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  1. Indeed, that is what it says. Not to mention, there are only 41 cards listed, total.
  2. I'm curious about how this whole "multiple day 1" structure works. From what I read on the FFG page: So, if one achieves 34 points (or more) on Day 1Z, do they still compete on Day 1A and/or Day 1B? Do they simply apply the best result of all the days you compete in? I feel there must be some document I am missing, but I can't seem to find one that explains this.
  3. Indeed, having played Magic for a long time, this struck me as a little odd. It certainly does place a premium on concessions, which can leading to some amount of "kingmaking."
  4. Well for anyone is quitting, I'll happily buy your cores for $20 shipped,
  5. No one is "forced" to buy all of these in the 6 week time-frame they are released. Buy one a month for the next 6 months and you'll be right on what you imagined the release schedule would be. If your local playground doesn't like this schedule, make up your own. Agree on which to buy for which month as a group, then pick those up, rinse and repeat for the next 6 months. I find the idea laughable that "competitive" players who would travel to as many events as possible are not capable of floating $15 a week for some cards, but are able to travel out of state (or country or whatever) for events.
  6. I am in SW Louisiana but I am going to try getting into playing and possibly dragging a few of our Magic group in too.
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