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  1. On the day Legion comes out, I plan to drop in at my FLGS for a few games of Imperial Assault with some friends, using my carefully painted IA-minis. I don't think I need to wear a t-shirt with the word 'subversion' on it to make my intentions clear on that day...
  2. I want a blister-pack with three AT-ATs!
  3. Looking very good so far!
  4. I can sympathize with that!
  5. That's an accomplishment - congrats! I'd be great if you'd make a photo with your whole painted collection in one shot, just for the sheer epicness.
  6. So, I want the alternate artwork Ahsoka card. What does my local game store have to do to get the kit, and what can I do?
  7. A painted mini - no matter how well it turned out if a serious attempt at painting is made - always looks better than an unpainted one!
  8. Since I watched the REBELS series finale tuesday last week, I'm busy sculpting Ahsoka as she appeared in the epilogue, just for the fun of it. This takes time, since I'm sculpting in layers onto the re-posed mini of her we got for Imperial Assault. I still got a bit of sculpting to do as well as scratch-building her staff, but the figure is taking shape and looking good so far:
  9. Rebel Vader Counters: Plans A, B, and C

    Regarding Ahsoka vs Vader: Do not forget that you can also use her mobility to deal damage to Vader and avoid his attempt at getting adjacent to her in his attempt to retaliate. Move Ahsoka adjacent to Vader, but make sure to save two points of movement to move away from him after you attack (this is where Ahsoka's Vigor often comes in very handy and gives her a slight edge with this tactic over other figures). If Vader wants to retaliate other than with Force Choke, he needs to move adjacent to her, but then you play Slippery Target. What's great: You can have Slippery Target twice in your command deck. Hide in Plain Sight is very useful, too.
  10. I will in my thread here in the painting-forum this weekend. I'm sculpting right now.
  11. Well, I'll spoil something here: I broke out some green stuff, blew the dust off of my sculpting tools, and have started creating a new mini which actually can be played in IA from the REBELS series finale epilogue, which greatly hints at a new story with two characters from the show (finished re-posing the mini, and now I'm in the process of sculpting the new outfit):
  12. I see no problem with partisans, like Saw's extremists - you could make them Rebels and give them an 'ability' which allows you to include them in Mercenary-lists as well unless the Mercenary-list also includes Imperials.
  13. Scarif? How boring. I'd strongly advocate for Lothal, and I wonder how unimaginative you have to be if the only thing that comes to your mind when you hear 'Lothal' is 'savannah'... You have urban settings with a unique feel different to Mos Eisley- or Coruscant-type urban tiles, you can introduce imperial factory tiles or tiles with mined terrain, you have mountainous areas, you have an ancient Jedi Temple with the potential of shifting tiles and maps changing during play, and then you have a world between worlds... You could even throw in a few Malachor-tiles into a Lothal-box and they wouldn't be out of place!
  14. Regional Etiquette

    @galonso: Everything you say here about you not doing anything that is in conflict with the rules raises the suspicion that you are one of those people that follow rules to the letter, not to the intent, and find ways to manipulate in your or your team's favor.