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  1. Fourtytwo

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    To comment to the wishlisting a bit outside of the typical box, I'm wondering how the design-space of the Imperial Assault game mechanics can be used for new options. I'm a bit against introducing something which requires even more counters than we already have. One of my ideas would be to introduce a new type of command cards which require two specific traits and offer two different effects to choose one from when a figure with both traits plays the card.
  2. I finally came back to heed your advice and added some yellow markings, plus some bright specular highlights and glints in white. The changes are subtle, but effective, and the AT-DP Looks far better for them: Also, here are two photos of my updated rebel and imperial skirmish-teams: I've also started working on Han Solo. I don't like the pose of his Imperial Assault-version (looks a bit like he's having a go at expressive dancing…), and I don't like his hace/head at all of his Legion-version. Also, on his Imperial Assault-version his gun is not particularly well-sculpted. So, I decidced to combine the best of two worlds and exchanged the arms of his Imperial Assault-version with the arms of the Legion-version. I had to shorten them a bit and made them thinner to fit the scale of Imperial Assault's Han Solo. Here's the converted figure: I've also started painting my customized Han Solo, and I've finished his face and head so far. I've also photographed the individual steps of painting his face and will use them in an article on how I go about painting faces and how I paint in general, which I'll post here soon for all of you lovely folks who are interested.
  3. Hi friends, I have a serious issue with the Spectre Cell from the current expansion wave for our beloved game. As has been discussed in many threads, blogs, articles and videos, the Spectres as a team and their Spectre Cell skirmish upgrade is way overpowered, almost breaking the game and ruining everyone's fun and enjoyment of the skirmish mode and this forum. So, like many others, I've thought a lot about what can be done to alleviate this problem and make the game fun again when dealing with the Spectre Cell. I've not been able to come up with a solution, yet, therefore I'm asking for help here - maybe we can compile some ideas and solutions. Here's the thing: I do not want to ruin anybody's game. I also do not want to be called cheap, or beardy, or be accused of only playing to win when I field all the Spectres - simply because they're cool characters and I really like them and want to field them as a team. This is the challenge: How can I play the Spectres as a team really bad without appearing to sabotage my own game so that my opponent does not need to feel powerless any more because he has no chance against the Spectres? How do I best construct a command deck for them which is terrible but still legit? This is really hurting my brain. Seriously! Many thanks in advance.
  4. Fourtytwo

    Elrath paints again

    Welcome back to painting! The colour application looks neat and smooth, and you also don't shy away from details like painting the eyes - that's good. Just keep painting, and you'll improve more - it's all a journey after all, and a fun one at that.
  5. I almost forgot: I finished painting Thrawn!
  6. You're right - that wasn't helpful. I apologize.
  7. How did you do the different shades of black and grey. And the lighting Since I do not use gloss varnish for reflective surfaces but varnish all my minis in a nice even matte finish, I have to simulate the interaction of light with reflective surfaces via painting. Smooth reflective surfaces basically reflect two types of light: Environmental light is diffuse und hits the reflective elements from all directions, which makes them appear a bit lighter than they are. Here, I painted all elements in a very dark grey to simulate this, with strong blacks painted very neatly into all recesses. Then I created smooth transitions into a lighter dark grey towards the surfaces which are facing more upwards and are exposed to more light. I also gave all edges a highlight in a darker mid-grey or a pire mid-grey. The other light is that from a light source which hits the Trooper directly and is therefore reflected in a very bright, sharply defined way. These glints have been applied to all upwards-facing corner edges and upwards-facing curved surfaces in a light grey. in the case of larger reflections like that on the fron top and back top of the helmet I feathered out the edges of the light-grey spot. Then pure white was painted into the light grey glints to make them pop and give them the appearance of a very reflective material. I hope this helps a bit.
  8. The list looks thematically ugly like only very few things I've seen in my long gaming life. In my experience, this usually is what dire desperation looks like...
  9. Now it's time to apply some Colour to Grand Admiral Thrawn:
  10. That's not correct. Cannibalism refers to the eating of members of one's own species. They were eaters of other sentient species.
  11. I'm currently painting two Death Troopers - here's a WIP (helmets, arms and weapons are finished):
  12. Fourtytwo


    I completely agree with that.
  13. Fourtytwo


    Well, if you do a Skirmish Upgrade themed like that - the Force offering extra protection to Force Users - it should be rebel-faction-only in the REBELS/OT-era if you want to stay true to the thematic aspect of the card.