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  1. I tend to agree, but coming from X Wing, where damage is suffered one at a time, I just wanted to make sure. I'll play it the way you're suggesting unless it's confirmed otherwise.
  2. I have a question about the rules around gaining Fame and how it interacts with other cards. Do I gain fame 1 at a time, or do I gain it "in bulk" all at once? The specific interaction is between gaining Fame and a mod called Chromium Hull, which says "When you gain fame, gain 1 additional fame..." So, if I do a job or deliver cargo that gives me 2 fame, do I gain the fame 1 at a time (and thus end up gaining 4 fame total) or do I gain the 2 fame from the job, and then 1 additional fame (and thus end up gaining 3 fame total)?
  3. This is completely off topic, but talking about a squad of Rebels characters made me wonder how they would sculpt the minis. Would they go for the more cartoonish look of the show? Or somewhat "realify " the minis to match the live action that we are familiar with for the OT and Rogue One, for example?
  4. I spent so much time on the old Battlefront games that I am tempted to try to create a Naboo city map.
  5. If there are probe droids, would it make sense for them to be autonomous? By that I mean they have a predetermined AI that controls when and in what direction they move, what actions they take depending on their immediate context, etc. as opposed to the player picking the things I listed.
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