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  1. We should form a Alliance to Restore the ... FFG Forums or something!
  2. The Armada Wave 2 ISD/VSD problem all over again you mean. I dont think it willl happen tho.
  3. Not every ship has it and if you roll the blue crit naturally you can use kraken for a red accuracy. Also, you can confire another blue in there.
  4. No they are not. A Muni has a very narrow front arc and can normally only trigger ion cannon crits from there. Coupled with Kraken this card gets you a guaranteed trigger of heavy ion emplacements fromt your sidearc at long range. Or two uses out of Ion Cannon Batteries while double arcing.
  5. Apart from some inaccurate red on my consulars, my Republic Ships look really great! Especially the Acclamator was much better than i expected! It's one of those ships that looks much worse on a photo, at least that's true for mine. I dont feel like i need to fix the paintjob, but maybe i will put on some window lights on the bridge and sides. If they do the Venator and Pelta just like that im totally fine. I actually much prefer a distinct, white look for the Republic than just another grey-ish one.
  6. On a sidenote: A Adar Tallon-Luke Skywalker Double Tap with Yavaris is now more powerful than the Luke Triple Tap before! 4 dice through shields!
  7. Except that one match were i played 10 TIE Fighters against you and you killed like 5 or 6 just with Ten Numb alone
  8. Hardly, since even the default model is already a few meters longer than the Venator. (The upsized version is just stupid and i hope SO MUCH that they dont got with that one for either the Recusant or Providence)
  9. Just read that after my post. We took all the numbers from both canon and legends stats into consideration. You have to consider though, that the ship has to be "adjusted" to fit into faction and gameplay and needs to be balanced.
  10. The Venator should probably not have many blue dice, since its canon armament only consists of 10 turbolasers, 52 defense laser cannons and 4 heavy torpedo launchers. If you are interested, this was our Venator design for our CoruscantConstructions The Clone Wars Set, that me and @M0N0LITH did together. Feel free to check out the whole set here: https://imgur.com/a/MzbcwoZ
  11. I got news for you: Real war isnt fun. This is a game. Not a simulation of the terrible circumstances of war. A game is supposed to be fun. Most people (accept for the *****) generally crave the concepts of "fairness" and "balance", not just in games. But also in games.
  12. Maybe that was supposed to be a joke but you realize that im talking about the Republic Nimbus-class V-Wing right? Not the Legends one used by the New Republic
  13. I really like the V-wing aesthetically, so i thought what could a V-Wing squadron look like in Armada? Statswise, if you follow what seems to have been FFGs model of adapting lore stats/stats from X-Wing the V-wing should have either 3 or 4 hull (its a interceptor with sields), depending on your interpretation of the shields strenght and probably at least speed 4 and counter 2. Only a blue against ships because no missiles like the A-wing. But that would make the V-wing seem like a pretty bland mix of A-Wing and TIE Interceptor, so i came up with the following: V-Wing Interceptor Squadron Hull: 4 Speed: 4 Antisquad: 1 red, 1 black Antiship: 1 blue Counter 2 Swarm Grit Cost 11 (?) I thought that Grit would really fit a nimble interceptor squadron and it would be the first generic non-bomber to have it. With a swarm-provided double hit on the red and the likely 1 damage from the black you can still oneshot vultures and tris with a lucky hit but you rely more on the V-Wings Counter ability and its Grit-provided movement freedom. Against Aces the V-wing obviously struggles though. What do you think? Is it interesting and different enough from the existing interceptors while still holding true to the ships lore?
  14. I dont think you understood my metaphor, but i agree with the rest of your post anyway. I was specifically reacting to the criticism that the game (at least regarding expansions quality) went down from the SSD onwards, which i agree with. There was no reason for the Onager to cost 50 % more than the ISD despite having the same amount of plastic and even costing fewer points than the ISD. And the SSD was really just a overpriced plastic model with almost no inpact on gameplay, since there was just a total of 8 new cards in it. Yeah i get why they did that and that was the smart thing to do but for 200 bucks i just didnt see the value in it aside from a nice toy for the bookshelf. (Oh and my point with the dentist was, if a dentists ruins my teeth then i sure have the right to criticize that)
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