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  1. Want: Alpha Class Starwing / model only. PM me
  2. That was the idea...if theres one thing I've learned from watching videos of top tier games is that action efficiency is pretty important. I do like your suggestion about Fenn..I feel like it would yield more than just plasmas.
  3. I appreciate everyones input thank you! bringing some refreshments is a solid idea. Also going through my components as I type this; laying everything out in front of me to visualize it all. I realize I don't have the skill to be top "meta-game" but I tried to compile a list to be competitive and fun to fly. It is as follows; IG-88C (36) FCS(2) Attani (1) Autoblaster (5) Autothrusters (2) Fenn Rau (28) Attani (1) Plasmas (3) Inaldra (15) Attani (1) Heavy Scyk (2) Plasmas (3) I went back n forth about putting Intensity on IG, but figured attani accomplished the same goal for a point less. Given IG's ability of free evade after a boost. Overall I think it will be a fun list. The "plan" is to keep Fenn and Inaldra together and run IG along another side to flank. EDIT: dropped Glitterstim for a 1 point bid.
  4. Like the title says I'm going to my first tournament tomorrow. Ive been playing for about a year now, but its always been casual. Im looking to make a fun list more so than something super meta. Never played bombs so I'm not even gonna touch that route. But I'm open to suggestions from more experienced players on here. Anything from rock placement or openings or anything really. Ill be sure to check back in tomorrow and let you all know how I did
  5. I would ask him what his single biggest learning experience was in X-wing. Like a “ah-ha” moment where he looked at the game differently. Something that helped him move his game to a higher level.
  6. Out of the current powerhouses I’ve only ever played TLT. Neither my friend or have played with or against it before hand. And we quickly saw how powerful they were. If I remember correctly I wiped his U-wing (it was that kind of game) off the board in one round. I agree it’s powerful. But for my experience it keeps ships otherwise not played on the board. Y-wing/ HWK
  7. All of the factions seem to go in cycles. Imps, Rebels, and [mainly] scum have all had there dog days.
  8. I wish I could like this more.
  9. I think you underestimate the people who play x-wing. I play x-wing cause I love seeing a variety of ships from both movies and books. Diversity keeps it fresh. Much like anything in life balance is key.
  10. Honestly I'm getting tired of reading threads based around what FFG is doing wrong. But that's just me.
  11. I for one am pretty excited for these two. They can't get here soon enough! im sorry but reading through posts about new ships is sometimes like reading about the super sweet 16 kid complaining she got a BMW instead of a Mercedes. Just goes to show you really can't please everyone. We should really be grateful x-wing is continuing to get support like it is. Plenty of new ships, new ideas, new mechanics being introduced. But part of the community always finds something to gripe about. Its kinda sad tbh
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