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  1. Runewars - that guy dancing alone in a music festival. Love it! Nice work gentlemen. When i first started playing I always gave my opponent the daqan in the starting scenario as I would rather them win and have a great time. Thats not saying I wouldnt try. Just Kari is a beast haha
  2. Hey thanks! Honestly, I didnt think I would be too into them. However, once I ran through all their stuff I think I might give them an honest go. They seem kind of like the vanilla Daqan but better. They have no ranged but they have the speed/resilience/utility to make up for it. The other three factions seem well rounded, you can kind of play several play styles. The Uthuk are just HAM all the time.
  3. Really enjoyed taking a deeper look into what comes with the new Uthuk army expansion! They certainly promote a certain style of play, run in fists cocked, ready to roll. As a result I think you know what the Uthuk's tactics will be, especially with with no ranged units. The question is...can you even prepare for such reckless hate!
  4. I realized this too ;). Oops.
  5. Fair enough. Maybe it can only be used if you were charged that turn.
  6. I like this idea. Maybe if when you are charged, and therefore cannot charge back, you can attack but minus 1 dice? It certainly would be more friendly...but war isn't friendly so...
  7. Vicious roots? The bain of my existence!
  8. Thanks fellas! Not my finest hour personally, but a great display of Latari skill.
  9. If you like the Latari or enjoy watching the Daqan be killed, please enjoy! Its a bloodbath....
  10. I like metered March on my deathcaller disco unit as you can dial in a late large movement and move as far as you need to get them in range and late enough for them to move in range.
  11. that Maegan upgrade is for calv only it says.
  12. Yah I get nervous when I run expensive units... I ran a deahtknight unit worth 56 points. Its tough because you need them to perform to make their investment worth it, but one misplay and you could be screwed. Or one **** moral check...
  13. its just such a hilarious idea haha. Its like Gandalf rolling up on helms deep. But I agree. At that size they have the same health as a spear star with less utility.
  14. Has anyone ever ran this beastly formation? I was casually looking through daqan stuff and saw that this was possible....
  15. Oh boy... you just opened a can of worms my friend haha. We have been discussing rune golems worth for some time now :). Glad to hear you had success with them.