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  1. I am, and I think I can do that. That's when I hit F12 in the browser and the side box pops up with a bunch of stuff I don't understand?
  2. I am currently having the same issue. ^^ I also want to say thank you! You seem to be quite selfless and are doing all of this for free. I for one greatly appreciate all the work you have put into this. The fact that you care enough to keep improving it, and even take the time to respond to the request thrown your way is amazing. You rock man!
  3. Is there a Discord channel for OggDude?? I am having some data issues and I am not finding much help on the BigTent forums.
  4. Also, I could not find a way to create a custom "Archetype Talent", or even just to edit/add a description to the existing ones. Is it there and I just can't see it? Thanks.
  5. Is there any way to keep the wounds and strain boxes empty when printing? Right now it defaults a 0 in each box which is a small annoyance when trying to track them during a session.
  6. I am a little late to the party but this thing is amazing SkyJedi! Thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into this thing! With the import/export in effect, is there a place where some of you wonderful people have stored fleshed out data sets that are ready for import? Thanks!
  7. How do I uninstall the web install if I can't open the program? I can't seem to find an install location. Thanks.
  8. That was my first instinct but most of the info online doesn't have to do with the app, and most of it seemed to imply Vader could brutalise and choke people in on activation. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. I bought the game specifically because of the app release. I have played through the tutorial and the first mission of the campaign solo and would have to say that it has been worth it. It is a really cool concept and I love that I can run it just for me. I am also eager to run a co-op campaign with my game group. +
  10. Hi all. I am brand new to the game, and have only played with the app running the game so far. My question has to do with Vader and his Brutality ability. Does it take up his whole turn? The app presented it with the move and attack icons together, which separately would take an action each and end an activation. All of the other imperials just state to move X and attack X whereas Brutality specifically had both of the icons listed for the ability. My fist thoughts were that this would use up both actions as it specifically used those icons and is a crazy powerful attack. Does he get to move on to his Force Choke or moving X spaces, or is he spent after brutalising my heroes? Thanks.
  11. Is there somewhere to find a list of all the commands, and how to use them, in one place or file? I know there is the list at the beginning, but is there something more in depth, like how to set the Destiny Pool etc. Sorry if this is posted somewhere already. Thanks.
  12. Hey all. I am wondering if the hunters and mercenaries are considered minions? I assumed they were but once I got to the Spintiri Icewolves, which clearly sate they are minions and how to use them as such, I began to second guess if I was playing it right. Also, when playing minions, if they are treated as one unit, in regards to wounds and attack, do the PC's need to account for range to defeat each minion? Narratively, if the PC's are surrounded, placing the hunters at different ranges, I'm imagining that the PC's would have to use maneuvers to reach, and defeat, all the minions even though they are technically one enemy. Thanks for any input.
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