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  1. Yah fair point. Less "come to me!" Gameplay. Although, I'm stoked on the move 4 reform deathknights coming to counter said crossbow men :).
  2. I have played about 7 games now and archers are a tough unit to use effectively. If you can hit a unit with your arrows, they can probably get you within a turn or two. Reacting defensively is hard due to high initiatives. If someone can reach you with a charge, you are dead basically. I used wind rune yesterday. Holy smokes is that card strong. Suddenly my archers are flying around the map. One of the best tactics vs archers is moving cavalry just out of range, then charging next turn. Or moving around the periferal. As an archer dialing in a shot only to have no target is a huge waste of a turn. With wind rune you eliminate these problems. I find myself dialing in in wind rune at all times when I'm unsure of the flow of the battle with no downside. A potential shift 3!? ****... Shift movements are very strong because in a game where units bases are square moving vertically and horizontally makes repositioning around your troops while avoiding collision very easy. Especially with a reform every time. As wiaqar I honestly would take wind rune over CI because ensuring volleys ever turn is better than dying or being poorly positioned. The thing is I don't have to choose. Should wind rune remove the reform? Or take up the same type of slot as a CI does?
  3. Really!? That's legit. So move the lancer forward through the archers? Or shift back through lancer?
  4. The biggest learning I have had with my archers is that they work best shooting through the gaps in your front line, not being on your front line. As nice as it would be to get a volley or two off before the enemy engages you I find this is easier said than done with the way initiative works. I have had good success using them to shoot at enemies engaged with my troops even when factoring in the moral test (waiqar often negate the test anyway). Using a blight generator (deathcaller, support lancer, simultaneous orders) and deploying away from Kari can muck up Cav pretty well. I also like using metered March and dailing in a 7 move and only moving a mm.
  5. Haha I want you to live there to!! Pay no attention to housing prices and come over :).
  6. Hello! I live on Vancouver Island and have a few people to play with. If anyone live here let me know and we can get some games in!
  7. I was wondering if anyone knew of a website where I can watch tournament gameplay? I really enjoy watching Runewars gameplay but find I have exhausted youtube... I would even accept casual gameplay. Thanks!