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  1. Fourtytwo

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    How dare you go against the negativity and cynical hyperbole made popular by thousands of YouTube movie """"""""""review"""""""""" channels?! Don't you understand that millions of viewers love this shrill and hysterical choir of zoo-noises and its cacophony of sharp rhethoric masquerading as insight and analysis. You have to either shout 'racist' or you have to shout 'sjw' to get yourself noticed.
  2. Fourtytwo

    What if Rebels had Temporary Alliance

    You must be kidding - otherwise this would be a rather twisted view, and you'd need some education regarding the meaning of words like 'ruthless', 'murder' and 'murderer', 'pathological' and so on. You know, words do have meanings and definitions, so they can be used the wrong way or misused.
  3. I got my pre-ordered HotE-wave delivered one day after US-release here in Germany, so I'll expect my pre-ordered ToL-wave on 8/24/2018, which in turn would mean I'll be happy starting to paint Ezra and Sabine that weekend - YAY!
  4. Potentially, yes. But I was mentioning Take Initiative specifically because Signal Jammer is played at the start of a round. If you have initiative, you can play the first start-of-round-command card, and if you play Signal Jammer, your opponent cannot successfully play Take Initiative - another start-of-round-command card - that round, unless he sacrifices another start-of-round-command card, of which there are not that many and very likely none other in his command deck.
  5. Fourtytwo

    Scum is Dead!

    Yeah, that's the spirit - being glad that some players and fans do not get what they'd love to see and enjoy to play. Childish, ill-wishing glee like in that quote above is the antithesis of enjoying a game and a hobby in a positive and constructive fashion. What a lame poser...
  6. Signal Jammer is a great card if you have initiative and don't want your opponent to play Take Initiative.
  7. Fourtytwo

    Gideon Argus is now in Legion?

    Regarding the idea of imperial heroes: I can imagine something like the heroes in Jabba's Realm - the imperial heroes would be the protagonists in a Campaign where they would defect to the Rebellion, and their skirmish-version would belong to the imperial faction.
  8. Fourtytwo

    How good would the whole Rebels gang be?

    There are quite a lot of useful command cards by now which do not require a trait - depends on how you want to play with your team. I'm currently experimenting with this: http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/8ea5a78a818466a9a67a000000000001d67781b6c3923fd5dd1c35d9dc93
  9. Fourtytwo

    Beginner Question

    It's a good starting point to collect it all! Have fun with it!
  10. Fourtytwo

    How good would the whole Rebels gang be?

    Since when does Vader belong to the rebel-faction?
  11. Fourtytwo

    How good would the whole Rebels gang be?

    Well, I'd like it if they'd make one or two new skirmish upgrades for the remaining 3 points specifically tailored to the whole gang of spectres, something giving them more synergy. That being said, if you look at the show you'd realize that there were almost always team-ups of some spectres with another character or two, rare were the instances where all spectres were on a mission together as a group. I always wanted to base my dream team for skirmish around the rebels from the REBELS show, but I never wanted to put all of them in one team. The core of my dream team will consist of Ahsoka, Ezra (both of which go very well together thematically and with regards to their mobility in the game) and Sabine. I also plan to put Hera and Chopper in there for support, and the remaining points leave enough room for some flexibility. I stay far away from in my opinion boring auto-includes like the 'rebel care package', though.
  12. It's currently unusually hot here in Germany, and I happen to live in the middle where it's the hottest - not a very good climate to paint minis. Still, I managed to re-paint my Leia figure, which sent my mind to the cold wastes of Hoth, and that helped a little...
  13. Fourtytwo

    More spoilers on facebook

    Yeah, the stormtroopers got a little better, but she got A LOT better!