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  1. Fourtytwo

    Imperial Assault has amazing characters

    Plus a Togruta Mentor. Plus a Weequay Pirate. Plus a Chiss Grand Admiral. Plus a Devaronian Smuggler. and so on... Also, I don't think Star Wars is going through a messy time. The CGI-Shows are really good, the anthology movies provide some good stuff. I'd say Star Wars goes through a hyperbolic shrieking-chorus of narrow-minded pea-counters, who have been conditioned by a decade of popular negative and angry review-culture on the internet to solely focus on and obsess about the bad, seasoned with the bile of polarizing ideological thinking and an ever-growing 'us-against-them-mentality' advocated by a zoo of rhethorically competent intellectual leightweights and their weekly congregations.
  2. I thought the same. I'm sure they do that on purpose…
  3. Hey, didn't I already paint these? That's right, but I revisited both Loku and Ko-Tun to get them on par with my other figures I've done since Ahsoka, so I added a few highlights and glints and improved the skin where needed. What's more, both finally get their own picture-presentation like all the other figures I've done so far: I also outright stole two neat ideas by @Agis and created my own Rex and Anakin. I hope you don't mind, Agis, plus I naturally always credit you wherever I post these. I modified the upper arms for Rex and sculpted his clonetrooper-armour vambraces, plus I based his colour scheme on his character design in the episode 'A Fool's Hope' just before the series finale of Star Wars REBELS. I also modified Davith to make him into Anakin as he could have looked in REBELS had he not fallen to the dark side and became Darth Vader. I sculpted a bit of hair falling over the right side of his brow. I also decided to paint his armour similar to the elements of armour on Ahsoka in REBELS - bright but worn and beaten.
  4. Fourtytwo

    Spoilers: What Can Solo Bring to IA?

    What SOLO could bring to IA? Well, I guess bland, dark, colourless and boring tiles would fit...
  5. Fourtytwo

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    That's too large for Imperial Assault.
  6. Fourtytwo

    Is this game still being made?

    The best thing would be if FFG put a comment explaining the situation in their relevant online store section. I'm not quite sure, but this might be the thinking man's solution...
  7. A quick question: I somehow lost my Gideon Argus mini. Now I want to replace him with a 'Rex' Rebel Trooper-figure from Star Wars Legion. Would I be allowed to use this figure for Gideon in official tournaments, also considering that it is unambiguous for any opponent who that figure represents , or would it simply not be allowed. Many thanks in advance for any clarification on this.
  8. Hi guys, does anyone have any idea how I can get my hands on the four figures mentioned in the title early? I DESPERATELY WANT TO PAINT THEM !!! 😁
  9. I finished painting Jyn Odan, who I plan to team up with Ezra and Ahsoka in a new skirmish-team:
  10. Fourtytwo

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    Is this a real movie? Why?
  11. Fourtytwo

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    Right - even the Jawa(s) played a much much larger part in the story than Zuckuss and 4-Lom. If anything, we should get more Jawas! I love them, and there was even one on the box art for Jabba's Realm (although it wasn't included in the box - what a scam)! I might have gone too far in a few places...
  12. This is the first hero from the Core Box I paint - Jyn Odan. Here's a WIP so far:
  13. The tribal markings on the armour plates are a neat idea!