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  1. I heard that bums like to gather around dumbster fires...
  2. A quick update: I'm currently painting three Alliance Rangers, two of which I've re-posed and/or converted, so that all three now look unique. One I've just finished painting and varnishing:
  3. Fourtytwo

    anybody ever make their own maps?

    I did, here's an example: I 've also written scenarios for my custom maps, but I need to translate them from German to English first.
  4. Fourtytwo

    Rogue One Characters

    Jyn and Krennic are coming für Legion, not for Imperial Assault. Also, what's the point in speculating what deployment Cards would be like if we don't have any Information to go by? Or do you cling to the unfounded and unrealistic hope that the developers will take a cue from your untested biased dreamcards? I don't get it.
  5. Fourtytwo

    New Product Idea

    Add to that an elite deployment card for every non-unique figure or group of figures of all pre-ToL-expansions. It annoys me that I have the 4 Jet Troopers from Jabba's Realm painted and the game allows me to deploy 2 groups of elite Jet Troopers, but I only got 1 elite deployment card for them.
  6. Thanks a lot, guys. To add some variety - I'm also building and painting other Star Wars-related stuff, and for those who are interested, here are two examples. For fun, I painted the GHOST from FFG's X-wing Miniatures Game and my aim was - as usual - to get it as close to the original from the show as possible: Today I also finished the first half of a long-term-project of mine wich I'm working on now and then - Zvesda's 1:2700 scale (60cm) Imperator 2-Class Star Destroyer. It's a great kit. I'm focusing on painting (electronics is not my thing. so no lighting) and I've also added over 150 teeny-tiny custom details to bring it closer to how the studio model looks. The upper half is done and sealed with matte varnish now.
  7. Last time I checked, the Legion models look the same as the IA-models since Bespin Gambit, given that they obviously use the same digital assets, as exemplified by the Stormtrooper-sculpts, with the only difference being that the Legion models are (sometimes)a bit larger and generally a bit bulkier.
  8. Fourtytwo

    Spectre Cell command cards...

    I found Ahsoka and Ezra to work very well together right from the get got because both of them are very fast figures and together they can eliminate one or two primary targets quickly. Throw in Sabine - who's not as fast but fast still thanks to her being mobile - and you have three figures who are able to dish out some and cover each other's back. Hera and Ko-Tun are in there to support the aforementioned three, and both are capable to dish out some damage as well. The command cards in my list are selected to counter the list's main weakness - not that many Health Points - with cards that help preventing damage, regaining damage, as well as keeping figures with not that many Health Points left alive for a while longer. Tough Luck is there for Ahsoka to remove an opponent's defence die (utilizing her Twin Sabres-ability), just like Element of Surprise. Comms Disruption basically is my second Negation and as long as Ahsoka is in play can even be used to cancel 1-cost command cards. I guess I put a bit of redundancy in there - which is a good thing, because if one thing fails, you have another trick up your sleeve to accomplish the same or something similar - it's just fun to play and I've grown very fond of this list. And Chopper is simply awesome in my eyes, it's so rewarding when in the end game he rolls forward to ram heavily damaged hostile figures out of the game. In one game, he rammed Vader and brought him down, winning me the game.
  9. Fourtytwo

    Spectre Cell command cards...

    Yeah, okay - but if anyone goes bonkers because my list isn't actually the Spectre Cell, it's all on you! http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/8ea5a78a818466a9a67a000000000001d656da7781b6c392d5dd1c35d9dc I specifically picked only command cards with no trait requirement, which are not actions, and aside from Right Back At Ya! can be used by all figures. I dunno if the list is anywhere near META and I don't care much, but I had a lot of fun playing it so far and it proved quite effective.
  10. Fourtytwo

    Spectre Cell command cards...

    I have a list, but I do not dare share it, because while it can be used just fine for Spectre Cell, I've built it for a force which includes Ahsoka and Ko-Tun Feralo instead of Kanan and Zeb, and this seemed to upset some people here before, even though I do not understand why. Who knows what happens when I share it again, some people here might seriously soil their diapers...
  11. I'm not an insider, but I'm pretty sure we will get another physical expansion. I can't say why - I'm simply being optimistic.
  12. 1. There are two 'eras' of IA-minis with a very different sculpting style and scale: The pre-Bespin Gambit era, where the minis are distinctly smaller in scale and less well defined and clean in both sculpt and production, and the era satrting with Bespin Gambit, where a very clean, well-defined digital sculpting style was introduced which is used still these days, both in IA AND Legion, the difference being that for Legion the figures are generally made slightly taller and often bigger or 'wider'. 2. If you compare IA-figures from the pre-Bespin Gambit era to figures from Legion, you do not get any insight into how significant the scale difference is to the vast majority of IA-figures, namely from the era since Bespin Gambit. 3. There still are slight scale differences even within the range of figures for the same game - not all post-Bespin Gambit-figures for IA are 100% in scale to each other, and neither are all Legion models.
  13. The new IA-figures (i.e. since Bespin Gambit) are larger than those that came before and introduced the cleaner, well-defined sculpting style which is also utilized in Legion now. Also, the IA-figures are mostly produced in parts just like the Legion minis, the difference being that in IA they come pre-assembled. What's more, not all Legion-minis are consistent in scale with each other, like the Stormtroopers all being bigger than the Rebel Troopers, and the same goes for IA. As a matter of fact, there are IA-minis that fit the scale of Legion in general, like Thrawn, and there are Legion-minis that do not look out of scale next to the newer (post Bespin Gambit) IA minis, like the Rebel Troopers. The whole scale-issue is not clear-cut at all, not even within the same game. I somehow feel like a broken record regarding that issue... In the end, size is not an issue - it's all about what you do with it... ...
  14. Far from it - I've painted almost 60 figures and models, so... I still have a lot to paint…
  15. That's quite an accomplishement - congrats and well done!