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  1. Thats exatly what we did with our Clone Wars Set
  2. I have to agree with @Frimmel here. Some people confuse "realism" with consistency. Imagine introducing laser guns and airplanes in the third Lord of the Rings movie. It would ruin all suspense and immersion, because it destroys all the rules of this universe that define the options of the characters. Hyperspace Ramming, jumping out and into atmosphere when the plot needs it, etc, all this kind of stuff makes previous character actions and choices seem idiotic and dumb in retrospect. Those things werent impossible because someone specifically SAID that they are, but more because they were off the table from the start, it was clear by the decisions made by the characters that those things arent an option. Now that they supposedly are, all past actions seem dumb with these new concepts made possible. You either have to believe people never though of those ideas or try to come up with some excuse for why it has never been done before. Using a deus ex machine to get your plot to work is the hallmark of a bad writer. Its lazy and disrespectful to the previous material.
  3. The Victory was designed differently because of shifted design philosophy. And just because it was the model longer in service doesnt mean that the Venator was necessarily worse in firepower, the Empire just had no usage for a battleship/supercarrier hybrid and thus threw out the second aspect when they made the Victory because there was no longer a large enemy military that uses enormous waves of Droid Starfighters. From 420 Starfightercapacity to 24. But thats just my interpretation of the material. I dont really want the Venator to feel like a absolutely terrible battleship, i just dont think thats fun. Also, as i said before, size generally dictates powerlevel in Star Wars and the Venator is much bigger than the Victory.
  4. Get that Star Trek heresy out of here 😁 Jokes aside, i dont think the Venator should have less firepower than a Victory. About the same amount seems reasonable to me, since it has to fill the role of the mainline battleship of an entire faction. Also, the Episode 3 Incredible Cross Sections Books suggests that a Victory and a Venator have about the same amount of firepower. So juding both from lore and a gameplay perspective, giving the only large ship of your faction a firepower worse than a victory is not a good decision in my eyes and also not really fun to use. Keep in mind that you always have 2 different versions of a ship, so one could be more firepower oriented and one more carrier focused.
  5. One thing that just came to my mind we should probably rename "Senator Amidala" to "Padme Amidala" for futureproofing - maybe one day there will be a "Padme Amidala" officer card or something.
  6. Thats very kind of you to point out @DiabloAzul but i have to admit that it was not very nice of us (me specifically, since it was me who wrote the document) to not give credit to armadashipyards in the document and only in the post. I want to apologize for my a tid salty initial reaction, since i have to say that the accusation specifically of us (CoruscantConstructions) just beeing "some folks who came along, changed some numbers and called it their own" pissed me off quite much. We worked 8 months on this project and created hundreds of cards throughout the different iterations of the set. This set has been a serious effort, even if armadashipyards did much more than us. While there are some contents that were translated quite literally into our set, most of it (>90%) are our own mechanics. Our Acclamator and Munificent are very similiar, the V-Wing and Consular took some inspiration from their work and Obi-Wan Kenobi (Commander) and Rigged Detonators are the only cards in the whole set that literally copy a effect originally created by Armadashipyards. There might be a few other cases were we, maybe even unconsciously took some inspiration from their work but all the rest of the 178 cards in the set are for the biggest part our creations. For example, we created over 60 squadrons, while armadashipyards only had a handful per faction available on their website. Same goes for all the Commanders, Officers and Upgradecards we did. We did however re-use the ship, shipbase and upgradecard templates from Armadashipyards for our cards. So the statement we were just copying a bunch of stuff and changing up some details just to call it our own is just factually wrong. I did not knew that @Gilad Pellaeon was the driving factor behind the Clone Wars material and i thought things would be fine if i asked @DiabloAzul for permission to reuse material, since i assumed it was his creations. Of course, i totally understand @Gilad Pellaeons reaction when he saw us re-using his designs without asking him for permission and i am sorry for that - i would feel the same way if it would happen to me. And that's why i want to apologize for my salty initial reaction and just give some insight into why i was pissed off a tad. Not giving credit where it's due was of course wrong and there's no denying that. Armadashipyards is now credited in our document as both a source for inspiration as well as the orginal creators of all the templates and some of the designs. I hope this settles this matter and no hard feelings remain.
  7. Updated Version is out: https://imgur.com/a/MzbcwoZ
  8. Let me just add that the quote you quoted was not me stating there would be souch creditation in the document. That quote was a response about the concern of this project getting copyright-striked by Disney or Lucasfilm. Just wanna make sure there is no misunderstanding of me supposedly stating misinformation.
  9. Will do. I wasnt really reluctant to add those citations, it was more a matter of simply having forgot to add them to the document too. I though adding them in the post was enough. Dumb decision by me. I didn't even know that you were the one that designed the OG Commander Obi-Wan. I knew you were involved with the project but not to what extent. Oviously you have more insight into who created what at armadashipyards. Do you have any suggestions or specifics how you and others want to be credited? Since you mentioned others that were involved with the project too. I will gladly credit everyone who was involved.
  10. I dont wanna get too defensive about this matter but it annoys me that people assume us ripping off others creations just because they are somewhat similiar. Some ideas like the Munificent, Acclamator and Obiwan Commanders effect are translated pretty similiar into our set yes. There are reasons for that. I designed the V-Wing (and many other ships and squadrons) after the information provided by the "Incredible Cross Sections" Books for the most part, a source that armadashipyards (and wookieepedia too for that matter) seemed to have used quite much too. I just felt that armadashipyards already hit the nail pretty deadone on some of those designs (and did comment just that as "Chris" on the armadashipyards website years ago) and not so much on others. I dont really like the direction this discussion is taking, of me having to justify design decisions that me and M0N0LITH simply agreed on because we felt that they capture the essence of certain ships or squadrons. This is a fanmade project. We are not a company that needs to distinguish all products from existing material in order to sell it. The driving factor for us was authenticity to the lore. We will glady add credits whereever they are due, since it was never our intention to "claim fame" for something that wasn't only our creation. Im sorry that the imgur FAQ is missing these credits so far.
  11. I literally asked DiabloAzul from armadashipyards if its okay for him if we reuse content from his page and he gave me full permission to reuse any ideas or files that were on armadashipyards. Cool down man, we didn't reuse some of those ideas because we were too lazy to create our own but rather because we really liked some of those ideas. And you DO KNOW that the source material for clone wars era armada content is the same, right? Its obvious that there are gonna be similarities. 95% of the Officers and Commanders are completely our creations. All the titles except the general idea behind "Force of Commerce" too. The Freight slot is inspired by AS's Cargo slot, yes. So what? All the squadrons (which make up half of our content) are our own take on the source material and not derivative of armadashipyards. The Acclamator and Munificent are pretty similiar yes, but we just liked some of the armdashipyards designs and adjusted them to fit our own ideas. I dont see a problem with that. Just because you found 2 examples in an set of over 180 cards that are similiar to existing content doesnt mean we are plagiarising. Maybe take a look at ALL the material next time before you start ranting and putting down all the work we put into this set.
  12. @NostromoidThat's A LOT of good feedback! Thank you very much! I will respond to it in detail later!
  13. Its quite important to me that our Venator stays in the 100-105 point range, since it should be less powerful than a ISD I in my opinion. Would you think that changing the def tokens to standard ISD-loadout and switching a blue die from the sides to the front (to somewhat weaken the total benefit from Gunneryteams without decreasing the total firepower) make for a reasonably balanced ship for the costs? Also, since you gave a lot of good feedback @Church14 would you mind giving your opinion on our Providence design too?
  14. With "childish" i meant plain dumb. The mind-control chips just sound like an explaination for a seven-year old who doesnt understand why his beloved good guy clone troopers turn evil. There was absolutely no need to further exlain Order 66, its clearly stated in EP2 that Clones are genetically altered to follow every Order. That was a interesting and obvious allegory to the Third Reich by George Lucas, a moral about the dangers of total obedience and blindly following orders. But with TCW show they decided to throw all that interesting social commentary out of the window and replace it with "they were just all mindcontrolled!" Before The Clone Wars show came along Order 66 was just one of 150 contingency orders, that was there in case the Jedi commit High Treason. It felt believable and realistic.
  15. Anakin doesnt have a boost for ships right now, but Mace Windu has a somwhat similiar ability to Vader Commander. You can look at the full set here: https://imgur.com/a/MzbcwoZ
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