-saving) Player Card: Deep Knowledge for Multiplayer or Elf-Stone for Solo Leadership: Hero: Aragorn Player Card: Steward of Gondor of course Spirit: Hero: Theoden King (like Grima that money saving is fantastic) Player Card: Westfold Horse-Breaker when you get the combo going with Theoden/Prince Imrahil/Gamling Ally these guys are 1 cost to ready two heroes every round! Neutral: Hero: Gandalf, easy choice but bring on Saruman and Ragadast already FFG! Player Card: Song of Wisdom, to facilitate Burning Brand Awesomeness
  15. That would be pretty cool, and nice offensive help to them.