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  1. I always welcome players who don't have much experience painting miniatures who just dive into it. It's a first step, and painted minis are always more enjoyable than unpainted ones. So - congrats!
  2. I feel unique characters from the movies and shows should always get unique abilities which represent something iconic what we know and recognize the character for. For Ackbar, I'd definitely implement an ability around his famous line "It's a trap!" which would enable him to remove hidden-tokens from figures or something like that. That'd make him unique and bring something new and useful to the game.
  3. I wholeheartedly agree - Imperial Assault is a great game on ist own merit, there's no need to belittle other games to make it look great.
  4. Exactly. Ever heard of or seen the 501st in action, Union?
  5. Speak for yourself. To me, Star Wars is all about the characters at its core, not about spaceships and space battles. There's nothing more iconic to me when it comes to Star Wars than a bunch of rebels and cool characters taking on stormtroopers and interesting villains in a crazy space adventure. That's why Imperial Assault is a lot closer to what makes Star Wars special and memorable to me than X-wing.
  6. So, I finally decided to strip the paint from my Vader and modify him so that he now has the battle damage inflicted by Ahsoka on Malachor revealing Anakin's right eye. I did this by drillig out the right eye lens of Vader's mask, using a pointed sharp hobbyknife to carefully cut out the remains of the eye lens and create the vertical cut of Ahsoka's blade across the brow of the helmet and the cheek of the mask. Then, I 'sculpted' Anakin's eyebrow and eye into the opening using a very fine brush and liquid GreenStuff. When this was done, I gave Vader a new paint job in the style of the other minis I've painted so far - with the glints and reflections all painted instead of using gloss varnish. This merits of this method are especially apparent with Vader, because you have absolute control over how light interacts with the silky and glossy elements of the character: This Vader now goes very well with my Ahsoka!
  7. As it says on the tin. Isn't this a bit silly? Oh, wait...
  8. I finally had a go at a character I really want to see in a future expansion or figure pack: I thought I'd give him a slightly negative ability with Old Geezer, but still make Rex very interesting and tactical with his Veteran Tactics ability. The goal ist to represent characters through interesting and fitting mechanics, not make them too good in every aspect, right? I'd like to hear some feedback and constructive comments to maybe refine the card.
  9. I can see subtrendy2's Point, but still I prefer at least some images of painted minis as part of the marketing of a miniatures game. You could do both at the same time: Show unpainted, pre-assembled minis in the main marketing as they do currently, but use images of painted minis to accompany articles that go a bit deeper into the game, into a figure pack, or describe what new mechanics a new figure brings to the game, and point out that your gaming experience can be increased even further if you choose to paint your minis. That's how I'd go about it.
  10. It's old man Maul as he appears in REBELS. And today I finished painting him :
  11. I'm glad they do use art, not just stills from the movies and shows.
  12. Here's a little WIP of my Maul. I modified his pose a bit, because I really didn't like his pose out of the box. This isn't ideal, either, but I like it a bit better:
  13. None, yet. But I'll give it a staggered activation as per the rules WOTC used for theirs, because this was a fitting mechanic for this lumbering beast.
  14. Yeah. at the end of the day, it's a gaming piece not a scale model. And even if it is a bit out of scale in relation to the minis, it's still **** huge in comparison to them! Case in point - here's a photo I took while the AT-AT was still being painted - I'd say it propably could be 1/9th or so bigger, but it's still awesome as it is:
  15. The scale of almost every huge vehicle we see in the original trilogy is both fussy and inconsistent within the visuals we get from the movies, due to the fact that they used models of different scales that had to be optically composited into the image. That's why there's so much - basically meaningless - controversy over the exact scale of most of these vehicles in all model builders' forums. I never cared for these pointless scale discussions. I could point to the scene where we see a tiny puppet of Luke clinging to a cable which is attached to the underside of the model AT-AT in a wide shot, where "Luke" is slightly taller than the outer diameter of the AT-AT's knee joint - in that particular scene, the WOTC AT-AT is pretty much in scale with 28/30mm minis. Then again, in the scene on Endor where we see the AT-AT docked to the landing platform it appears a bit taller in relation to human-sized characters. The model-builders of the original movies for instance admitted that they put a pilot figure in the A-wing which was far too big, and this resulted in the A-wing looking no longer than 5 or 6 meters. All these discussions are very silly if you realize that it was virtually impossible to get physical models you had to optically composite into a frame look exactly in scale with the environment and in relation to each other.