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  1. Fourtytwo

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I don't care about opinions - they mean absolutely nothing . I care about reasons and arguments on which opinions stand, and these are the only indicators as to how strong or how weak a given opinion is. Any opinion uttered whithout giving any reason for it can be dismissed out of hand.
  2. Thank you, GuacCousteau! If you take your time and paint the model in sub-assemblies, it's not that hard to do. There are a lot of different techniques out there to achieve similar results, and it's more about finding out which painting techniques suit your painting style best and are most enjoyable for you. For beginners, I recommend the YouTuber Andy's Hobby Headquarters - he explains the basic techniques very well and makes them look easy - which they are, once you made your first steps. And yes - the Star Wars kits from Bandai are excellent and by far the best out there. I've already ordered the 1/72 scale Y-wing from Japan, ad I'm Looking forward to their 32cm Star Destroyer with lighting kit which will be available this summer.
  3. I like the pale blues and greys of her official artwork, since they go well with her pale skin and white hair, but your colour scheme is great and because of the contrast with her white hair very striking.
  4. I will soon continue painting my tiny-scale birds for X-wing miniatures. In the past two weeks, I've assembled, modified and painted the excellent 1/72-scale X-wing model kit from Bandai as Red 2, and although it's slightly off-topic, I'd like to share the finished model with you since we all love Star Wars ships here:
  5. Fourtytwo

    Showcase: T65 X-wing

    Thank you! As for the markings: It's a matter of practice, but there are also some tips I can give you: First of all, thin your paint, but get rid of excess fluid in your brush by lightly touching the tip if your brush to a kitchen tissue before you apply the Colour to your model - this will help you maximise your control over where your colour goes. Second, do not attempt to paint a straight line in one go - instead, just paint a short line, then another, then another, always check if you are on the mark. Build up the markings bit by bit. If you miss the mark or make a mistake, don't panic, but correct the mistake later by painting over the mistake with the neighbouring colour. Third, as with all things, practice will naturally make you better at it. I hope this helps.
  6. Fourtytwo

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    Who in his right mind would say nay?!? I'd love to get Yoda just to paint him and put him next to all the other cool characters from the movies and shows I've already painted for Imperial Assault!
  7. Fourtytwo


    How about giving them some sort of 'Special Ability' like "Inconsequential": When you are defeated, the opposing player gains 1 less Victory Point.
  8. Man, I love this stuff and just want to say 'thank you', @Bitterman!
  9. Fourtytwo

    Family painting project

    Painting minis is not witchcraft. You just have to start, learn, practice, and enjoy the process, and if you keep at it, you will naturally become better and better. Just don't be shy to make mistakes - it's fine to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Have fun painting!
  10. Fourtytwo

    A joy to bring to the table

    Melee Deployments - they are harder to play than ranged attackers and make every game much more dynamic.
  11. Fourtytwo

    Product SWI37?

    It was the Star Wars Holiday Special-Expansion I've hinted at here and there. Before it could go to the printer, though, some hardcore special ops George Lucas hired with his Disney-money destroyed all files and prototypes. It had some amazing new game mechanics which would have rocked the meta to it's core. I know this, because I've playtested that stuff, and I can't say any more because if I do, I'll get to know those special ops personally…
  12. Fourtytwo

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    How extensively have they been playtested?
  13. I'd guess we are not the first who had the idea to replicate the movie/studio model-look.
  14. I took the past few days to measure the distance between Imperial Assault and discintinuation, and the result is approximately 1758,2 parsec (1756,9 if you manage to do the Kessel-run in 12 parsec).
  15. I started working on Red 3 today - here's my progress so far: