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  1. There is a whole host of them actually. Spiderman, ironman, marvel and hulk are aggression I think, black panther is defender I believe.
  2. Yah good question. I suppose what I mean is that most board games you buy, setup, and play. The "prep" is in the setup. This game, like many LCG's, require you to invest time outside of playing or setup to really see its full potential. You need to actually derive some enjoyment from planning on your own. I think because the IP is Marvel, and the mechanics have been simplified this game is at risk of enticing a naïve audience who may expect this game to be fun right out of the box. To that I can say, I don't actually think it is. The starter decks do a good job of setting the stage I guess. However, had I not made my own deck, and randomized the villain deck, I would have missed the true potential of this game. I hope that makes sense haha
  3. Thanks for your kind words! Yah i love the setup of this game. Gloomhaven would take me 20 minutes before everyone showed up to do. This game takes all of 5min.
  4. I think terrain would be a super cool idea. Make the battle maps a bit more flushed out. They come out with terrain for legion so they are capable.
  5. Yah honestly I would probably end up proxying it haha. Though maybe you need a code or something to log it in the app?
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