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  1. Phoenix_FFG

    Vs2 Need really new rule for leveling caracters

    Because of the way the game is structured around stand-alone scenarios, my group was playing around with the idea of forcing us to play with the (now) 36 investigators available (not always taking in your favourite). Basically, the campaign would play all the scenarios in order as they appear in the app. If an Investigator is Wounded in a scenario, they must miss the next scenario while they heal at the hospital. If an Investigator is Insane in a scenario, they must miss the next scenario while they heal at the asylum. If an Investigator is both Wounded and Insane in a scenario, they must miss the next two scenarios while they heal at the hospital and asylum. If an Investigator is Eliminated, they are permanently removed from the available Investigators that can be chosen for the campaign. We never decided anything beyond that. There's no reward for surviving except for being able to use that Investigator again. We also never thought about what happens to Investigators that fail a scenario (and thinking about it now, the world usually ends, so this is why Mansions of Madness isn't a campaign). But basically, this campaign idea was to add a level of danger to always choosing the same Investigator, to encourage using many of the 36 Investigators available. One day I'll get around to developing the idea further.
  2. Phoenix_FFG

    MOM2e Game Spreadsheets

    Are the extra 6 Cultists? I think 1st Ed came with 6 Cultists that weren't put into Recurring Nightmares. The app shows the 1st Edition as not having 6 Cultists as the 2nd Edition Base Game makes up for it by including 6 Cultists (basically, the app will not register more than 6 Cultists in this edition).
  3. Phoenix_FFG


    It's all in the wording, and @damon_estrada has got it. The effect only triggers when 'moves into' a space containing water and forfeits remaining movement. You gain movement via an action, so the water takes away any 'remaining' movement when you move into that space with water. A second action is new amount of movement that isn't punished by the space with water as you are starting in a space with water and not moving into a water space. There is no negative effect for moving out of water. So if you had a remaining action, there's no issue moving out of the water and moving your full movement for that second action. (Now, if you ended a movement action in water with your first action, and then your next action was to also enter an adjacent space containing water, you'd end that action in the water also. Basically, you'd move a total of two spaces with two actions if you moved (waded!) only into spaces containing water).
  4. Phoenix_FFG

    Carson Sinclair "free action" and evade

    Carson Question: You've already answered your question in Carson's special ability text: Carson's special ability is an Action. Apply all the Evade rules to it that you would to any 'other' Action that causes an Evade check. So, Carson's ability would require an Evade check against the Monster in his space with the highest Awareness. Carson is great at using this ability from a few spaces (within the rules of Range) away where/when possible). Mesmerized Question: Correct. The next time that Investigator has a turn is after the following Mythos phase when the following Investigator phase comes about. The beauty is, depending on all the other Investigators agreeing on their turn order, you have a limited form of control over when that turn will end and cause the flip of the card.
  5. Phoenix_FFG

    App sound issue

    That's be a difficult issue to work out. My Mansions of Madness app runs from a really old iPad that has a new lease on life just running the app and goes to a bluetooth speaker, but has no sound issues. My only suggestion is to delete the app, restart the device, install the app, restart the device (just to be certain), and try the app/sound again. If that doesn't work, you'll need someone with real tech knowledge to answer.
  6. Phoenix_FFG

    Board Necessity

    The app makes for a truly co-operative board game experience. Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition is 'All Players vs. Game' whereas 1st Edition was 'Most Players vs. 1 Player.' The app cuts down setup time and runs unseen things while you play the board game.
  7. Phoenix_FFG

    Horrific Journeys PDF [fix?]

    Greetings Fantasy Flight Games Team, I hope that somebody up high reads and/or passes this on to the appropriate department. Would it be possible to re-upload the Horrific Journeys PDF file again to the Mansions of Madness Support Page, but without the excess outer area and trim lines that it currently has so that it matches all the other documents uploaded there. Current Horrific Journeys PDF: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/f6/71/f671c831-b06a-40db-95d3-05b8f89b6262/mad27_rules.pdf Others: Beyond the Threshold: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/37/20/372073da-9fb0-441e-8c03-461bedc9ea66/mad23_rules_eng.pdf Streets of Arkham: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/f9/ca/f9ca9a71-def0-482e-bc8d-02f3cdfe8a0a/madk043_d6570__rules.pdf Sanctum of Twilight: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/aa/df/aadfa0f3-2296-4892-a5f8-e1481558fca5/sanctum_of_twilight_rules.pdfe of completion. And, if possible, could we also have the Recurring Nightmares and Suppressed Memories inserts added as PDF files also, for the sake of completion. I understand they don't actually contain rules information, but they still do have Monster references and instructions. These PDFs are great at the gaming table on a tablet alongside the printed copy included with each expansion. To have them all match will help for deeper immersion. in the game. Thank you for reading, from one of your biggest Mansions of Madness fans.
  8. Phoenix_FFG

    Gnutten paints Mansions of Madness

    These look fantastic! Painted miniatures really add another level to an already brilliant game. Great work!
  9. Phoenix_FFG

    Narrator for Mansions Second edition Passed away

    Sad news. Another talent lost to us.
  10. Phoenix_FFG

    App update

    Updated for iOS (Australia) and Steam.
  11. Phoenix_FFG

    Disappointing First Game

    Sounds like a fantastic game... Have another go and see what happens. The very first game I played was Cycle of Eternity, and we had a stream of low-hit-points Deep Ones - there was always at least one or two, we couldn't fully cull the tide. (William Yorick certainly collected a lot of Clues with each Monster defeated!). We realised we had to think our resources (actions), by having some Investigators fight and some search the mansion. We learned not to separate too far from each other. We were also learning the rules, so we would have missed a few things, for sure. In the end we were betrayed by an Investigator suffering from Pyromania, but not before the overwhelming loss of another Investigator sealed our fates before the mansion was truly ablaze. We lost, it was an awesome time at losing in such a Lovecraftian manner. Horror. Despair. Overwhelming cosmic odds! Welcome to Mansions of Madness.
  12. Phoenix_FFG

    Horrific Journeys

    Fantastic!!! It totally skipped the 'On The Boat' stage... it must have taken a not-so-horrific journey of its own!
  13. Phoenix_FFG

    Horrific Journeys

    I can't wait! I hope we get it soon.
  14. Phoenix_FFG

    Carson Sinclair action + stunned players?

    That's a great question. The solution is all in the wording of Stunned and Carson Sinclair's Investigator Ability: When Carson Sinclair uses his ability, it is 'Carson's Turn.' Being Stunned restricts you only on your Turn. In your example, when Rita used her one action during 'Rita's turn' she would be free of being Stunned at the end of her turn, and then Carson uses his ability during his turn to give Rita the extra action. There is no issue here. It's the other way around that would make people think twice. Can Carson use his ability on an Investigator that is Stunned (that has the Stunned Condition)? Yes. Stunned only affects an Investigator during their own turn. Carson uses his ability during his turn, so grants an extra action to the other Investigator outside of the Stunned Investigator's own Turn. (Also, be careful not to confuse an Investigator's 'Turn' with a 'Round.' An Investigator (normally) performs two actions during their Turn, while a Round consists of the whole Investigator Phase and the Mythos Phase.)
  15. Phoenix_FFG

    Phoenix Paint & Mod

    Mansions of Madness Sanctum of Twilight (Expansion): Lily Chen, the Martial Artist & Charlie Kane, the Politician.