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  1. Are you guilty of these gamer habits?

    Yah It's a little ruthless. Unfortunately, you can't always pick who you play with. I'd rather play a Cheesy game that no game at all.
  2. Are you guilty of these gamer habits?

    That is a classic example with the gunner!! It gets real quiet and awkward at the table when that happens haha!
  3. Are you guilty of these gamer habits?

    Haha yah Runewars is great for the perfect predictions. My main opponent likes to play with my head by telling me what he could do, and what he will do if I react to a multitude of his plans. It's a brain burner.
  4. After playing a lot of Runewars I have noticed some behaviors amongst tabletop gamers. Are you guilty of these? I know I am...
  5. I kind of like it honestly. It stops lists like the full oathsworn list.
  6. Thanks for the kind words! They make my making videos worth it :). I think he had 60 points in tokens. I think what we ended up doing was subtracting the tokens out of the equation. Because I had 60 points in tokens and he had 60 points in tokens we may have just calculated the Army cost. That was definitely not made clear haha.
  7. Thank you for your thoughtful reply! I'm amazed your reanimates managed to outrun the Spearmen. Those shambling corpses need some new running shoes. Mypponent is very good at throwing nasty tricks in my direction so I have to adapt or loose. He has shown me how valuable a single unit can be vs a massive unit.
  8. I couldn't agree more with your assessment. I did waste time....but also not really. The cav are a pretty low cost unit. They picked up an obj token and managed to kill a unit of archers so really they performed not to badly. However, I wont deny the luck of my crossbowmen rolls or the frequency of the green runes (thank god!). A very odd game indeed.
  9. This game is pretty interesting and one of my favorites to date. Who knew running was a valid strategy? Please enjoy episode 9 of the Runewars BattleCast!
  10. The 3x2 Reanimate Archer w/ Raven Standard Bearer

    Slap wind rune on and you can shoot and scoot out of range before they shoot.
  11. ****.... That is immense. Both in cost and in apperance.
  12. An Article!

    Maybe... Just maybe... They are priming is for some news!
  13. An Article!

    SAINT DAMON'S CORN COB PIPE!!!!! Its beautiful! *Tears stream from eyes*
  14. Jesus why unpainted?!

    Yah don't let people bully you into Painting your army. They have different coloured bases for a reason. What matters is how your play. Nothing is more frustrating than loosing to an unpainted army ;). It will drive them nuts.
  15. Jesus why unpainted?!

    I actually don't really plan on panting legion. I may get around to it, but it is certainly not a priority. Most of my paints are fantasy theme and wont work well for starwars. I want to play first paint second.