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  1. I felt the same way! I'm pretty pumped for it. I just played Street masters, another game of theirs, and it has a one of mission style that runs really well
  2. TheWiseGuy

    Lord Vorun'thul Unboxing and Review

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and watch 😊
  3. I'm sorry no. I have not explored how to do that yet
  4. I'm so glad! It's comments like these that make my day. Thanks for sharing :).
  5. Yah they just have one campaign. It's early access haha, what do people expect? I for one bought in for the cheapest price, unlocked everything very easily, and really enjoyed the first campaign. Worth it from my end. Then again a lot of the upset comes from the difference between physical and digital. I can't really comment on that but I get the upset.
  6. Well ill be darned! haha. Thanks for watching
  7. I will definitely be investigating this question. In Warhammer quest you leveled up by default at the end of the quest.
  8. Good question. I'll definitely be asking them more specifically about the leveling system