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  1. Work on my completely custom-created imperial tiles is making good progress. I'm slowly but steadily adding to my ever-growing library of graphics assets. I've finished all tiles required for connecting rooms and other tiles now, some of them even with some variations to choose from. I've also increased the size of the hangar by one row of spaces, which makes it look much more satisfying (an alternative with clean cold-white lighting also exists). All elements which you can see exist as individual elements - floors, walls, doorways, wall details, lighting, even the light-reflections on the floors. This allows me to easily re-arrange, alter and combine different elements to create new visuals. I'm constantly in the process of creating new elements - like the control terminals or the new wall texture you can see in the two work-in-progress-pictures below. I'm basing all graphics on reference material from the movies and the shows - official renders of digital sets for REBELS have proven to be an eye-opener on structures, details and colours. More is to come!
  2. Thanks! It also makes Snooty good at claiming and contesting mission objectives, hindering movement, blocking lines of sight... Sneaky girl.
  3. Here's a variant of the hangar from my previous post with ambient lighting - the evening sun shining through the hangar opening. Please tell me which one you prefer - I like this one better because it brings some variety to the otherwise cold white interior light of imperial facilities.
  4. I've started working on custom tiles with imperial architecture, which I plan to put together to form a new custom skirmish map representing an imperial flight academy. Here's the first example of a finished tile - a hangar section. All graphical elements are created by myself. The TIE fighter is based on a photograph of Bandai's 1/72 scale TIE fighter model kit, doctored up to make it clean. I'm also making sure these new imperial tiles will be compatible with the official ones by making the doorway-connections the same.
  5. Where do you see the 'dogmatic' in any critique for the app-based gameplay here in this thread?
  6. Just for fun, I've sculpted and painted both Yoda and Sy Snootles and also created a deployment card for each using @Bittermans neat tool. I wanted both to bring something new and unique to the table and fullfill more of a supporting role. Also, I deliberately made Yoda a non-combatant, because the humbled, wise Yoda from Empire Strikes Back and REBELS is the most interesting incarnation of that character in my opinion. Sy Snootles was deliberately designed to give her some back-stabbing utility.
  7. Here it is - my updated custom-created skirmish map and first custom skirmish mission for Imperial Assault. The file for the map is scaled to be printed at a resolution of 200dpi on neopren gaming mat material, which will result in a map 26"x26" in size like the official skirmish mats for Imperial Assault. If you want to print the map yourself for your games, feel free to do so, as long as credit is given. I've placed an online order for the file to be printed as a neopren gaming mat myself to see how the final product will look in the flesh. Here's the map file, and below the map you will find the rules for the first custom skirmish mission for this map:
  8. I was born 1975 and grew up with the original Star Wars Trilogy. That being said, I've never subscribed to the intellectually dishonest position that only because you dislike something it must be bad, and only because you like something it must be good, which seems to underpin many oinions on the internet. It is totally legitimate to like something which is bad, and to dislike something which is good. Whether something is good or bad basically has not that much to do with whether you like it or not, if you are honest with yourself. That being said, most people out there - myself included - are pretty average: Not dumb, but not too bright either. Many of those, however, like to think of themthelves as being very bright, and those are more inclined to advertise it to the world. Those are the kinds of people who in my experience are prone to jump to the conclusion that something is bad, and must be objectively so, because they dislike it. Hence the cacophony of hours-long hyperbolic negativity towards shows and movies in the internet - the majority of which clearly do not serve to get insight on an intellectual level through nuanced analysis, but validate lame opinions. Negativity likes to pretend to have special insights, but it is really the road to stupidity. It's a fast track to popularity also, it seems. I like Clone Wars and Rebels. Both have some flaws, like any show, but they have well-constructed narratives, character arcs, and are overall well done. Calling those bad and unwatchable because you dislike them is bordering the inane. It's okay to not like them - for whatever reasons - but the need to utterly dismiss them is revealing more about the person doing the dismissing than the shows. As for the Jedi being dogmatic fools - that's actually in and if itself pretty dogmatic and narrow-minded and a good example for proving my point: A nuanced analysis reveals that yes, the Jedi Order and its rules are dogmatic, but Jedi in the show are persons who bring their own views and some of which start to clash with the dogma of their Order. This creates some good drama in the show, it humanizes the Jedi, who can often legitimately be seen as self-rightous and narrow-minded. Some characters even leave the Jedi Order because they grow sceptical and wary of it. This makes for great stories and drama with actual substance to it. Dismissing the "Jedi" as being a-holes and for that reason the show as being bad is a travesty. As for the Clones: The show goes out of its way to make the Clones individuals and persons. At the end, there's even a strong musical allusion to Blade Runner, creating a thematic connection between the Clones and the Replicants: Both have been created to serve in the most dire circumstances and take the worst risks, both have shortened lifespans, both are said to not be individuals, while in truth both are more human than those who ordered orchestrated their creation. Again - you are fine to not like it, but once you rationalize your disliking the show by deliberately ignoring or even misrepresenting its many clear strengths, you are on the path of ignorance at best, and intellectual dishonesty at worst.
  9. Thanks. Depending on which machine I'm working on, Photoshop or Corel Photo Paint. It doesn't really matter - as long as the software allows you to work in layers and customize your selection tools, masking tools, filling tools and brushes, you will be fine.
  10. The background is simply a black neopren mat. It doesn't reflekt much light, so it is almost black. I select the background through color selection in a graphics tool and turn it slightly darker, so it is solid black (0,0,0 RGB). This also enables me to lift the model neatly from the background and insert it into another backdrop, or to insert another backdrop into the photograph: I've also added engine glow (on the real model, not digitally ) I'm currently playing around with creating more cinematic images of my painted models - for X-wing, for Imperial Assault and for Legion. Here's another example for X-wing - you can expect more like these in the near future, maybe collected in a seperate thread:
  11. When you paint tiny and/or neat details or freehands in a bright color over a dark color, you make your life a lot easier by first painting on the detail in white (white usually has a higher density of pigments). It does not need to cover perfectly - it reduces the number of layers required of the bright color significantly and also encreases the brightness and saturation of the brightly-colored detail. Without that technique, it'd have been impossible for me to achieve the details on my Sabine Wren for Legion, which is a good showcase for the merits of this technique:
  12. Hello there! I've recently finished converting and repainting my CR90 Corellian Corvette for X-wing Miniatures to accurately represent the Liberator from Star Wars REBELS and Rogue One. As for the converting part, here's what I did: removing the top dual Turbolaser and replacing it with a scratch-built quad Turbolaser as per official renders of the ship in the show removing the bottom dual Turbolaser and re-attaching it deeper in its circular mount, as per the original filming and digital models scratch-building two guns as per the original digital model in its upgunned variant and attaching them to the port and starboard docking rings
  13. If there was a Clone Wars box, FFG would release an expansion with pivotal characters like Cad Bane and Padme Amidala way before they'd even think about announcing such obscure and insignificant characters like Ahsoka and Anakin.
  14. I keep mine in a cave in the basement, and feed him with unwanted visitors via a trapdoor that leads right into the cave.
  15. You mean this one? I exchanged her arms with those of an Echo Base Trooper, including the gun. I might have re-positioned the arms a bit. I like that look, and I'll convert the other two in a similar way, to make each of the three unique.
  16. I take that as a compliment. 😄 I finished sculpting Yoda and I'm currently in the process of painting the little fella:
  17. You could change the result to something like "remove the result of one attack die from the results". If the 'Dodge' is nerfed, though, I'd at the same time advocate for ditching the 'blank' result, because if the 'Dodge' annoys you, the 'blank' result should for the same reasons. Also, most figures with a white die should then be made a bit more tough, especially those with melee attacks. Then again, the 'Dodge' has never been an issue with our group - it's most 'annoying' if someone has boosted his attack, but then again, you know that the result could come up. We've had more instances where figures with an auto-block, auto-evade and black defense suffer no damage from an attack than those with a white die - it's much more consistent. I never understood the issues some have with the white die. It's never ruined a game for us.
  18. Thanks. The above is the most finished version I've done, yet - although I plan on revisiting it since I've started creating new elements which recreate the look of the Sith Temple and the battlegrounds surraounding it much more closely. As for the red floor with the white markings: I've test-printed the mapon neopren and all squares are clearly identifyable. I've not yet finalized missions, but I have a load of ideas. I'll very likely create more custom maps with unique environments in the future. At the moment, I'm more into sculpting new figures. Ive finished sculpting and painting Sy Snootles:
  19. Just for the fun of it, I plan on sculpting and painting Sy Snootles and the Max Reebo band, starting with Sy Snootles... Work in progress:
  20. I wholeheartedly agree with that. It's tired and full of hyperbole. As usual, given the communication-culture of the internet.
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