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  1. It's not yet finished, but I've continued working on it and will finish it. I've already built my own custom 4-player-skirmish-map from scans of original tiles @nickv2002 invited us to use and which I refined a bit, and had it printed in good quality on neopren and sent it to me from Great Britain. Here's that map in 200 dpi printable resolution (72x72 cm):
  2. Aside from everything already mentioned, conceding in that case would also be unsporting. Conceding while you are clearly winning could be seen as granting your opponent a pity-victory, which is insulting and unsporting and bad behaviour in a competition.
  3. Lightsaber blades are difficult to do with paints, but you can achieve some good results. In the movies and Shows, lightsaber blades are all pure incandescent white (except for the Darksaber), and the lightsaber's colour is a coloured 'aura' of light surrounding the blade. You cannot paint that, at least not in a way to make it look satisfying from various angles. I opted for a technique which gives my lightsabers a bright, saturated look with some modulation in colour and brightness from the hilt to the tip of the blade. I always prime my lightsabers pure white and apply the different shades of brightness of the colour in transparent layers, blending them from very transparent at the base, where they are almost white, to a medium-low transparency towards the tip. That way, you retain maximum saturization in the colour across the blade. Every time you mix your blade colour with white to make it brighter, you desaturize the colour - something you want to avoid for an element that you want to look like it emits light. Also, you don't want to make the coloured blade too dark, or else it won't look like it's glowing. Here are some examples from my Imperial Assault-figures I painted: In the case of Ahsoka'a blades, I made them pure white.
  4. Fourtytwo

    Legion 42

    Vielen Dank! It's been a very hot week here in Germany, too hot to consistently paint. Still, I've continued working on my landspeeder and made some - albeit slow -progress. I'll post an update, soon.
  5. Fourtytwo

    Legion 42

    I'm a fan of Star Wars and I'm a fan of miniatures and the painting side of miniatures gaming. In the past almost 3 years, I've painted a whole lot of miniatures for Star Wars Imperial Assault, which you can see in the painting thread over in the Imperial Assault-forum on this site. Since I've always been of the mind that both games can happily coexist because they scratch different itches, I now finally took the dive into Star Wars Legion, too. I'm an experienced painter and paint all my Star Wars minis (and models) to a display-standard. I prefer the rebels, both for the attitude and because they provide me with a large variety of forms and colour-schemes. Thus, it's only fitting that I started my journey into Legion by painting Sabine Wren from Star Wars REBELS: I've also started painting the rebel landspeeder, adorned with some worn artwork by Sabine. I like this model a lot, because it has so much personality and represents the inventiveness of the rebelsvery well.
  6. I guess that happens when your mental concept of 'gaming' and 'playing a game' calcifies into 'having a chance to win at highly competetive "gaming" events'. IA is a "really pretty broken game" only from a pretty narrow point of view. Are you still able to play game with friends, or does everything revolve around competition and META? I'm honestly curious, because the way you worded your post makes me worry you are no longer able to do the former.
  7. I've started digitally creating tiles for completely new environments. Here's a low-res example of a work-in-progress which still needs a bit more detail and texture:
  8. Star Wars Miniatures, Bounty Hunters Expansion, figure 17/60 - you have good chances finding it for sale on eBay.
  9. I love IA, but I'm not narrow-minded as some others that my love for IA would make me blind to other games. I will dive into Legion as soon as Anakin, Ahsoka and Rex are available and I can build a proper 501st in the later phase of the Clone Wars.
  10. I've recently started to touch up some of my older paint jobs in order to bring all my minis for IA to the same level. The first among these is Darth Vader - I improved the reflections of the lightsaber on his suit in accordance with the reflective properties of the different materials of Vader's suit. The challenge here was to create a strong effect without making the OSL overpower the miniature. I also improved the glints on the very reflective armour parts and the intensity of the lightsaber-blade. Before: After:
  11. I've also finished my Bandai 1/72-scale Gold Leader this weekend: Okay, next time, I will post new minis I painted for Imperial Assault - I promise!
  12. Thank you. Regarding the lens… ummm… I'm using a pretty standard digital camera which cost around 100 bucks 5 years ago when I bought it.
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