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  1. 3 Attack / 3 Agility / 2 Hull / 3 Shields
  2. Nobody puts Skippy in the corner
  3. [crickets chirping] [crickets chirping] [crickets still chirping] Hey look! Some tumbleweed. [crickets are still chirping] Sigh! [crickets chirping] Will you crickets shut up!!! Sigh! Well.....this is.....exciting......I guess. [crickets chir....WACK!....not anymore
  4. Good! I want the next Rebel Epic, after Scum get their second Epic, to be the Hammerhead. There is the Dornean ship too, but the Hammerhead is my favourite of the two.
  5. All this time I read Skip-ray and never thought of ski-pray. Each to their own, I'll continue to call it Skippy. Should FFG make the Skippy, I'll paint/sharpie the image of a Kangaroo on each one I get.
  6. Looks fun. If this was just going to be the three pilots from Shattered Empire, it could be it's own box (like the Scum and Villainy) with the squadron rules. It would be an opportunity to add in a Rebel Lambda Shuttle dial and cards with Tydirium title, Chewbacca and Han pilots etc.
  7. I think instead of calling it the Skipray Blastboat, it should be called: "Skippy" What sort of dial and stats would Skippy have?
  8. Yesterday I read both volumes of the Poe Dameron comic, with volume three pre ordered. Together with Bloodline and the movie The Force Awakens I no have a good place to start with creating a background to my own story. Would you like to know more: http://jttfacgnc.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/gathered-intel-for-darkening-expanse.html
  9. Like I said I'd be happy with just the Original Trilogy stuff. But I'm happy enough with those few extras to call them a bonus.
  10. Do you think they're trying to compensate for something? (I really like the Sequel era things, including the well endowed dreadnaught, but this is.....it's just....errr.....what!?)
  11. I've heard mention of various ships which were invented by the WEG RPG. Is that true, or was that the 2nd edition or a sourcebook which naturally aren't part of this release? I pre ordered this thinking it was just Original Trilogy. So if it did have things from EU it would be a cool little bonus.
  12. Shrug! Mind, I do like the U-Wing and plan on getting one for my collection. But there are some cool ships from comics and computer games that have yet to see screen time.
  13. I must admit, I've always thought the Imperials were short on big ships. So many Ties, so few.....anything else really. So it'd be great on those merits alone. With a mobile arc and a lot of firepower I'd certainly be tempted to pick up a Skippy.....or a few.
  14. I second this! I'm only getting the one copy, but I will give players a few practice sessions to learn the rules. I'll then type up their character and any rules for their character so that they have it easily to hand.
  15. I've gotten myself the Incredible Cross Sections for The Force Awakens, and pre ordered The Last Jedi. This should help with vehicles and ships. Once I've got the book in hand, and seen what weapons, equipment, races and creatures it already has, I'll then decide what to do. Some things should be easy to house rule. Others it won't be necessary, as a humanoid NPC is still a humanoid NPC, with just a rule or two to represent their uniqueness. Any question and I'll do some research online or ask one of the Google+ communities I'm part of for their opinion and see what comes back.
  16. What would a GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat bring to the game? What makes THIS a must have inclusion to the range that FFG will have no choice but to make the expansion?
  17. That would be fun. I like that idea.
  18. Vangelis, Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean especially) and, of course, John Williams (Star Wars) are my top three. Steve Jablonsky (Transformers) is another I like. Themes from Airwolf, Battlestar Galactica (original) and the movie Jack Ryan shadow recruit (good mood setter for those covert sneaky sessions). Not sure of the composer, but the music from the movie Dune. I've even been known to use some classical with The Planet Suite and the music Nicholas Cage was listening to in Knowing when the world was ending (forget what it's called). Lux Aeterna. Those are the ones that jump to mind.
  19. Then I shall let the topic die and support the others who seem to be serious about their desired ships.
  20. Like me. But it won't stop me helping others to get it.
  21. I wasn't a fan of Shattered Empire, but this was by far the best part! While reading it I thought to myself: "this would make an excellent mission in X-Wing"
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