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  1. Thanks for your kind words! Yah i love the setup of this game. Gloomhaven would take me 20 minutes before everyone showed up to do. This game takes all of 5min.
  2. I think terrain would be a super cool idea. Make the battle maps a bit more flushed out. They come out with terrain for legion so they are capable.
  3. Yah honestly I would probably end up proxying it haha. Though maybe you need a code or something to log it in the app?
  4. Yah good question. From what I can tell this game is largely based around skill tests. There are many ways to increase your likelihood of success though, so in that regard its about skill tests and preparation. In the gameplay video we did see skill tests that had variable results :). Most games require some form of test, be it dice or card.
  5. Yah I think people were too focused on killing enemies and the heroes not taking damage but lets not forget what the movies and books are about! Legolas and Aragorn can full on kill like 50 guys each. The main indication that you are losing the scenario is the threat.
  6. Yah that combat decision was strange. Also Line of sight in combat is something that can be improved. I think ultimately I would have loved for the battle maps to be broken up into like 7-10 squares instead of 5. I agree they have lots of time to change and expansions etc which they have confirmed. As so much of this game is app driven it can be updated easily i suspect. Thanks for commenting
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