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  1. When you paint tiny and/or neat details or freehands in a bright color over a dark color, you make your life a lot easier by first painting on the detail in white (white usually has a higher density of pigments). It does not need to cover perfectly - it reduces the number of layers required of the bright color significantly and also encreases the brightness and saturation of the brightly-colored detail. Without that technique, it'd have been impossible for me to achieve the dtails on my Sabine Wren for Legion, which is a good showcase for the meris of this technique:
  2. Hello there! I've recently finished converting and repainting my CR90 Corellian Corvette for X-wing Miniatures to accurately represent the Liberator from Star Wars REBELS and Rogue One. As for the converting part, here's what I did: removing the top dual Turbolaser and replacing it with a scratch-built quad Turbolaser as per official renders of the ship in the show removing the bottom dual Turbolaser and re-attaching it deeper in its circular mount, as per the original filming and digital models scratch-building two guns as per the original digital model in its upgunned variant and attaching them to the port and starboard docking rings
  3. If there was a Clone Wars box, FFG would release an expansion with pivotal characters like Cad Bane and Padme Amidala way before they'd even think about announcing such obscure and insignificant characters like Ahsoka and Anakin.
  4. I keep mine in a cave in the basement, and feed him with unwanted visitors via a trapdoor that leads right into the cave.
  5. You mean this one? I exchanged her arms with those of an Echo Base Trooper, including the gun. I might have re-positioned the arms a bit. I like that look, and I'll convert the other two in a similar way, to make each of the three unique.
  6. I take that as a compliment. 😄 I finished sculpting Yoda and I'm currently in the process of painting the little fella:
  7. You could change the result to something like "remove the result of one attack die from the results". If the 'Dodge' is nerfed, though, I'd at the same time advocate for ditching the 'blank' result, because if the 'Dodge' annoys you, the 'blank' result should for the same reasons. Also, most figures with a white die should then be made a bit more tough, especially those with melee attacks. Then again, the 'Dodge' has never been an issue with our group - it's most 'annoying' if someone has boosted his attack, but then again, you know that the result could come up. We've had more instances where figures with an auto-block, auto-evade and black defense suffer no damage from an attack than those with a white die - it's much more consistent. I never understood the issues some have with the white die. It's never ruined a game for us.
  8. Thanks. The above is the most finished version I've done, yet - although I plan on revisiting it since I've started creating new elements which recreate the look of the Sith Temple and the battlegrounds surraounding it much more closely. As for the red floor with the white markings: I've test-printed the mapon neopren and all squares are clearly identifyable. I've not yet finalized missions, but I have a load of ideas. I'll very likely create more custom maps with unique environments in the future. At the moment, I'm more into sculpting new figures. Ive finished sculpting and painting Sy Snootles:
  9. Just for the fun of it, I plan on sculpting and painting Sy Snootles and the Max Reebo band, starting with Sy Snootles... Work in progress:
  10. I wholeheartedly agree with that. It's tired and full of hyperbole. As usual, given the communication-culture of the internet.
  11. I dare to utter my boring reason why I like or do not like a trilogy: While the Sequel Trilogy actually did have a few good ideas, it lacked a strong core to hold them together and develop them properly, in my opinion. Visually it was stunning, but that's not enough. The Original Trilogy had a classic hero's journey at its core, coupled with the growing daring of the Rebellion and strong archetypical supporting protagonists and antagonists. It introduced a whole range of old ideas in a new, innovative form in the first movie, developed ALL major characters in the second movie, and had a bittersweet resolution of the central conflict in the third movie. It is a ride. The Prequel Trilogy also had a very strong core - the fall of a hero coupled with the fall of the Republic, but it failed to properly develop the ideas it attached to this strong core. That being said, I do not hate neither the PT nor the ST - they both failed to ignite my enthusiasm, but I can see some good things in them and springing from them (which in the case of the PT actually has happened). I guess since the PT Star Wars is more interesting, daring and innovative on TV than in the cinema. Since - in my view - the ST lacks a strong core, or central idea, I don't see in which way it would enrich IA aside from cool-looking new figures. I hope this wasn't too boring.
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