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  1. That Litko Craftics #33 was the second last one I tried before settling on the Poly Zap. For me it was gooey, and the list of warnings on the back was massive, including: "shown to cause cancer in certain laboratory animals." That freaked me out - I mean, how do the creators 'know' that it can cause cancer, unless it's been through testing and the tests proved this. Anyways, I wore gloves and had heaps of ventilation and tried never to let the stuff touch me. But in the end, it was too annoying to get it to work, especially on little feet and the time to dry was too long. When it did work it stuck really well, but you needed to give it at least 24 hours for the full bond. Please, of course, use whatever works for you. My only mention after the Craftics here is because of all the warnings on the package. Link: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1408/9874/products/Craftics_33_Thickened_Cement_02_1800x.jpg?v=1484341113
  2. This is the stuff you want. It's super glue that dries fast and (this is the best bit) it doesn't fog. After going through many types of glue for my clear bases, this stuff was the winner: POLY ZAP CA (Blue Label) Medium Viscosity Scroll down on this link: https://www.zapglue.com/specialty It'll glue tiny feet really well to the clear bases too.
  3. I hear you. I did it this way once before, and it resulted in the file going online (probably just coincidence, but it can't hurt trying both ways).
  4. Dear Fantasy Flight Games, Could you please add the Path of the Serpent Rules Reference to the available rules reference downloads. From one of your biggest Mansions of Madness fans.
  5. This post is over two years old. I'll have to go do some digging for the images.
  6. Am I reading that you have just the Core Set? Pictured above is what I do, the Core Set tiles being at the bottom left pile of the picture. Separate the tiles into small (rectangle) and medium (square). Then flip all tiles so that they have an Indoor room name facing up (this can be done for most of them, not all, but most). Then organise all Indoor rooms alphabetically. This is not a perfect solution, but it does speed up the game as you can call for a "Name of Tile" and what size it is, and I add if it is an Outdoor tile or one of the few that may not work then you look at the opposite sides. There's a chart somewhere on Board Game Geek that organises the lot. Our group doesn't even alphabetise them any more, you'll get used to them too as time goes on.
  7. Clear bases were totally the way to go for me. Those black bases were horrible and took up too much room. The Monster stat token(s) sits off to the side in alphabetical order with their appropriate miniatures next to them. When a monster is called for, the miniature goes on the table and the token goes next to the tiles in play for easy reference. And for duplicate monster/miniatures, just place the ‘tombstone’ colour/symbol token in the same space (doesn’t even need to be near the miniature, just the same space - but remember to move it when the miniature moves).
  8. I'm really liking this. It was really great how Horrific Journeys added some different flavour to game sessions by giving some really interesting locales to travel. Path of the Serpent appears to do the same thing (while still keeping one scenario localised). It's a nice touch when you flipping through all the available scenarios in the app and looking at all your scenario options. I'm going to have to get inventive with how the tiles sit on the end of my table now - perhaps I'll make the tiles live on some double-level shelf. I always love sifting through new tile sets. I'm very glad to see Norman Withers added to the Investigator choices, and the other three look like great additions too.
  9. I'm not reading that there's a campaign at all. I get that a heading says 'The Campaign Log' but that's just flavour for a heading. Nowhere in the text does it say they are joined. I'd really like to be proven wrong on this as a campaign mode would be amazing.
  10. Oh yes, finally! After missing out on the thrill of a small box in the first half of the year, this is exciting that a big box will still go ahead!
  11. Yes. You should inform the app. (Even if you think you could be doubling up with telling it about Fire, there never really is more than one Fire. Even if tokens are on separate parts of the board making it visually that there are two Fires, the rules are still only working as though it is one Fire. There is either Fire going on the board, or there isn't). But you did the Fire anyway without the app, so the app reminding you wasn't needed.
  12. Exactly what @spoonman2084 wrote. You have to find that sweet spot somewhere between investigating, fighting, and just simply getting a hustle going.
  13. The clunky bases that they come with are useful once - for painting them. I put them onto their base, and if they don't fit well a little bit of paint between the miniature and the base gets them stuck done (sometimes the undercoat can adhere it enough). When the paint job is done, they usual 'crack' away from the base quite easily. Then I take some clippers to any pegs underneath and then file them evenly. The Formless Spawn doesn't have any pegs underneath, but as I painted it in differing colours I was able to handle different parts of the miniature. Haha, oh well, thanks for looking through it anyway! I love sharing Masnions of Madness with others. On that note, here's the Horrific Journeys monsters in their painted pre-clear-bases state.
  14. Mansions of Madness Horrific Journeys (Expansion): Silas Marsh, the Sailor & Trish Scarborough, the Spy.
  15. Mansions of Madness Horrific Journeys (Expansion): Agnes Baker, the Waitress & Jim Culver, the Musician.
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